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The Future of Renting: How Digital Technology Provides the Best Conditions

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If you are renting out a property, then you probably want your property to be as popular as possible. To do this, you need to arrange housing for potential reapers as best as possible.

Increasing tenant loyalty with innovative building technologies involves using cutting-edge solutions to create seamless and improved living conditions for your tenants. Below we discuss 7 steps to fostering tenant loyalty with innovative building technologies.


What to Do?

Here is a list of technologies that will help you improve tenant experience.


Energy optimization

The first thing that any of the most tenant experience companies will advise you is to optimize the energy consumption in the building.

There are different ways to achieve this. For example, the lighting system and HVAC can only turn on automatically if people are in the room. Some sensors predict the inefficiency of the equipment.

So if the heating system in the house consumes excess energy, sensors will note this using data analysis. In addition, such sensors can highlight individual pieces of equipment, which can help save money on troubleshooting.

Real-time energy monitoring

The tenant experience platform for landlords provides the ability to monitor energy consumption in real-time. Thanks to this, residents can save on utility bills.

Current digital building management solutions allow landlords to access and analyze energy consumption data in real-time and help them make forecasts and set thresholds.

Communication throughout the building

The main difference between smart homes and conventional ones is the ability of residents to communicate seamlessly using any devices and channels. A good mobile signal and internet connection are necessary at any building point for tenants to be more loyal to the landlords.

HVAC control

The HVAC systems installed in old buildings are not designed to regulate them depending on the number of people in the house.

Nowadays, such inefficient systems have lost their relevance. Technologies used by smart home sensors interact with HVAC systems and adapt to the activity of their use by residents.

Air quality control

The fifth of 7 steps to fostering tenant loyalty with innovative building technologies is to ensure that the air quality is monitored well because the health of your tenants is the most important thing. Smart home technologies can improve indoor air quality.

To do this, you need to install sensors throughout the building that monitors the humidity and heat of the air. In addition, these smart sensors monitor the gas mixtures in the construction. Based on the received data, the system can increase or decrease clean air supply to certain parts of the building as needed.

Remote control

Almost all technologies from this list can be automated using the tenant experience system, while the landlord does not need to be present at the location of the conclusions himself. You can control your home systems remotely from any part of the building, making it much faster and easier to solve any problem.

Influx of software

From the loud name “smart,” it follows that innovative building technologies do not refer to equipment but software. Using smart technologies, specialists can modernize even old buildings. You can integrate such software into the existing infrastructure of the house and use it through cloud services.

Using IoT technologies, you can implement an optimized software infrastructure in any smart building, meaning everything will work smoothly.


So you have learned how to improve tenant experience. Considering the steps above, you can improve the quality of life of people renting from you, leading to increased loyalty, and your tenants will renew their leases.

If you want a team that can make the above innovative technologies a reality, feel free to contact us.


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