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5 Vet Recommended Tips For Ensuring Proper Pitbull Development

Last Updated on September 3, 2021 by Dogs Vets

5 Vet Recommended Tips For Ensuring Proper Pitbull Development


Pitbulls are very people-oriented and tend to depend on their humans, so proper care for a Pitbull requires a lot of responsibility. Their dependency helps them respond well to positive reinforcement and frequent praise, and most of them want to impress their owners by being submissive and learning tricks. 


They are generally healthy dogs that live an average of about 12 years or so, and they take up a large space across the nation at about 20% of 90 million dogs in total. Having a pitbull in the family takes both strong commitment and dedication, but you will receive so much love and companionship for your efforts.


We always want what is best for our domestic pets, so here are some great recommended tips on how to care properly for your pitbull. 



Pitbulls’ actions typically are in direct correlation to how they are trained to be. If you want a socialized pet, you might consider exposing frequent visits with children, other dogs, and other humans as well. Aggressive behavior doesn’t usually happen unless the dog comes into unfamiliar territory, or feels threatened in some way.


The younger your pitbull, the easier it is to introduce new scenarios to ease any aggressive tendencies. Exposing your pitbull to other animals and humans is a great way to increase active friendliness. This way as they grow they will be more friendly and open with any new animals or people introduced, since they have had that exposure as a puppy. It increases their confidence and their view of people and other animals as non-threatening.



Having proper healthcare is essential for how to take care of and extend the life of your pitbull. First and foremost, be sure to schedule and have all vaccinations and medications up-to-date with your pitbull by having them checked annually. 


Pitbulls tend to have more delicate skin than other dogs, so they are prone to certain skin ailments like pyoderma and canine dermatitis. You also want to keep their skin free of any ticks or fleas to prevent infections from sensitivity. 


There are other common health issues in Pitbulls that may happen, including:


  • Ichthyosis – this is a rare skin condition that results in rough skin with greasy flakes that stick to the dog’s hair.


  • Congenital Heart Defects – these are important to detect early in order for the hope to avoid needing surgery.


  • Hip Dysplasia – This is more common in older dogs whose deterioration over time will cause the hip joints to rub together and not function properly.


  • Allergies  – If an allergy is food-related you might see signs in your dog vomiting, going to the bathroom frequently, or having chronic ear infections. Make sure you work with the vet to determine the cause and treatment.


Pitbulls have also been known to be sensitive to heat, so it is important not to leave them outside on days that are very warm. As a general rule, any health or behavior that seems out of the ordinary with your pet should require a call to the veterinarian for good measure.



It can be difficult to identify ailments in your pitbull since they can’t speak and you don’t always know that they are in pain. Be prepared to speak to an online veterinarian to list any new diet changes or any other factors that might contribute to possible changes.


Table scraps, though tempting to feed to your canine, are a huge contributor to dogs being obese. Do your best not to give in to the ease of having your dog clean up the table scraps, and try to use them for another purpose if possible, or just throw them out so that your dog does not add unnecessary calories to its diet.


Typically, Pitbulls will benefit most from a high-quality and high-protein diet that provides them with multiple vitamins and nutrients. There may be other necessities such as supplements or vitamins provided by your veterinarian you should be sure to administer. 



Healthy pets are important, and in addition to feeding your dog nutritious and quality foods to help them grow, you should be sure to give them plenty of exercise. Pitbulls in particular tend to be more energetic, so instead of just a quick walk for bathroom time, give them more time to release their energy. 


Some suggestions for common exercises and playtimes with dogs where you can be sure to give them an hour or more of exercise per day:


  • Brisk walks or jogs that cover a large area.
  • Playing catch – you can teach your pitbull how to catch a frisbee or chase a toy and bring it back to you, which can give them a good active energy release
  • Hikes into wooded areas or on trails together
  • Playtime with other dogs, possibly in a kennel or dog park


You can even go as far as to set up an obstacle course or something for the dog to play with outside during the day to be sure to keep active. Another reason for exercise is so that they don’t become too obese or gain too much weight, since this is another health concern of the breed. In addition, Pitbulls have been known to exhibit negative behaviors when they do not get enough activity throughout the day. 



Pitbulls enjoy the ability to do a job to appease you. They have been classified as more of a working breed because they like to stay stimulated. Training with positive reinforcement is a great way to incorporate multiple healthy activities for your dog while also keeping them from developing any negative habits. 


Some ways to develop your pitbull with training may include enrolling the dog within obedience classes. You might also possibly just take the time yourself to work with the dog routinely to develop skills. Pitbulls are an intelligent breed so learning new tricks and obeying commands are not difficult during training. The key is to be sure to start instilling training as soon as possible, as the younger the dog is, the better trained it will become. 


All dogs need loving homes, but providing good care to your dog for growth is equally important. Pitbulls can sometimes be unjustly targeted as a breed that is overly aggressive or dangerous, but with the proper healthcare, training, nutrition, and overall upbringing, these dogs are one of the most wonderful companions to adults and children and can make families complete.




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