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What are the most popular dog breeds for families?

Last Updated on October 6, 2023 by Dogs Vets

What are the most popular dog breeds for families?


Is your family finally prepared to welcome a furry friend? If so, now is the perfect moment to begin your “quest for the ideal companion.”

Dogs have a wonderful blend of familiar yet distinctive traits, much like the perfect combination of sugar, spice, and everything nice, but each a different power puff girl. Even among dogs of the same breed, each possesses unique qualities.

It is crucial to engage in self-observation to find the ideal canine companion for your family.

Have you considered your living situation? Is there ample space in your yard for a more giant breed of dog to roam freely? Or do you live in an apartment? It might be worth exploring hypoallergenic dog breeds if your family members have allergies.

Alternatively, if you are a keen traveler, opting for a smaller dog weighing less than 20 pounds may be more suitable.

There are several factors to consider before finding the right fluff partner for your family. These include the age of your children and your current living situation.

Communicate about your requirements and lifestyle to the rescue or shelter you are adopting from. It will ensure you get a suitable match for yourself.

To begin with something, we have prepared a compilation of family dogs. These breeds are known to be compatible with families that have children. So, feel free to peruse this article and discover your preferred breed to kickstart your search!


Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever Temperament

Labrador Retrievers are extremely popular in the United States for good reason.

They possess a lovely combination of friendliness and sweetness that is hard to find in any other dog breed. These lovable canines come in various sizes, ranging from 21.5 to 24.5 inches tall and weighing 55-80 pounds, contributing to their charming large, and fluffy appearance.

These dogs are energetic and need plenty of exercise and playtime to stay happy and healthy. However, their friendly nature means they can happily engage with your kids or other pets and provide them endless entertainment.

A Golden Retriever is an excellent option for families seeking a furry companion who will adapt well to their lifestyle, show eagerness to learn tricks, and only bark moderately (a considerate choice if you have sensitive neighbours).

Furthermore, Labradors excel in activities like tracking, swimming, or even hunting if you have an active family that enjoys outdoor plans.


Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Many often find themselves confused when differentiating between a Golden and a Labrador Retriever. However, the Golden Retriever is ideal if you desire an affectionate breed that is easy to manage, even without extensive training.

Known for their intelligence, loyalty, and friendly nature, Golden Retrievers make exceptional family pets. They are so beloved that they have their designated day – February 3, celebrated as Golden Day every year! Whether running around or playing fetch, these dogs always bring joy and excitement.

Nevertheless, it’s necessary to be careful if you seek an “English Cream or White” Golden Retriever. This variety is often bred solely for its unique color and may not possess all the qualities typically associated with family dogs.


German Shepherd

German Shepherd 

A popular dog breed known for their athletic spirit, a German Shepherd can make great companions. However, we recommend this breed for experienced pet parents due to their difficulty in training. But once trained, they can be affectionate and loving towards their family members.

This chief loves adventures and will be a part of your hiking and running experiences.

They have high activity levels, but if you have children, they can make up for their exercise by playing with them all day! Once trained, German Shepherds are a cuddle bear and protective. So, you get a fun package and a watchdog in one.


German Shepherd x Greyhound: A Unique Hybrid

Maybe you’re hearing this for the first time. We have mostly seen a German Shepherd or a Greyhound as a purebred. But for a German Shepherd mixed with Greyhound, they give a hybrid dog breed with intelligence, athleticism, and cuddly Shepherds!

It has the loyalty of the German Shepherd and the speed of a Greyhound but can be the sleepiest fluff ball in the world.

Nonetheless, they require early training and socialization to get a sweet-natured companion at home. As for cats or other small pets, you should watch your German Greyhound as they are pretty naughty.



beagle scent hounds dog

This cutest dog breed is perfect for a family with kids. The Beagles love to play. They are intelligent, caring, and low maintenance (parent favorite quality). They crave attention enough that they can’t go a whole day alone.

Therefore, they’re happiest when surrounded by their loved ones and tireless playmates (children). However, their inquisitive nature can keep you on your toes.

One tempting scent and these mischievous, pocket-sized dogs are off on an adventure.




A dog breed that looks tough on the outside but is sweet from the inside. We often regard bulldogs as a ferocious dog breed.

But they are incredibly affectionate and loyal to their families. They are courageous breeds that will protect their family but will easily fit into a laid-back family. And don’t forget their love for beauty sleep: any time of the day!

A dog with minimal exercise needs, a quiet nature, and low grooming requirements is perfect for a relaxing lifestyle.



Standard Poodle dog breed

For a household with allergies, a Poodle would be an ideal choice. This dog breed comes in three sizes -Miniature, toy, and standard- so select as per your preference.

A good-tempered and active breed that doesn’t shed much. They are friendly and intelligent, so if your children like inventing new tricks, Poodles could be their best friend.

An Intelligent Poodle breed with high energy levels, easy to train, and responsive to commands can be a perfect companion for your playful kids.



Boxer Dog

If you’re looking for a medium to large-sized dog, then a Boxer is the one for you. Boxers are playful and loyal dogs, willing to do anything to protect their family. But they are also a sucker for love and attention. Which means they will jump at you to get your attention (how cute!).

This breed is full of energy and sociability and loves to get along and play with other kids (although they require supervision around other pets).

Boxers are a patient and tolerant breed that loves to form healthy relationships with people and pets and become an active part of a loving family. However, moderate exercise is necessary for a happy and healthy pup.


Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

Are you living in an apartment? This small white dog would be great for you. Bichon Frise is a friendly, easy-to-train dog breed that goes well with children and other dogs. They do not require intense exercise. But they would like a lovely stroll around the neighborhood to make new friends.

According to AKC, they think everyone is their friend, no strangers, just friends they haven’t met yet. Apart from their amiable nature, they are low shedders, making an excellent fluffy companion for your household.



Newfoundland dog breed

Finishing this list with one of my favorite dog breeds, Newfoundland or Nanny Dogs.

Due to their soft-tempered and watchdog personalities, they make a great family dog. They are large dogs who may love a bit of exercise and stretch, so make sure you have enough space for this fluffy giant to adjust. They may drool and shed, but it makes them lovable.

Newfs are the sweetest and gentlest with children. Their loyalty allows them to respond to their master’s commands.

However, their intelligence gives them a sense of responsibility, so they can act independently (if needed or in rescue situations). Now you may understand why they are called “Nature’s Nanny.”



Choosing the perfect dog breed for your family holds the utmost significance.

By considering factors such as lifestyle, personal preference­, budget, and living area, you can identify the dog breed that aligns best with your needs and is most suited for you and your child.

In this post, we mentioned a few incredible dog breeds. However, note that these dogs are just a tiny sample from the vast list available.

If you want to learn about hybrid dogs, consider contacting your local shelter or rescue organization. They can provide information on fascinating mixes like the German Shepherd and Greyhound combination or the Poodle and Golden Retriever blend.

These hybrid breeds offer a unique fusion of qualities from your two favorite purebreds. Remember that each dog is unique. It is vital to familiarize yourself with your specific dog before adopting them.

We recommend spending time with a potential pet to understand their temperament, trainability, and sociability, ensuring these qualities align with your needs.

If they do, be prepared for abundant joy, care, love, and the addition of a furry companion to your beloved family. Happy searching!



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