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10 Best Tips For Finding The Ideal Pet-Friendly Home

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10 Best Tips For Finding The Ideal Pet-Friendly Home

Pets are good friends and can elevate our sullen mood. It accompanies during lonely times and reduces life stresses. If you’re planning to adopt a pet, making your home or apartment pet-friendly is essential.

However, many landlords do not allow renters to keep a pet in the properties as there are potential risks of property damage. The only solution is finding an ideal pet-friendly home to keep the pet safe.

As per 2021 pet ownership statistics, 33% of the household has pets. Therefore, the demand for pet-friendly homes is immense.

As a result, several pet homes have been established to keep the pets happy and fit. But not all of them have the necessary facilities to keep the pets secure.

In this blog, you will learn the ten best tips for finding an ideal pet home from the ones available on the market. But before that, let’s understand why it is necessary to find a perfect pet home.

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Why Is It Important To Find An Ideal Pet Home?

A pet is an essential member of the family in many households. Therefore, considering their comfort is crucial to help them adjust to a home environment.

For instance: an ideal pet-friendly home must be free of harmful substances, hazardous objects, and ladders. Similarly, a perfect pet home should be devoid of harmful things, like toxic plants and overflowing dustbins.

Whether you own a dog, cat, fish, or bird, having a pet-friendly home is essential to keep them comfortable and secure. Here are 11 crucial tips for finding an ideal home for pets.

  1. Check the location

While renting with pets, it’s crucial to look at the site of the pet home to see if your pet will be able to acclimatize. If you have a dog, ensure the house is close to a park. This will enable you to take your pet for daily walks and keep them fit. If you have a cat, ensure the house is away from traffic.

  1. Inspect the fabric

The house should have comfortable materials on the floor. The pets run within the house and sleep on the floor when tired. So, ensure that Crypton super fabric is used for the floor mattresses as they are stain and germ-resistant. They’re simple to clean and last for years.

The Crypton super fabric is constructed of durable materials and is not prone to tearing. Hence, a pet-friendly home must have floor textiles made from this material.

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  1. Examine the home for dangers

For pets, specific things can be harmful to them—for instance, electrical cords. Thus, unplugging the electrical cables and wires near the pet’s zone is essential. Besides, keeping the medications and the human food away from reach is important.

The trash bin should not overflow as pets can throw the trash bin and consume the fruit seeds that contain poisonous fatal cyanide.

If you own a cat, ensure that the pet-friendly home does not have lilies, aloe vera, mums, and amaryllis in the surroundings, as they result in cats’ kidney failure.

  1. Ensure installation of pet-friendly furniture

The house must have pet-friendly furniture, i.e., slipcovered furniture. It is essential to avoid silk, velvets, and tweed and choose leather and microfiber to keep the pets safe as they move within the house.

Pets tend to climb and jump from one piece of furniture to another. The pets will injure themselves without slipcovered or upholstery furniture during the activity.

  1. Check the kitchen maintenance

The house must have a clean kitchen without spillage. Leaking of liquid items can make the pets run to the kitchen and create a mess. Besides, not all food is safe for pet consumption.

  1. Ensure that the house has appropriate window screens

The room windows must have a full screen for the pet’s safety. It keeps the pets from falling out of the flat window and injuring themselves.

  1. Keep chemical objects away from reach

From powders to lotions to face wash, we use many chemical products in our daily lives. However, an ideal pet-friendly home should not have chemical products as they can be dangerous. If necessary, keep the chemical products in a locked cupboard to make them inaccessible to the pets.

  1. The walls are colored with washable paints

Like kids, pets make a mess on the furniture, floor, and walls. While clearing the bases and furniture is easy, the wall stains do not go quickly. Therefore, the walls should have a washable paint cover. A satin-finish or semi-gloss paint helps remove stains with less effort.

  1. Pets’ play area

A pet-friendly house must have a room designated for pets’ entertainment.

If you wish to rent with pets, you must check whether the home has a play area for pets with small pet toys like rope ball toys, rubber chew bones, and gum cleaner correct rope toys. These toys keep the pets engaged while you are busy with other household chores.

  1. Has blockades installed

An ideal pet-friendly home must have blockades like room barriers to prevent the pets from dangerous zones and keep them safe from accidents.

While searching for the perfect home, consider the tips mentioned above to select the house with the best facilities for pets and their safety. In addition, an ideal pet-friendly home should have pet stores and emergency pet centers nearby for quick health checkups.

Renting with pets isn’t easy as you need to take care of them 24*7. However, if you live in a pet-friendly home, you can manage your stay with pets with limited risks associated with injury. Therefore, finding an ideal pet home is essential to avoid potential rental damages and protect the pets from danger.

To ensure additional security, check if there’s an alarm installed in the pet home, or you can install one to get notified if your pet is in danger. Then, be a responsible owner and stay in rent with pets without any worries.

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