Fireworks:  4 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe and Sound

Fireworks: 4 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe and Sound

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Last Updated on July 15, 2021 by Dogs Vets


4 Tips To Help Keep Your Pets Safe and Sound During Fireworks


Nothing is more special than going out with your family to see the amazing fireworks for a big festival. There are so many organized events around the country for many festivals such as Canada Day, that include fireworks as the main part.

While it might be a great experience for you and your loved ones, if you think your pet is enjoying this, think again.

Fireworks: 4 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe and Sound


Nights, where there are a lot of fireworks, might just be the worst for your beloved canine friends. Fireworks produce extremely loud noises that even make the ground vibrate for dogs.

Your dogs might bark, run away, or even hide under the bed. This is an abnormal and scary change for them. It is important that we help them get through such days by taking certain precautions.


Stay with them and comfort them

If you have a pet who is afraid of fireworks, it is important that you first keep their safety and health in mind. If you live close to a place where fireworks are scheduled, remember to not leave your pet outside.

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It is better to keep them inside and maybe spend some time with them when the fireworks are on. This will make them feel secure and calm since their owner is offering reassurance. If you can’t stay home, ask a family member or a friend to look after your pet.


Get them some exercise before the fireworks

If your pet is afraid of fireworks, there is no way that you will be able to get them out of the house when the show begins.

It is vital that you help them get some exercise in the form of fetch, walking, or running before anything starts so that they are relaxed. This will actually help your pet stay calmer during the rest of the evening. They might even fall asleep if they are very tired.


Try using CBD for your pet

Cannabidiol is a chemical component found in marijuana. This chemical is not psychoactive at all and has been proven to be effective in helping canines calm down.

It has a high safety profile and a number of studies have been conducted on canines and CBD. The beauty of using broad-spectrum CBD such as Mellow Oil PET is that it gives an entourage effect on the body (all terpenes combine to deliver better results). Just remember to give out small doses to your pets.

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Drown out the noise of fireworks

There are many studies that show the sound of classical music can help not only humans but also dogs in calming down. If you drown out the loud noises of the fireworks with something soothing such as classical music, or even by putting something on the TV, it can work wonders.

Make sure to not start this out of the blue. Instead, leave the TV on before the fireworks start and just increase the volume to drown out the noise. This makes sure that the dogs do not see anything out of routine and stay calm.


It is very important to look after the health and safety of your pets, especially in such situations. Use these tips and tricks to help you calm your canine friends down.



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