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Best Dog Breeds For People With Allergies

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Best Dog Breeds For People With Allergies

One of the things that people with allergies claim makes them sad is that many of them have never been able to have a pet in their entire lives. This is because pet dander is a common allergen, and it’s something that pets give off when they’re shedding… and most pets shed a lot, no matter what you do.

However, in this modern era, there has been an uptick in pets that are more allergy-friendly. That means that people with allergies can finally achieve their dreams of becoming pet owners.

If this is you, read on to learn about some of the best dog breeds for people who have allergies.

If you’re looking for a dog breed that is great for someone who has allergies, you should be looking for a hypoallergenic dog. We’ve compiled a list to get you started, but fair warning… once you look into these dogs, you’re going to want them all!

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a small dog with a loveable and playful nature. It loves running around, so it’s good for active families, and it is quite hard to make this dog breed sad.

This breed doesn’t shed, but this means that its hair is constantly growing and that you’ll need to groom it regularly to keep its fur from getting matted.

Kerry Blue Terrier

As a Terrier, the Kerry Blue breed packs so much energy and excitement into such a small body. This breed is full of love, and it needs daily exercise, so a family with an active home is great for these little guys. Keep in mind that you’ll need to constantly maintain the trimming and brushing of their fur!

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds are a breed that looks like they’re dignified and ready to meet the Queen upon waking up. Although they’re not as active as some of the others on this list, they still require a lot of exercise and they have to be brushed, bathed, and groomed upwards of twice a week.

Giant Schnauzer

If you’re looking for intelligent and hypoallergenic dog breeds, the Giant Schnauzer is tops. Keep in mind that they don’t play particularly well with other dogs, as they’re a protective and territorial breed. Keep in mind that they also need extensive exercise, and they need to be groomed regularly to avoid their fur becoming matted.


The Maltese breed is courageous, curious, and high-energy. Their hair is long and silky, and as such, requires constant/daily grooming to make sure that their hair remains mat and tangle-free.


The Cavachon breed is one of the best dog breeds for people with allergies. They are also a very popular new breed, so you’d best start searching for Cavachon puppies for sale if you want to get one of these cuties sooner rather than later!

The Cavachon breed is a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and it is a great dog for anyone who has allergies or who requires a hypoallergenic dog.

This dog brings up the benefits of both of its parent breeds, from its joyful nature and love of life, as well as a love of paying, bringing cheer to its owners, and high intelligence (from the King Charles side). This dog is one of the most hypoallergenic breeds out there, so even people with severe allergies have a chance of enjoying the love from this little bundle of personality.

Get ready, because as soon as you search for “Cavachon puppies for sale,” you’ll be itching to buy one and bring it home!

Miniature Schnauzer

The breed of the Miniature Schnauzer is a very popular one amongst small families (although they’ll fit in great with large families, too!).

Miniature Schnauzers are a very protective breed, which might seem odd with their overly-cheerful personality, but they somehow make it work. If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic dog that is a great watchdog as well, the miniature schnauzer will have to be your choice. Make sure you clip their double fur coat often, however!


There are multiple sizes of Poodles, like the dog version of a Starbucks drink. You can get Toy Poodles, Miniature Poodles, and even the Standard size of Poodle, but no matter which size you get, they are active dogs that require daily exercise. Also, their coats are quite special – enough so that they require being groomed by a professional. And you may not think it, but Poodles are a very intelligent dog breed as well.

Hairless Breeds

There are also some hairless breeds, such as the Peruvian Inca Orchid (Hairless), the Xoloitzcuintli (Hairless), and the American Hairless Terrier. If you like the idea of a hairless dog, these are breeds to check out!




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