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Top 7 Common Dog Health Problems (Ultimate Guide)

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7 Common Dog Health Problems

Part of your responsibility as a dog parent is ensuring your furry child leads a healthy and happy lifestyle. While some health conditions are beyond your control, knowing the problem ailing your pet will enable you to offer them quality care.

This article outlines seven common dog health problems.


A common nutrition-related problem that affects most dogs today is obesity, defined mainly by the excessive accumulation of body fat that causes your pet to be overweight.

Since obese dogs are at a higher risk of developing severe conditions such as kidney diseases, arthritis, and heart disease, this condition is best controlled before it gets out of hand. This is best done by regulating how much you feed your pet and initiating a dog weight loss exercise plan.


Canine arthritis, which is the inflammation of joints, is prevalent in dogs, especially seniors. This condition often leads to pain and stiffness on the affected joints, making it hard for your dog to move.

Thankfully, there are a variety of treatments available for arthritis that your vet can recommend, including physical therapy, medication, and homeopathic remedies.

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Ear infections

Ear infections can be caused by hereditary or environmental factors such as allergies, excessive wax buildup, and exposure to foreign bodies.

A dog with this infection will keep scratching or shaking their head and have dark discharges, odor, or swelling in the ear canal.

Luckily, most ear infections can be resolved using oral antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and medicated cleansers.

Skin issues

Your dog might suffer from skin issues due to sensitive skin and allergies, skin infections, parasites, and other diseases. These often lead to much scratching, itching, redness, and loss of hair, which cause your dog to be uncomfortable.

For the best outcome, it is vital to wash your dog regularly and seek veterinary assistance once you notice any abnormalities on the skin.


Cataracts refer to the cloudiness of the eye lens, which prevents light from reaching the retina, leading to vision problems. This is a major health problem for older dogs, though it can occur in a newly born pup or after a few weeks.

The primary treatment for reversing this condition is often cataract surgery, though your vet might recommend other non-surgical solutions such as eye drops.


Since dogs will eat anything they come across, one of the most common dog health problems you will have to deal with is diarrhea.

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While most cases of diarrhea subside after a short time by giving your dog bland and easily-digestible food or over-the-counter medicine, if it persists, it is best to seek veterinary assistance.

If it is accompanied by vomiting, call an emergency vet to prevent life-threatening dehydration.

Fleas and ticks

Flea and tick problems are pretty common in dogs and are best prevented through oral medicine, proper grooming, and using flea sprays, collars, or shampoo.


Your dog will face health problems at one point or another, and it is crucial to know the signs of these underlying problems so you can promptly call your vet.

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