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My Relation and Experience With Pets

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My Relation and Experience With Pets



Crazy things happen when it comes to relations with pets. I have a popular list of growing pets.


My first pet was a puppy which I brought while returning from school. It is a PYE – dog.

I named it scotly, my father smiled at me recollecting a similar experience that he had before.

He has inquired whether I knew how to take care of a dog and get ready for ‘EVERYTHING’. I didn’t understand much but, to be frank, no one taught me how to handle a dog.

my experience with pets

I used to give milk, biscuits to her daily and bathe her at least twice a week. I am sure I could witness the level of love and compassion that has grown in me with a sense of responsibility in those days.

I became more caring and sympathetic to usher love on my pet. This relation has opened many doors to creativity that has helped me in building various shelters with the increase in the size of my dog.

Realizing a dog’s loyalty, memory, and understanding capacity must not be missed by anyone. The darker side is their lifetime probably say an average of 10-15 years for a dog is not too less to get easily detached.

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When it died, it was hardly bearable and I was weeping out uncontrollably.


I have switched on to grow cat

Next, I had experience with cats. The kind of connectivity with cats would be similar to dogs but cats have a different lifestyle.

The Strange thing is Mother Cat would leave its kittens soon after they grow up maybe in a month or two after they are born. Meanwhile, they get all the essential skills for survival.

What I observed is that cats have less memory and less understanding capacity in comparison with dogs. They love getting pampered and groomed. They are friendly and are easy to maintain.


Later I bought two parakeets.

This is when I got influenced by my friend to grow different succulents, saplings, and creepers. Parakeets are a memorable attraction to that environment.

It is tough to maintain plants consistently but I tried my best. Parrots are very amicable, the only need is to trust humans. They are communicative and need attention and love.

They love veggies, stems, and some nuts to eat daily.

Though their life span is good, being in a cage for a long time, makes them restricted and cannot be actually happy. They need a free environment.

With the pain of not living for too long, I have purposefully chosen turtles. They have more lifetime than humans. Reptiles may look weird to many, but I am quite comfortable.

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They need people, they walk behind us, absolutely no health issues. I have a new perspective now.

Next, I am looking for my kids to explore new ideas. I have a wonderful collection of pet portraits and pictures.

I have had ultimate experiences with pets since childhood. I have gained perseverance, calmness, love, understanding, caring, creativity, and interest in return. Besides, you need to invest a lot of time to enjoy them all.

I am Rufy Ashta, an active blogger, exploring new topics to share my experiences with pets. Would love to listen from you more.





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My Relation And Experience With Pets?

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