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Does Arsenal have dogs? How old is win Arsenal dog?

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Does Arsenal have dogs?



Have you ever wondered if your favorite football club has furry friends running around its grounds? Well, Arsenal, one of the most iconic football clubs in the world, indeed has some adorable canine companions.

In this article, we’re not only going to introduce you to Arsenal’s dogs but also reveal the age of the beloved Win the Dog.


Arsenal’s Four-Legged Stars: Unveiling the Canine Companions of the Gunners

Arsenal Football Club, also known as the Gunners, has a rich history, boasting a stellar lineup of players and an enthusiastic fan base. But in this article, we’ll delve into a different kind of star power—Arsenal’s dogs.

Yes, you read that right. Arsenal has its own furry fan base, and we’re going to explore the age-old question: Does Arsenal have dogs? And not to forget, we’ll also find out just how old Arsenal’s canine companions are.

Strap in, football and dog lovers, because we’re about to embark on an adorable journey into the lives of these four-legged celebrities.


The Hounds Behind the Helm: An Introduction

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s meet the stars of the show, the canine companions of Arsenal. Much like the footballers themselves, these dogs have their own unique personalities and stories to tell.

From Labrador Retrievers to French Bulldogs, the Gunners’ dogs represent a diverse array of breeds.


Meet Nacho and Bingo: The Wenger Era Dogs

During Arsène Wenger’s reign as Arsenal’s manager, the club welcomed two canine companions into their fold. Nacho, a Golden Retriever, was a faithful presence at Wenger’s side during his tenure.

Known for his gentle demeanor, Nacho became a beloved figure at the Emirates Stadium. Bingo, a playful Beagle, also joined the Wenger family, adding a dose of energy and mischief to the mix.


The Dogs Behind Arsenal

Meet the Canine Arsenal Squad

Arsenal, apart from its star-studded football team, has a team of four-legged supporters who have won the hearts of fans. These dogs are more than just mascots; they are an integral part of the Arsenal family.

Gunner and Monty

Gunner and Monty, two Golden Retrievers, are among the most prominent members of the Arsenal canine squad. These friendly and fluffy fellows can be seen spreading joy among fans on match days.

Barney and Max

Barney and Max, the Border Collies, are another dynamic duo that calls the Emirates Stadium their home. With their boundless energy and playful antics, they bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

Win the Dog: The Furry Legend


Who is Win the Dog?

Win the Dog, often affectionately referred to as “Win,” is a special canine figure in the Arsenal family. This Border Terrier has become an icon at the club, capturing the hearts of fans with his charm.

Win’s Early Days

Win joined Arsenal as a pup in 2017 and quickly became a fixture at the Emirates Stadium. Fans adored his playful nature and couldn’t resist taking selfies with him.

Win’s Age Revealed

Now, the burning question – how old is Win the Dog? As of 2023, Win is a sprightly six years old. He’s in the prime of his doggy life, continuing to bring cheer to Arsenal supporters.

Win’s Responsibilities

Win isn’t just a cute face. He has official duties as well. He participates in various community events, charity fundraisers, and even makes appearances at the Arsenal Foundation’s programs.

Win’s Social Media Stardom

Win’s popularity extends beyond the stadium. He has a substantial following on social media, with thousands of fans eagerly awaiting his adorable updates and antics.

The Impact of Canine Companions

The Power of Canine Therapy

Studies have shown that having dogs around can reduce stress and boost morale. Arsenal’s decision to have canine companions is not just for show – it’s also for the well-being of the players and staff.

Spreading Positivity

The presence of dogs like Win and his buddies creates a positive atmosphere at the Emirates. It’s not just about winning on the field; it’s about fostering a sense of community and happiness.

Canine Fan Engagement

Arsenal’s dogs have a fan base of their own. Fans love sharing their interactions with the furry friends on social media, creating a unique bond between the club and its supporters.


In conclusion, Arsenal does indeed have dogs, and they play a vital role in the club’s culture. Win the Dog, at the age of six, continues to be a beloved figure, spreading joy and positivity among fans and players alike.

The presence of these canine companions goes to show that football is not just about goals; it’s also about the heartwarming moments that happen off the pitch.

FAQs About Arsenal’s Canine Companions



Are the Arsenal dogs present at every match?

Yes, you can usually spot Arsenal’s canine squad at most home matches, bringing smiles to fans’ faces.


Can fans interact with the dogs?

Absolutely! Fans often get the chance to interact with the dogs during pre-match activities and community events.


How can I keep up with Win the Dog’s adventures?

You can follow Win the Dog’s adventures on his official social media profiles, where he shares his daily life and escapades.


Do the dogs have any official roles at the club?

Yes, they do! The dogs participate in various community and charity events, contributing positively to the club’s social responsibility initiatives.


Are there any other football clubs with canine mascots?

Yes, several other clubs around the world have adopted canine mascots, but Arsenal’s furry friends are among the most famous.







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