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Advice for Vets Considering Retirement

Last Updated on November 7, 2022 by Dogs Vets

Advice for Vets Considering Retirement

If you are a vet and the time has come for you to retire, you might be wondering what the next stage is.

Retirement can be both exciting and scary as you move into a new and unknown chapter of your life.

Wanting the best for your business will also play a part in many decisions – as a vet who is leaving their own practice, you will want the best for your business and the animals that are being taken care of – but you might not know where to start.

This piece is going to take a look at some advice for vets that are considering retirement so they can make the right choices.

Let’s get into it.

Put a Plan in Place

Many people who own a business have some challenging decisions to make when they retire.

For example, leaving your vet practice behind is not only leaving your business behind.

You are also leaving all of your clients and animals that you are treating or have looked after over the years. This can perhaps be one of the more difficult aspects of retiring for a vet, especially if they are going to let others continue in their place.

Having a plan to ensure that the practice maintains the standards you have set and provides the care you have always strived for will most likely be important to you.

Take a look at your options to bring in outside help such as Vetcelerator to assist the transition. That way, you can leave knowing there are experts on hand to keep everything running, and to help support your team while you start your retirement process.

Keep in Touch with Friends

It is no secret that when we retire, it can be trickier for some than others to keep up a social life.

If we have lifelong friends we have made at work, it is easy to go from seeing them every day to hardly at all when you retire.

No matter what profession you are in, keeping in touch with friends and clients that have become friends over the years will not only put your mind at ease about the practice that you might leave behind to carry on, but you will also not miss out on one of the great reasons to work.

Consider Volunteering or Locum Work

When you retire, the world can be your oyster, and if you are not closing up your practice, then you do not have to say goodbye!

Why not work there once a week, or volunteer there?

You can still see everyone you know and love without having the full-time commitment of a job. This leaves you time to relax and do other things you are passionate about in life, without having to give up some aspects of what you loved about having a vet practice.

Locum vets also get to travel the world helping animals, which could be fun new adventure on your doorstep that can come with (partly) retiring.

Is there a market for veterinary medicine?

However, before investing in a veterinary clinic of your own or opening one up for business, there are several things to think about.

Some of the questions that is asked the most frequently is, “Are veterinarian clinics profitable?” Are there strategic opportunities to grow your business?

The correct response is “yes,” however this should only be undertaken by those who are competent in the relevant skills.

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