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Cat Water Fountains Are The New Direction Toward Hygiene

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How to clean water can work wonders for your cat’s health?


It was a cold December morning in the capital city of Delhi. Aarav was chilling at home with his active cat friend, Frisky, a black-furred, green-eyed cat.

Aarav had a very stressful life at work. He was overburdened and had to face major traffic regularly. This made him frustrated and grumpy most of the time. Frisky had the amazing quality of distressing Aarav with her playfulness.

Frisky had no permanent base. She belonged to the whole society and contributed to everyone’s Joy. Her agility and mobility were incredible. She was everyone’s much-loved cat.

Frisky had no regular food and water routine. She used to gulp down whatever she was offered. The cold weather made things tough for both animals and humans.

Freezing water and cold temperatures reduced the water intake of all living beings, resulting in dehydration.

Several days passed by, and Aarav could not spot Frisky as frequently as he used to. This made him sad and gloomy.

One fine day, when Aarav was getting back home from work, he spotted Frisky lying semi-conscious and low on energy on the stairs of the building. He immediately took Frisky to a veterinarian.

The doctor examined and diagnosed stomach infections due to dirty water consumption. Frisky drank contaminated stagnant water placed in a common pet water bowl for several days.

In winter, the water intake of animals is reduced. Due to this, the water is not cleaned and changed frequently.

Aarav was worried about this problem. He was advised by one of his colleagues to place several cat water fountains at different locations in society. All the society members pooled money and ordered Uaphet’s battery-operated car water fountains.


Cleaning mechanism of a Cat water fountain

The cat water fountain is designed to provide fresh and filtered water for your feline companion. The continuous running of water ensures that the water is filtered thoroughly through several filters, making it odorless and less contaminated.

Fitters help to remove dirt, hair, and other debris, along with harmful bacteria and microorganisms that may cause severe stomach infections.

The cleaning process of a Cat water fountain requires timely maintenance and care to ensure the water stays clean and free from contamination. Here are a few steps that may give you a better grasp of the whole process:

  1. Turn off the Pump: Before starting the cleaning process, make sure to turn the main switch off. If you have a battery-operated cat water fountain, make sure to remove the batteries to be on the safe side. After unplugging, disassemble different parts of the fountain, including the water tank, pump, and other removable parts.

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  2. Empty the water: After disassembling the fountain, pour the remaining water out and wipe it with a dry cloth. Make sure it is dried carefully to prevent the growth of bacteria or mold.
  3. Remove filters: Remove the cat fountain filters carefully. Some Cat water fountains have replaceable filters that should be changed according to the manufacturer’s requirements, while others can be cleaned manually and reused.
  4. Wash and clean: After removing all the parts, wash each and every part separately, including the water tank, lids, and other components, with soap or detergent. Clean and wipe each part carefully, making sure it is good as new to use.Avoid using harsh chemicals and cleaning tools that may damage the parts of the water fountain.word image 15281 3
  5. Pump Cleaning: The water pump is a crucial part of a cat water fountain. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instruction manual carefully before disassembling the pump. Pumps usually contain cat hair, dirt, and debris. Put it under the flowing water, which may wash away the impurities with pressure.
  6. Descale is required. If you notice any mineral deposits or scale buildup in your cat’s water fountain, you can descale it by using a water and vinegar mixture. Fill the fountain with a 1:3 ratio of water and vinegar mixtures and let it sit for a few hours to erode the unwanted dirt. Rinse the cat fountain thoroughly after that.
  7. Reassemble: After the cleaning is done thoroughly, carefully reassemble the cat water fountain to its original form. Don’t forget to read the reader’s manual carefully throughout the process.
  8. Refill: After reassembling the fountain, fill it with clean and fresh water. Adjust the water temperature according to the season.
  9. Maintain Frequently: It is very crucial for your cat’s health to stay hydrated and consume an adequate amount of clean water for its overall well-being. Make sure to clean the cat water fountain frequently to maintain proper hygiene.


To ensure the overall well-being of your feline partner, always remember to maintain the cleanliness of your cat water fountain. Read the manufacturer’s instruction manual carefully for your convenience. This may prevent unnecessary damage to functional parts of the water fountain.

Regular cleaning prevents the breeding of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms that may severely affect your cat’s health. Keeping the water fresh and clean encourages your cat’s better hydration.


Ease of Locating a Cat Water Fountain

Investing in a battery-operated cat water fountain is a wonderful way for Cat lovers to encourage easy hydration for their cats. Battery-operated cat water fountains are portable, making it easy for the owner to place the fountain at several favorite spots of your cat.

This makes it easy for the cats to locate a fresh and clean source of water. Cats are drawn to the flowing water effect. This naturally encourages water intake in cats, adding to their overall well-being.

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Aarav was very satisfied to see Frisky’s health coming back on track. He ensured the placement of cat water fountains at different locations in society.

A cat water fountain also helped provide other pets than Frisky with fresh and clean water. Frisky recovered well as time went by and again added to the happiness and joy of Aarav and other society members.

That’s how A cat water fountain changed the lives of Frisky and Arav.



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