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How to Care for Your Injured Dog – 5 Things to Know

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How to Care for Your Injured Dog


No one with a dog ever wants to experience the distress of their dog being injured. Unfortunately, these events can come out of nowhere and you need to be ready in case your dog gets hurt.

Knowing what to do in these unpleasant circumstances can help you to stay calm and think clearly when your dog needs you most.


Handle Your Dog Carefully

It isn’t always obvious how your dog is injured, and you may not be able to see the wound. If your dog is behaving strangely, it may have hurt itself.

Dogs with injuries can express their pain through aggression towards even the people they trust. This is why you need to be cautious when attempting to handle an injured dog.

You don’t want to risk being bitten or causing more damage to their injury. Be gentle and use a towel or blanket as a stretcher if necessary. You may need to muzzle your dog if pain makes them aggressive.

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Immediately Take Your Dog to the Vet

As soon as you notice that your dog is injured, take them to the vet and have them examined. The vet will be better able to identify the injury and treat it accordingly.

When the time comes for your dog to return home, the vet will likely give you advice about how to look after your dog during the recovery process. Listen closely and, if in doubt, ask your vet to write down their instructions so you can follow them at home.

Prepare for Emergencies

The best way to maintain peace of mind as a dog owner is to be prepared in case of emergency. Dogs can become injured unexpectedly and you need to be ready.

For example, look for dogs insurance UK to find ways of financially covering your dog’s health needs. This will make it easier to budget for their care and speed up their recovery. It’s best to do this before an emergency occurs.

Help Your Dog Take Medication

Your dog may need to take medication as part of the recovery process. Most dogs are happy to accept pills if they are hidden in something tasty, like a high-value treat. Just be sure to stick to the medication routine set by the vet.

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Protect Your Dog’s Injury to Aid Healing

Once your dog’s injury has been treated by the vet and you have taken them back home, you will need to make sure that nothing, including your dog, is able to disturb the wound. Dogs are known to have trouble leaving injuries alone.

If it is uncomfortable or itchy, your dog may want to lick or bite the wound and so you’ll need to put barriers in place to prevent this.

Some examples include cones for around your dog’s neck or thick socks for over plaster casts. Your vet will have suggestions appropriate for the specific injury.

Every dog owner dreads the notion of their beloved pet being injured. It is unfortunate that life is unpredictable in this way, and you can’t always know what’s around the corner.

Your best bet is to have a reliable plan in place with good pet insurance and a trusted vet to help you should your dog need assistance.



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