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Bernedoodle Dog Size – Everything You Need to Know

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Bernedoodle Dog Size – Everything You Need to Know


The Bernedoodle dog breed is a designer dog. Its size varies depending on genetics and the parents of the puppy. Standard Bernedoodles are 50 pounds and between 23 and 29 inches tall at the shoulder.

Most standard Bernedoodles weigh around 70 to 90 pounds. Mini and Tiny Bernedoodles are produced when the Bernese mountain dog and the miniature poodle are crossed.

Tiny Bernedoodles weigh around 10 to 24 pounds and are about twelve to seventeen inches tall at the shoulder.


Bernedoodles are a designer breed

Bernedoodles are a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. Their designer appearance comes from their dual genetics and are considered one of the smartest dog breeds around.

Originally bred for hunting, Poodles are easy to train and have great loyalty to their owners. Because of this, Bernedoodles make excellent companions for both humans and other dogs.

Bernedoodles are known to be hypoallergenic, a trait that Poodles share. Although these dogs shed, they usually only require basic grooming.

Bernedoodles come in three different sizes, depending on which parent they are from. Miniature Bernedoodles are perfect for apartments. Standard Bernedoodles are best for homes with small yards or apartments, as they need a well-furnished backyard.


Bernedoodles require lots of attention and stimulation

While Bernedoodles are very adaptable to different types of living environments, they do require constant activity and attention. They enjoy long walks and games of fetch.

Their fluffy coats do not shed like those of Poodles, and they need plenty of socialization and interaction with other dogs. Bernedoodles also require plenty of exercise, which should be a large part of any Bernedoodle’s daily routine.

While most dogs do well with lots of exercise, Bernedoodles are particularly sensitive to sudden changes.

They tend to feel anxious when left alone, but will quickly return to their normal mood if they’re allowed to rest. Therefore, Bernedoodles need to spend a good amount of time with their owners to ensure that they have all the exercise and attention they need.

It is also crucial to provide your dog with enough food and fun activities that keep it entertained and mentally stimulated


Bernedoodles shed a lot

Bernedoodles have a coat that can vary greatly from one puppy to the next. This coat is tight and curly, similar to that of the Poodle. Unlike the Poodle, however, Bernedoodles do not shed a lot.

Their coats are also different than those of most other dog breeds, so you may have to deal with excessive shedding depending on your lifestyle.

The coat of Bernedoodles is curlier, so they tend to shed less than other breeds.

However, you’ll need to brush them several times a week and groom them every few months. Because they have a longer coat than many other breeds, they’re a good choice for families with children. Of course, it’s important to supervise any playtime with your Bernedoodle – and make sure you brush them gently!

They are hypoallergenic

A hypoallergenic dog produces less dander. Its fur traps dander rather than shedding it. This results in less of a reaction from allergy sufferers.

There are some breeds that are truly hypoallergenic, but they are not all created equal. In order to find out if your chosen Bernedoodle is hypoallergenic, you should do a little research.

The Bernedoodle is an amiable and friendly dog, but they are not for every household. Although the Bernedoodle dog size is hypoallergenic, they do require little grooming.

The Poodle parent of the breed makes them hypoallergenic, although it depends on how much you can identify with Poodle odor. Hypoallergenic coats are also an excellent feature for people who suffer from allergic reactions.


They require a lot of grooming

To make your Bernedoodle dog look its best, it is essential to groom it regularly. Depending on the type of coat your Bernedoodle has, you may want to cut its coat into a Poodle-like style.

Avoid shave-downs, however, because the double coat will shed and become unprotective. Instead, trim it around the face and ears to keep it looking its best. If you’re unable to groom your Bernedoodle dog yourself, it may be best to take it to a professional for grooming.

Bernedoodles need a good brushing and bathe at least once a week. However, some breeds require less grooming than others. You should brush your Bernedoodle’s fur daily.

However, professional grooming is recommended once every six to eight weeks.

For the best results, make an appointment to get your Bernedoodle’s coat professionally groomed.


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