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What Are the Services Available at Veterinary Care?

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What Are the Services Available at Veterinary Care?


Houston in Texas ranks among the top cities in the USA for pet ownership.

In The Woodlands, a special-purpose district in the Sugar Land metropolitan area, almost every other household owns a dog or a cat.

If you have a pet, you must take them to the veterinarian at some point in time.

And to do that, you must find a good veterinarian The Woodlands that can provide your pet with the care and treatments needed to be as healthy as possible. But what are some services you can expect at top-notch veterinary care? Find out in this article.


Diagnostics and Treatment

When your pet needs medical care, you want to ensure that the veterinarian has all the diagnostic tools available to find out what’s going on.

In addition to more traditional tests like blood work and x-rays, several other diagnostics can help a vet determine what is causing your pet’s symptoms and develop an effective treatment plan. Two of these are radiation therapy and ultrasound.

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Radiation therapy

It involves exposing certain areas of your pet’s body (such as its joints) to a small amount of radiation. Doing so kills off some cells in those areas without affecting the surrounding healthy tissues.

When used for arthritis or other joint conditions in dogs, this can positively affect pain levels without having any side effects on their overall health—it’s like how you might use heat or ice packs on yourself when you’re injured!

Some dog breeds are more vulnerable to heart diseases than others, and one of these is purebred Labradors. Interestingly, Labradors, besides bulldogs and German shepherds, are among the most popular breeds in The Woodlands.

If you’ve got a labrador, consider getting it checked routinely to prevent health issues.

Ultrasound machines

Ultrasound machines are also common at most animal hospitals in The Woodlands. They use sound waves instead of radiation to produce images that show doctors exactly where an injury or illness is located inside an animal’s body, enabling them to administer proper care based on those findings alone.


Regarding your doggo’s health, vaccinations are an essential part of the equation. Vaccinations are the foundation for a healthy immune system, and they help your pet fight off diseases and illnesses that could cause discomfort or worse.

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If you have a dog or cat who has yet to be vaccinated, they may only be fully protected against certain diseases after the first few vaccines.

Moreover, if you live in The Woodlands, located in Houston, the Municipal Code requires you to vaccinate your pets yearly if they are above four months or older.

Spay and neuter

Spay and neuter is a surgical procedure in which both male and female pets are neutered by removing their internal reproductive glands.

Spaying removes the uterus and ovaries from a female, whereas neutering removes the testicles of a male animal. This surgery is necessary not only to control animal reproduction but also to lead a healthier life.

Arthritis and pain management

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease that causes the joints to stiffen and become painful. It’s a common condition in dogs, especially older ones. You can recognize arthritis by observing your pet’s movements.

Arthritis can be caused by aging, improper diet, and obesity. According to statistics, almost 53% of dogs and 53% of cats are overweight in Texas and Houston, including The Woodlands district. Monitor your pet’s diet and activity to maintain healthy body weight.

Finding a good veterinarian in The Woodlands is necessary to ensure that your pets, whether cats or dogs live healthy and happy lives.

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Even if they are ill, injured, or require emergency care, you can always count on the vet services.ff


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