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7 Reasons to Consider Kennel Boarding When You Go To Vacation

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Title: 7 Reasons to Consider Kennel Boarding When You Go To Vacation

People who love dogs always like to raise one at their home. They consider their pet dogs as a part of their family and give the same attention and care as they do to their family members.

Dogs are perfect entertainment and fun to live with (well, once the dog is properly trained). Kids especially enjoy the company of dogs as they do not feel alone when you go out to run some errands.

But, once in a while, when you plan a vacation as a family, you’d want to leave the dog behind. Because carrying pets along with you during flights is not easy and it needs a lot of steps to follow. Or perhaps they don’t allow pets where you are going.

So, if you’re wondering how you can give the best care to your dog while you’re not present, then kennel boarding is the best option.

However, you may get a lot of questions about leaving your dogs in kennels, especially about safety. So, we are here to tell you about the benefits of kennel boarding and how you can leave your dogs here without worrying about anything.

1. The ultimate way to get socialised

Your pet dog will perhaps is more active around you and your family members. And that may not be possible when you go on a vacation.

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Your dog will suddenly feel lonely without no one to play and socialise with. As dogs are social animals, you have to find the right company for your dog before you can leave. And dog kennels are the perfect answer.

Kennels are constructed with a secure and open play area for the dogs so that they can run around and socialise with other pet dogs. It’s always good for the dogs to have continued socialisation for their ultimate well-being.

The team at dog kennels make sure that your dogs are always getting enough attention and care so that they don’t feel lonely.

If your dog is active and likes to be with other dogs, then leaving it at kennels is the best option.

2. Your dog will be active with enough exercise

The place where you leave your dog should allow your dog to enjoy and be themselves.

Your dog should feel comfortable and safe as you won’t be there with them during the vacation. So, you will have to make sure the kennel you chose has all the amenities so that your dog stays active and gets enough exercise.

You also have to prepare your dog for kennel stay so that your pet enjoys and stays active until you return.

And the positive thing about kennels is that they have professional trainers who can look after any kind of dog no matter how difficult the dog is. You can be assured that your dog will enjoy the vacation even without your presence for a short time.

3. Professional environment

A kennel is not like an open space where they leave your dogs be. It’s an organised and controlled environment designed for dogs to enjoy their vacation by creating a home-like atmosphere and care.

From the dog’s food to playing equipment and medicinal care – your dog will get the utmost attention and care. It will be exactly like how you’d look after your dog, if not more.

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So, if you want to plan a vacation but are hesitating because of your dog, then don’t be. Kennels are there to your rescue.

4. Enough supervision

As discussed earlier, there are professionals in kennels who can take care of any dog. No matter how many dogs are present in the kennel, there are enough staff and supervision so that each dog is under care all the time.

A kennel has all the equipment that your dog needs and it will be just like their home except for their favourite toys. You can easily bring them while you leave your dog in a kennel so that your pet feels a little bit familiar when you’re gone.

5. Perfectly follow your dog’s routine

When leaving your dog, tell the kennel staff about the routine your dog follows throughout the day. Update about meal timings, play timings, walking time, bath time, sleep time, etc. so that the kennel personnel follow the same.

You don’t have to worry about them not following your dog’s routine as it’s the mandatory rule of kennels to strictly follow the dog’s routine. They have to make feel your dog welcome in the kennel so there are rules they have to follow to make your dog stay wonderful while you enjoy a vacation.

6. No compromise on food and medications

Whatever your dog eats, drinks, allergic to – you have to update this list to the kennel owners so that they give just that to your dog. There’s no compromise on the quality of the kennel food and your dog will be getting the food just like you prepare at home – with love and hygiene.

If you’re going for a long tour and your dog is due for any vaccination, you can update the info to the kennel people so that they do it without fail.

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You don’t have to worry about a single thing about your dog as long as you are updating them with the right information about your dog’s routine and eating habits.

7. Privacy for your dog at its best

And the privacy for your dog is the best that the kennel offers. The open ground in a secured environment and security in and around the kennel will make sure that your dog is in a place where nothing can happen to it.

At nights, the dogs are made to sleep in an area that is well-secured and locked so that your dog doesn’t slip anywhere. There’s always security monitoring the activities of your dog day and night so that you can take your dog with you just like you left in a kennel.


These are the few benefits you get when you put your dog in a kennel stay. To get all these, you have to choose the perfect kennels and cattery. Search for what to look for when choosing a cattery and kennel before you go randomly select one.

You are bound to find the right one and you can leave your pet without any worry till you come from vacation.

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