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Merle French Bulldog – Health problem, Price and Care

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The Merle French Bulldog


Before purchasing a merle French Bulldog, be sure to know the basic information about them.

Here you will learn how to care for a Merle French Bulldog, the price range, and health issues they may face.

Read on to learn more about this breed!

You may want to start looking for a merle bulldog breed today!

Here are some important things to consider before purchasing your new friend. Buying a merle French Bulldog:


Buying a Merle French Bulldog

Although a merle French bulldog is a beautiful canine, it is not for everyone. Not only are they expensive to purchase, but they also have a high incidence of health issues.

A merle French bulldog has the same birth defect percentage as the rest of the French bulldog breed, so it is crucial to find a reputable breeder.

Choosing a breeder is an important part of buying a new dog, but it is equally as important to look for other traits in your merle French bulldog.

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While brindle Frenchies have dark vertical stripes, merles have patches of diluted color. The full-grown Blue Merle French Bulldog is a tiny pooch. In addition to the color of its coat, merles also have blue eyes.

Buying a merle French bulldog requires a little research. These pups are not as docile as you might think.


Caring for a Merle French Bulldog

One of the most beautiful and rare breeds of French Bulldogs, the merle Frenchie is a great choice for anyone looking to add some color to their home.

The coat of this dog is one of its most distinctive traits. Its various colors are often patterned, with patches and blotches of dark color mixed into the fur. Unlike other Frenchies, a merle Frenchie can be a companion to anyone and is one of the most popular breeds available.

The merle French Bulldog breed does not shed much, but regular brushing will minimize dirt and excess hair buildup on the fur. The dog’s ears should also be cleaned regularly, as well as its folds.

You should also take your merle Frenchie outdoors occasionally, but never for too long. A Frenchie’s breath can be troublesome, and spending a lot of time outdoors is not a good idea. Regular grooming will keep your merle Frenchie healthy and happy.

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Health problems of a Merle French Bulldog

The merle French Bulldog is a popular canine that has blots of blue or grey covering its entire body. These dogs are also called double merles because both parents are merles, but not all blue mers have blue or grey spots. Blue merles are considered the rarest color of French Bulldogs.

The reason for the high price of blue merles is that it is difficult to breed them without causing health problems or physical defects.

Consequently, most merle Frenchies are born with life-threatening health problems and physical deformities.

Color dilution is a common problem in merle French Bulldogs. The melanophilin gene is mutated in this type of dog, causing weaker fur strands to shed from the root.

The merle French bulldog is prone to eye defects, including abnormal pupils sensitive to light and alopecia, which affects the hair shafts. Their eyelids are more likely to be large than normal. Cataracts, and coloboma are also common problems in merle French bulldogs.


Price of a Merle French Bulldog

The price of a MERLE FRENCH BULLDOG can range from $6,000 to $15,000, depending on the breed and coat color. In general, the price will depend on the breed’s genetics and the investment made by the breeder.

Another color to consider is the Black and Tan French Bulldog, which is a solid black Frenchie with tan points. These points can be found on the head, cheeks, paws, and tail.

The price of a merle French bulldog varies, but in general, they’re priced well below the average. While they can be a great addition to your family, you’ll have to be prepared to face a variety of health problems.

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While many people recommend purchasing one, it is important to keep in mind that these dogs can be prone to eye problems, especially cataracts and nictitating membrane.

While merle French bulldogs are highly affectionate and beautiful animals, they can also have serious health problems.


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