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A Unique Tradition: Blessings for Pets at Thekchen Choling Temple on Vesak Day Eve”

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A Unique Tradition: Blessings for Pets at Thekchen Choling Temple on Vesak Day Eve”


A distinct yet heartwarming spectacle unfolded on the eve of Vesak Day, the 1st of June, at Thekchen Choling Temple in Jalan Besar, Singapore.

In a surprising and delightful twist to the usual religious observances, local Buddhists celebrated the onset of the long weekend by gathering at the temple, not just by themselves, but in the company of their beloved pets.

The occasion was no ordinary one. The temple was hosting its remarkable ‘Animal Blessing Night’, an event that saw pet owners from across the city descend upon the temple with their furry and feathered companions.

 Blessings for Pets

From large dogs striding confidently on their leashes to smaller pets enjoying a ride in strollers, the temple grounds were transformed into a vibrant showcase of Singapore’s diverse pet population.

Despite the inherent challenge of hosting a multitude of animals within a shared space, the event was conducted smoothly.

The atmosphere was charged with an air of reverence and joy, interspersed with occasional barks, purrs, and chirps. It was, indeed, an unforgettable sight, closely resembling an enthusiastic pet convention more than a traditional temple event.

Blessings for Pets at Thekchen Choling Temple on Vesak Day Eve"

On this special night, animals of all shapes and sizes were greeted with warmth and kindness. The monks of Thekchen Choling Temple went beyond their usual roles, cradling the smaller and friendlier animals and administering blessings.

The pets, decked out in their finest, added an element of glamour to the proceedings.

A delightful array of pets were part of this unique congregation. Dogs and cats, often perceived as crowd-shy, were seen mixing comfortably with the devotees. A highlight was the sight of a well-behaved cockatoo perched on its owner’s hand, calmly receiving the monk’s blessing.

Blessings your Pets at Thekchen Choling Temple

This was not the temple’s first brush with such an event. The inaugural ‘Animal Blessing Night’ was organized on 14th May the previous year. It was announced on Facebook as a celebration of Buddha’s Universal Love, extending to all beings, including animals.

Blessings for Pets at Thekchen Choling Temple

Much like its predecessor, this year’s event went beyond just blessings. The temple had arranged for a variety of fringe activities to engage the attendees. Paw painting and pet food freebies were among the special treats, making the evening an absolute delight for everyone present.

The event’s tremendous success and the consistently positive response from the community have raised hopes for its return in the coming years.

Those who missed out on the Animal Blessing Night on Vesak Day Eve are encouraged to attend the Vesak Day celebration. To stay updated about the temple’s future happenings, interested devotees can follow Thekchen Choling Temple’s Facebook page.






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