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4 Ways Dog Owners Can Help Stop Their Dogs From Barking All the Time

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4 Ways Dog Owners Can Help Stop Their Dogs From Barking All the Time


Whether you’ve been with your dog for years now or you just recently adopted a puppy, you may be interested in learning ways to get your dog to stop barking.

Constant, non-stop barking is a common problem among many breeds of dogs, but just because your dog has gotten into the habit of barking all day long does not mean you can’t re-train your pup.

Although it may take some time and dedication, steps such as identifying your dog’s triggers and focusing on positive, everyday training can help get your dog to settle down and be a little quieter during the day. Here are four helpful tactics you may want to try right away.

1. Identify the Top Triggers That Lead to Your Dog Barking the Most

One way you can begin to mitigate constant dog barking is to identify the triggers that seem to cause your dog to want to bark. For instance, common triggers include:

  • Strangers in the room or outside the house
  • Ambient or unusual noises
  • Territorial and possessive behavior
  • Separation anxiety
  • Loneliness, sadness, and/or general boredom
  • Excessive excitement
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2. Maintain a Consistently Positive Tone and Try To Train Your Dog Every Day

Consistent dog training is perhaps one of the most effective long-term ways to reduce your dog’s barking. To get started, remember to:

  • Teach your dog key commands, including “sit”, “stay”, “lay”, and “quiet”
  • Use a calm, quiet voice and demeanor to get your dog to follow your cue
  • Be patient and maintain an upbeat tone in your voice to avoid frustrating or scaring your dog
  • Expose your dog to ambient noises throughout the day to desensitize your dog to everyday sounds and reduce the chance of incessant barking

3. Teach Your Dog Alternative Ways To Communicate His or Her Feelings

If your dog barks as a way of communicating his or her feelings, offering workable alternatives could help reduce the barking. For instance, your dog may be interested in:

  • Small licks and kisses
  • Positive body language
  • Quiet yips to indicate happiness and contentment
  • Raising his or her paw to your hand
  • Wagging his or her tail
  • Snuggling up to you for a nap

4. Practice Basic “Blocking” Methods To Remove Your Dog’s Motivation To Keep Barking

Finally, it may be helpful to remove temptations that lead your dog to start barking. Block your dog’s motivation to bark by:

  • Closing the blinds if your dog is upset by movement outdoors
  • Removing your dog from the area before using noisemaking machines such as coffee-makers or laundry machines, when possible
  • Training your dog to jingle potty bells when he or she needs to go outside, rather than barking
  • Ignoring your dog’s barking as much as possible until he or she learns that it’s not an effective way to get your attention
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If you’re the owner of a particularly vocal pup, learning different ways to get your dog to stop barking constantly can provide you with some additional peace and quiet and may even improve your and your dog’s quality of life.

Even if your dog is no longer in his or her puppy years, you may be able to re-train him or her with enough dedication, positivity, and consistency.

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