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How to Treat Wounded Animals?

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How to Treat Wounded Animals?


Traumatized animals are more susceptible to biting or scratching because of their fear. To that end, use caution around a wounded animal.

If the animal is scared, try advancing gently and talking to it in a reassuring voice. If you’re in danger, call the authorities (police, vet, animal shelter, etc.) immediately. If that is not an option, look for help elsewhere.

Animals often resort to biting while in pain. When handling a small animal, such as a dog or cat, it is important to exercise care and use safety measures, such as gloves.

In case of putting the animal into a more comfortable position, you should use extreme caution to prevent additional harm to both the animal and yourself. 

To further elaborate on how to treat a wounded animal, we made a guide on how to tend to open the wounds of an animal in the proper way below. 


Handling Shock

It is of the utmost significance to stop any bleeding or close any open wounds right away. It’s possible for any wounded animal to fall into shock. Get the animal to a vet as quickly as possible, after making sure it can still breathe and keeping it warm with a blanket.

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Block Open Wounds 

If your animal is bleeding externally, use the direct pressure method and try applying a clean compress made of cloth or gauze to the wound as away. To speed up the clotting process, apply gentle but steady pressure.

If blood soaks through the compress, apply consistent, gentle pressure with a fresh press on the old one.


Cleaning of Wounds

Washing the majority of wounds and scrapes with warm water from the faucet is generally recommended for optimal healing. The use of warm salt water is yet another feasible option (salt solution). Every two cups (500 Ml ) of water requires the addition of 5 milliliters of salt or 5 Ml of Epsom salts.


Removing Foreign Objects From Wounds

Wounds may be sustained by domestic animals from a wide range of sources, including fights, animal or bug infestations, grazing on wire fences, accidents, strikes, and more. Take the object out of there with some tongs that have been sterilized with some rubbing alcohol. 

If you need to place a sterile needle under the skin, you may disinfect it with rubbing alcohol before using it. Using the needle, puncture the skin just above the item in order to lift its tip.


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Applying Bandage 

When you are finished thoroughly cleansing the wound, add a little amount of antibiotic ointment to it and then cover it with a sterile bandage or a bandage. The gauze may be held in place with the assistance of stretchable tape.

You can set up transparent pens in your room from Clearly Loved Pets, to make a comfortable resting place for your wounded pet and monitor them easily. 

Think about the possibility of using an electric collar. Dogs and cats aren’t aware that they shouldn’t lick or bite at a bandage since they don’t understand the notion.

Treatment for other injuries, such as burns, poisoning, choking, vomiting, cardiogenic shock, and similar conditions, make it more extensive and challenging. It is imperative that a veterinarian be called as soon as humanly feasible.



It’s plausible that your injured pet is in excruciating pain, but it’s more likely that it’s afraid and confused as a result of its injuries.

Take the necessary steps to protect yourself from getting stung, bit, or scratched. Tend to the wound carefully and tend to bandage it properly. 

Even if you offer first aid to your pet, you should still take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible. However, providing first aid to your pet may buy you some valuable time so that you can get it to the vet, which is still the best choice for the animal’s health.

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