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How Do You Take Care of Your Husky?

Last Updated on September 22, 2022 by Dogs Vets

How Do You Take Care of Your Husky?


It is well known that a dog is a man’s best friend, but there are so many dogs; which one is your best friend? Well, it’s not the breed that matters but the dog you have or will get.

Dogs brought up in average households do not go through much training but require the same amount of care as a trained dog.

Taking care of your dog, especially those who are active and have a thick fur coat like a husky, is not a task but something which should come naturally.

Huskies are usually well known for being expressive, loving the cold, thick fluff, and playful.

You can visit sites like My Happy Husky to learn more about their food and weird behavior. While it’s good to know how to take care of your pets, there are things that’ll help you determine whether your doggo needs that care or not.


What Should You Know about a Husky?

Well, for any dog you get, you need to know its requirements to understand what you are getting. A husky is well known for being wild and very active.

Since they like to express themselves to their owners, they are also known for being talkative and mischievous. They are also very intelligent and start understanding human behavior early.

What Should You Know about a Husky?

It is also why they need at least proper basic training so that they do not run away from their owners to play at every chance they get. Other than that, the only problem that you could encounter would be heavy shedding.

Huskies have a thick double fur coat which sheds even more at particular times of the year. Their fur is also why many people get attracted to huskies, but this fur coat needs proper cleaning and maintenance.


Taking Care

You need to take care of three basic things in every dog- nutrition, exercise, and cleanliness of the fur. At least one of the three is mostly left behind when caring for the other two. In the case of Huskies, all three of them are very important.

Taking your furry buddy for a walk or going to a dog park is a perfect option for them to exercise as well as socialize.

Taking your husky will ensure they can spend their excess energy outside and sleep soundly instead of running through the house. As for nutrition, you need to be mindful of what you give to your husky.

There are many nutritional needs for this breed to avoid any potential diseases, for which you need to do thorough research on sites like My Happy Husky.

Cleanliness is essential when looking at their fur coat. Not cleaning a husky’s fur properly or going by days in between can cause more shedding and, in worst cases, fur loss.

Regular cleaning will also stop any harmful bacteria from developing and keep skin diseases away. Cleaning them once a week is said to be more than enough as huskies prefer self-cleaning more and do not stink much.



Knowing to take care of the dog before getting it is always beneficial. It will help you plan your dog’s meals and align your everyday schedule with theirs.

Especially if you are an early riser, keeping up with your husky would not be much of an issue.

Chores related to your dog would also not be a burden when your schedule matches theirs.

These chores could be simple things like a morning walk, food, or taking them to the vet. If you cannot align your schedule with them, try aligning their schedule with yours.



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