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German shepherd defends a 6-year-old boy from an attack

Last Updated on November 15, 2022 by Dogs Vets

In a viral video, a German shepherd defends a 6-year-old boy from an attack by a neighbor’s dog.


The youngster is pushed out of harm’s path by Tank, who then stands over the 6-year-old to shield him in the video, demonstrating his protective nature.

On Tuesday, November 8, a 6-year-old Florida boy was saved by his beloved German shepherd after a neighbor’s dog got loose and charged at the kid.

At the time of the terrible tragedy, the young child was playing on the front lawn of his South Florida home with his pet dog, Tank.

TikTok user @lovehenesy94 posted a video of the harrowing but endearing incident, and it quickly went viral with 23.5 million views.

The young boy’s father claimed that their one-year-old German shepherd Tank saw that his best friend was in danger and acted quickly to save him when the neighbor’s dog got loose and charged at his son.

The youngster is moved out of harm’s way by Tank, who then stands over the 6-year-old to shield him from the other dog, displaying his protective instinct in the process.

As the young youngster runs to his mother in tears, the boy’s father rushes to the scene to break up the canine altercation. The neighbor’s dog eventually returns home after barking, growling, and charging both dogs.

Since the video went viral, Tank’s bravery has been widely praised. One person commented, “Get that German Shepherd a big dog bone, steak or anything, he wants he deserves a treat. Good boy!!!!”

Another person commented, “If you can’t control your dog, keep them on a leash people!” Another person added, “That’s one awesome dog!


Our neighbors dog randomly charged at my son last night & my Tanky saved him from getting mauled or worst …. 🥺 #dogattacks #germanshepherd #dogsoftiktok #fyp

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Thank goodness the child wasn’t hurt, terrifying moment for that mother!”

A similar incident was reported by MEAWW, in which a Texas fire department dog won hearts by successfully opening a building’s front door to let in a human colleague who had become locked outside.

Koda, a firefighter with the Georgetown, Texas, fire department, was seen waiting for a staff member to enter in the Twitter video.

The nameless man was having problems unlocking the glass door, but it soon became apparent that he had neglected to bring his keys.

The video clearly shows that the golden retriever waited patiently before the fireman instructed him to open the door with hand gestures. Koda had an easy victory. The fire department itself posted the video.



Questions people are asking



as a German Shepherd ever attacked a child?

A German shepherd protects a young boy, age 6, from an assault.
Two types of biting by German Shepherds typically involve kids.

The guiding nip is the first, and the grab-and-drag is the second. These dogs will bite kids with a grab-and-drag bite to get them away from danger.



Will a German Shepherd naturally protect you?

Most German Shepherds naturally adapt to becoming a security dog.

It’s crucial to teach kids how to obey. Find out how here. Many dogs make excellent watch dogs because their bark alerts their owners to strange activity and serves as a deterrent.


Why do German Shepherds guard children so fiercely?

German Shepherds are guardians because they were developed specifically to herd sheep and have a protective instinct.

GSDs differ from one another in terms of alertness, agility, and protective initiative, but they are capable of being guardianship without formal training because of their ingrained impulses to protect their masters.


How can you determine whether your dog will defend you?

The most typical method of testing this is to introduce the dog to a variety of people or animals. It may be an overly protective dog if it starts to become anxious or growl at anyone who approaches the owners.



Can German Shepherds sense danger?

German Shepherds are able to feel danger and will express it by behaving strangely, such as barking excessively, acting hyperactively, shaking, or hiding under furniture for no apparent reason.





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