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4 Best Smart Home Products for Your Dog

Last Updated on January 11, 2023 by Dogs Vets

4 Best Smart Home Products for Your Dog


As humans evolve, more technology is being created to make your experience on earth less stressful. These technologies, like smart home gadgets, were designed to make life much more comfortable.

There are multiple smart home products for your tv, kitchen, bedrooms, light, doors, security systems, and so on.

Humans have gone the extra mile to produce smart home products for your pets. However, you shouldn’t forget about the dog food, accessories & more you need to get for your dog.

This article will discuss some of the best smart home products you could get for your dog.


1. Dog Collars With Trackers or Cameras

Getting your dog a collar with a camera or tracker is a great accessory. It ensures that your dog “slays” and that your dog is safe, and you can locate them at any time.

A great example of a smart home product for dogs is the Whistle Go activity tracker.

This tracker has GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular data technology that allows you to track your pet’s location accurately. They also have escape alerts that will be sent to your app, email, and sms if ever your dog escapes.


2. Petcube Play 2 Play Wi-Fi Pet Camera

This HD camera can be handy for pet owners busy with work who can’t find anyone to help them watch over their pets.

The Petcube Play 2 Play pet camera allows you to monitor your pet from your phone. You can set it up and connect the camera to your phone, allowing you to see what your pet is up to, even if you are far away.

This device has microphones, speakers, night vision, and a laser toy. The microphone and speakers allow you to hear and talk to your pet while you can control the laser toy so you can play with your pet.


3. Wickedbone Smart Bone

The Wickedbone smart bone is an excellent smart toy to get for your dog if you want to spend quality time with them without having to run around.

This smart home product can be controlled from your phone and operates on Android and iOS.

The toy has a drive and interactive mode, you can choose what mode you want and proceed to have fun with your dog. Also, the toy is built to withstand the pressure and force dogs to play with it.

So, even if you have a very hyper dog that may or will still destroy the toy, it may last longer than traditional toys.


4. The Petkit Fresh Element Solo Smart Pet Feeder

A smart pet feeder is an amazing gadget that can help you with portion control for your pets when you are away.

You can also make use of it daily to help you establish an eating routine for your pet if you are bad with consistency.


Owning a Dog is Easier With Smart Home Products

Owning a pet does not have to be as stressful as it used to be. With the help of smart home products for pets, you can now own a dog without worrying about not feeding them on time and being there to watch them constantly.

Smart home products for pets have made it possible for you to care for your pets at all times.









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