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How To know You Are Buying From An Ethical Dog Breeder

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How To know You Are Buying From An Ethical Dog Breeder


We all dream of that cute little puppy coming into our lives. Those big happy eyes and a wagging tail are the perfect addition to anybody’s home, but what is the cost of not checking whom you are buying from?

Everywhere in Australia, we hear stories of mistreated dogs and unethical breeding, so we want to share with you what you need to look out for when you’re looking for your next furry friend.

What an ethical dog breeder should be doing


Thankfully, ethical dog breeding does exist. In fact, more people are becoming aware of it, which means that the industry is probably more ethical than it has ever been. Here in Melbourne, we have hundreds of ethically sourced dogs for sale. However, even though there is less need to worry, it is still good to know.


What an ethical dog breeder should be doing

Ethical breeding involves responsible practices that prioritise the welfare of all the dogs involved. These breeders are committed to producing healthy, social, and, most importantly, happy puppies. Here are some things to look for when determining the ethics of a breeder:

Living conditions – Always check to ensure the living conditions are clean, spacious, and stimulating for all of the dogs. They need to get regular exercise and have adequate shelter.

Health testing – A breeder should always put the dogs’ health first. They should have a record of the regular health screenings for every puppy they produce. They should be able to inform you of any risk of hereditary conditions specific to breeds and provide you with complete paperwork for the puppy’s family health history. Absolute transparency is an excellent sign of an ethical breeder.

Breeders’ knowledge and involvement – They should have a deep understanding of the breeds they work with. They should also be able to demonstrate knowledge and commitment to their job by actively trying to improve their practice and being involved in an ethically proactive breeding community.

Social skills and training of your potential pup – When you visit your potential puppy, you should be able to see that they have been cared for by how they socialise with other dogs and how well trained they already are. If there is an issue with either of these things, it can be a sign of neglect.


What are the negative results of using unethical dog breeders

Besides the obvious financial loss, there are two terrible things that can happen if you decide to leave your dog breeder unchecked. Firstly, there is a massive risk of health issues. If anything goes undisclosed, it can result in the sickness or early passing of your dog, as well as very high veterinary bills and emotional distress.

The second main problem is the behavioural issues you can face. Neglecting the needs of a puppy can cause trauma that can contribute to creating an anti-social dog and even manifest itself into aggression, fearfulness, anxiety, and a struggle to adjust to new environments.

To round it up

We must do what we can to improve the quality of dog breeders across Australia. Ensuring Melbourne breeders abide by ethical standards is a massive step towards a country of ethically minded Australians.





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