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5 Tips To Manage A Large Pet Family In A Small Home

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5 Tips To Manage A Large Pet Family In A Small Home


Having some pets has its own advantages and disadvantages from a house-managing point of view. We don’t want to compromise on their love, comfort, and many things pet owners can understand.

Obviously, they are family and there is nothing we would want to change about them but reality hits hard when there is a space problem.

Especially, for apartment dwellers, who don’t have the luxury of a backyard, porch, and front yard. Does that mean we have to get rid of the idea of having a pet? No way, there are certain tricks and tips that can give you some space-saving ideas. 

If you have a combination of large dogs, multiple cats, and some rabbits who all need space then you might find it difficult to adjust all of them. So, here are some solutions for all the space crunches. 


What Are The Tips For Managing A Large Pet Family At Your Small Home

Space management is something that you have to play wisely with. At the same time, we shouldn’t curb our space requirements for the sake of accommodating them.

The trick is to distribute whatever space you have in proportionate ways. Here are some ideas that can change your life.

How to Manage A Large Pet Family In A Small Home

1. Think about a wall-mounted structure

A swing, loaded with cushions and some soft toys might be a good sitting spot for your favorite pet. This way the entire structure will be vertical and your floor space is saved to a great extent. Also, you can use the floor of that particular space for some room decoration or maybe some bookshelf where you can keep some stuff.

If you have birds, you definitely can place a hanging cage or playpen for them. Make your cats or bunny the next-door neighbor with a wall-mounted house. 


2. Utilize the window

If you have an extended window pen then you may build a dog house there as well. The window grills will be good support for the house. But, if your building doesn’t have that advantage, you can still use the window as a wall for the dog house.

You can lift the dog house with some stairs and those stairs can be used as some storage. 


3. Reuse old stuff

Suppose your kids have a separate toy space, like baskets and some cupboards, they could be a great space for our pets as well. Take one or two baskets and keep them for your kitties. You can also use the cupboards as your pet’s storage box.

If your kids have some walkers or old swings that they don’t use anymore, utilize them for your pets.  

For example, suppose, your kid has a bedside table with multiple convertible drawers. You can take one drawer out and use that as a bed for your little cat friends.

If some of your pets give birth, then use the drawer as the newborn’s bed. Put a lot of comfortable cotton clothes and keep the drawer wherever you think is good. 


4. Use movable furniture 

Instead of utilizing stationary things, it is better to use something that has wheels or some mobility. So that when you clean the room those things can be moved.

For multiple pets, you can choose such drawers, shelved with wheels for their resting place, and interchange them so that they can enjoy the variety. 


5. Choose things with multiple utilities 

Accommodating a big family of pets can be really difficult when your apartment space is limited. If you have a balcony then consider yourself a very lucky one.

Keep some stool cum storage box where you can keep your pet’s bowls, clothes, and accessories. At all times those are used as a normal stool where you can sit and enjoy the scenic view, but those are your pet’s wardrobe as well.

So, try to choose something that can be used for two or three purposes. This will minimize the need of buying unnecessary items that may clutter your living space. 

Besides that, if you know some DIY then convert and recycle homely stuff into something useful.

For example, if you have an old aquarium that is not in use due to a lack of fish, just paint it, decorate it and make it a home for your dogs and cats.

Instead of buying new things for your pets, such recycling ideas will save you some money and space. 



Having some furry pets means you have some great responsibilities in taking care of them.

Try to be smart and thrifty because if you can save money you can buy good stuff for them. Also, these tricks ensure that apartment dwellers can have a pet family without having to cut down on their wishes. Take care of your pets and see how jovial they can make your whole ambiance. 


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