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9 Secrets to Stop Your Short-Haired Dogs From Shedding Again

Last Updated on December 21, 2021 by Dogs Vets

9 Secrets to Stop Your Short-Haired Dogs From Shedding Again

It is undeniably a normal phenomenon for dogs to shed old, worn-out, and dead hair. That is why natural shedding is healthy and productive. The extent of normal shedding depends on the dog’s breed, weather conditions, health status, and numerous other factors.

Nevertheless, under some unnatural circumstances, dogs shed in a terrible way. The first step to finding a solution is to learn what causes the problem.

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Why Do Short-Haired Dogs Shed?

Well, That’s Normal!

Shedding is a natural process by which dogs get rid of old and damaged hair. There’s no definitive rule that dogs with long hair coats shed a lot. It might be possible that dogs with short hair shed more than their long-haired counterparts.

However, there are some dog breeds that shed terribly than other breeds. These include German shepherd, Chow chow, American Eskimo, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, and Great Pyrenees. Moreover, the best least shedding dog breeds for families with babies are:

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Scottish Terrier, Maltese, Standard Schnauzer, Yorkshire Terrier, Standard Poodle, and Italian Greyhound.

Stress Behind Severe Shedding

When dogs are stressed or don’t get attention from their owners, various hormonal changes occur in their bodies. In stress, epinephrine levels in the body increases. However, the exact mechanism by which stress causes shedding is unclear. Anyhow, hormonal shifts result in excessive hair shedding.

Other Medical Problems

Various medical problems like fungal infections, sunburn, or diseases of kidneys, liver, thyroid gland, or adrenal gland cause shedding. Moreover, parasitic infections caused by fleas, ticks, mites, and lice can also increase the risk of excessive shedding in dogs.


The hair coat of your dog might become fragile if it is not properly nourished with all essential nutrients. A fragile hair coat is in turn more prone to shedding.

9 Ways To Stop Your Short-Haired Dog From Shedding

By identifying the root cause of your dog’s unnatural shedding, you will be able to determine what treatment or solution is required. Nevertheless, as a pet owner, I advise you to follow all the below-listed instructions.

A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet refers to meals that contain all essential nutrients in proper proportions. Your dog needs a balanced diet that is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, lipids, and omega 3 fatty acids.

Important vitamins and minerals include vitamin A, C, D, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron.

Moreover, small puppies of large breeds or older dogs also require chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. from lean meat, fruits, vegetables, and lentils, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

Treating Medical Problems, If any

As discussed above, parasitic and fungal allergies and diseases of body organs (kidneys, liver, adrenal, thyroid gland, skin) can cause excessive shedding. Treating the root cause can help reduce dog shedding.

Professional Check-Up

For proper dog maintenance and care, a routine professional check-up is essential. You can get your dog examined by visiting a Vet at least once or twice a year.

In addition, as a pet owner, you should also thoroughly check your dog’s skin condition before and after bathe.

For this purpose, examine your dog’s paw pads, ears, genital and anal ear for any signs of redness, irritation, residue build-up, and skin cracking.

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Occasional Bathing

Bathing frequency for dogs is not yet affixed by veterinarians and pet health care professionals. There are many beliefs regarding washing pups.

Some popular pet grooming centres suggest bathing your dog once a month. Still, others, believe to wash your dogs once a week or twice a month.

Doubtlessly, I advise you to bathe your pooch less frequently to keep the natural oils locked in your dog’s hair coat. Anyhow, if your dog gets dirty after playing in a muddy field, bathing becomes essential before the scheduled time.

Invest in a Good Shampoo

Choose the right dog shampoo that contains all essential ingredients known to fortify hair follicles. For example, vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, plant extracts like aloe vera, tea tree oil, papaya leaf extract, calendula, etc., and oat proteins. You can check for veterinarian recommended shampoos to reduce shedding on Petsem.

You Can’t Go Wrong With A Dog Conditioner

After using a good shampoo, you’ll need a nice conditioner to help lock in moisture and good oils in your dog’s hair coat. A smart way is to use a 2 in 1 shampoo+conditioner.

Excessive Brushing in Necessary

Do plenty of brushing on your dog’s hair coat to remove all dead and old broken-out hair. It will help reduce the need to vacuum piles of fur from your furniture and bedding.

Moreover, brushing helps enhance blood circulation that in turn supplies sufficient nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. Resultantly, the hair coat becomes strong and sheds less. Furthermore, brushing will also aid in removing fleas and mites.

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Find Out the Best Dog Brush For Short Hair Shedding

Finding out the best dog brush for short hair shedding is essential to cut back on shedding. The best brushes that will aid you in removing loose undercoat are:

Slicker Brush:

The slicker brush is a short brush that comprises short plastic or metal wiry bristles. This type of brush is best for all types of hair coats and aids in detangling and removing loose undercoats.

Fine Tooth Comb:

This type of brush comes with fine-tooth made of plastic or wood and is the best dog brush for short hair shedding.

Hound Glove:

A hound glove is also known as a mitt or grooming glove. It is usually made of rubber or silicone material and bears small soft bristles. This type of best dog brush is excellent for massaging, enhancing blood circulation, and as a de-shedding tool.

Bristle Brush:

Bristle brushes have a flat base and comprise small, straight bristles. This type of brush is best for short-haired dogs since bristles are short and don’t penetrate long or double coats.

A Nice Shedding Tool

Shedding tools like rakes and combs come in a variety of different forms, materials, and shapes manufactured by several brands. You can choose any of the best de-shedding tools for short-haired dogs from the Amazon.

However, our favourite is the Furminator undercoat de-shedding tool that claims to reduce shedding by 90 per cent with regular use.


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