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How to tire out a beagle puppy?

Last Updated on March 7, 2022 by Dogs Vets

How to tire out a beagle puppy?

Beagle puppies are known for being very friendly. They create such a pleasant environment around them by the adorable things they do that everyone starts getting good vibes.

They get along nicely with both other dogs and humans as beagles are prone to vocalize frequently. People prefer getting a beagle dog due to its exciting nature. But sometimes you need to calm them down and for that, you need to tire them. This can be done by both physical and mental activities. A few ways to do it are mentioned below.

Let him sniff

People think that the only way you can make your dog tire is to get them involved in physical activity. But that is not right.

Your dog needs more than a physical activity to get tired. Mental stimulation is what works in this favor here. This can be done by making your dog sniff. It is an excellent method that will help your dog to get trained mentally.

You must have noticed one thing that is while you take your dog on a walk he sniffs all kinds of stuff around him. He will be walking and sniffing both altogether. His brain works while he sniffs and this keeps him mentally engaged and later on tired.

Let him stop and sniff the things around him the next time you take your beagle out for a walk.

Walk different routes

Try going for a walk every day on the same day for weeks. Sounds boring, right? It gets boring for a dog as well to walk on the same routes and this doesn’t let him discover new objects to sniff as he will get used to the route.

This will also not let him engage his mind in different ways. You should take your dog on a walk on different routes so that he feels excited and doesn’t get bored earlier.

Food Puzzles

Beagles are excited dogs who just cannot keep calm especially when they are having food. Food puzzles work as a savior here. If you are a dog owner you must be knowing about it. Such puzzles keep a dog occupied for a long time. Not just this but also consumes their mind which eventually leads to them getting mentally tired.

Food puzzles also act as a savior in making a beagle eat calmly because as we discussed above ahem being excited dogs makes them eat fast and consumes less of their energy.

Get a wishbone

Interactive play is very important for maintaining a dog’s mental and physical health. This can be done by getting a wishbone for them. A beagle dog who is known for being adventurous loves to play with different kinds of toys.

A wishbone can be a good toy in this regard. They get to chew, play throw and catch and lick them for hours.

Chewing and licking the wishbone stimulates their mind and keeps them busy mentally and throwing and catching a game with the wishbone helps in maintaining their physical health.

Play Brain games

We discussed a lot of ways above through which you can tire out your dog and keep their mind engaged but one way that will take over all the other ones is playing a brain game with your dog.

The cool thing about such a game is that you can train your dog using them. An example of it is the “which hand” game.

You hide a treat in any of your heads dan let your dog guess it. they guess it right they get to eat the treat. Tags will not only train them but also makes them smarter and will keep the menage for some time.

Puppy playdate

When does a human feel a need to interact and get their energy out what’s the first thing they do? Socialize. This is what they do. The same thing applies to a dog. Socialization from a young age is critical for your dog. This not only improve their skills and train their mind but also is a great way of getting their energy out.

If you have friends who have dogs as their pets then organize a puppy playdate and ring them together.

Play hide and speak

This is a game that excites both humans and dogs. When you play hide and seek with a human baby you will get to see them enjoying it. Just like that a beagle dog also loves playing this gams. BUT it needs more of your effort.

You need to make your dog sit calmly in one place and that itself takes a lot of effort. Once they sit calmly they walk slowly and hide at one page.

You should focus on the term walk slowly here because if you will run to hide from them they will automatically run after you. You need to call them with either name you have given to them. They will come after looking for you. This will keep you and the dog both entertained and will also help them in getting to essays.

Teach new commands

The best thing about a dog is that they are very quick learners. When it comes to teaching new commands to your dogs then you will find it is the easiest thing to do. They are not just quick learners but also have a good brain that picks things quickly.

Teaching new commands becomes easier when the dog you have is a beagle. There are a lot of new tricks that you can make a beagle learn. This will keep your dog’s grain occupied and will be fun rewarding for both you and your dog.


These were the ways to tire out your beagle puppy easily. You need to keep in mind that while doing this don’t over-exert them. Make sure to include the range of physical and mental activities that they will be able to take as per their energy. This will not only assist you in training your puppy but will also help them discover one thing that they like.

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