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6 Unique Ways to Pamper Your Pet This Winter

Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Dogs Vets

6 Unique Ways to Pamper Your Pet This Winter


The holidays are over, winter is here, and the temperature is dropping.

It’s time to embrace the cold weather by pampering your pets with some fun activities that will help keep them warm and entertained.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget about our furry friends when busy with work or social life, but it’s important to remember that animals love being pampered just as much as humans do!


Tame Your Pet’s Winter Coat

Your pet’s coat is integral to your relationship with them, so keeping it in good shape is essential.

Winter is the ideal opportunity to get your pet’s fur putting its best self forward by brushing out dead hair and eliminating the overabundance of hair that can make washing a task.

There are many brushes and shedding blades available for different types of fur.

The Furminator, for example, works well on cats and dogs, but some people find that their cats won’t tolerate having their fur stripped down with this particular tool.

If you need a quick fix before bathtime, try using one of these products:


Make Your Cardboard Cat Scratcher

  • Make your cardboard cat scratcher.
  • Making a cardboard cat scratcher with materials around the house is easy.

    Just be sure to choose sturdy cardboard for this project, and don’t use corrugated plastic (like the kind used for packing). Cardboard from cereal boxes or paper towel rolls works well!
  • Cut out a piece of cardboard about 3 inches wide and 18 inches long (or longer if you have a large breed).

    On the off chance you need, you can draw away on one side of the crease shaper to make it simpler for your pet to arrive at the scratching region.

    If not, just stack two pieces together, so there’s one smooth surface on top and another below with some texture.
  • Place your new scratcher near where your cat likes to nap or play—and watch as he quickly removes his winter coat!


Give them CBD Honey.

Not simply people can profit from CBD. It can likewise assist canines and felines with feeling more loose and quiet, particularly dsuring cold winters.

There are different ways you can give your pet CBD oil.

You can rub it into the fur, apply it to the skin, or add it to their water bowl or food.

The best way to spread the benefits is through a massage oil containing hemp seed oil and beeswax (which helps keep the oils in place).

If you’re unsure where to get this type of product specifically for dogs and cats, contact your local pet store or veterinarian clinic for more information about where they buy theirs locally!


Set Up a Play Area for Your Puppy

Your pet doesn’t have to be the Grinch to enjoy some winter fun. You can help your pup or kitty stay active and happy during the cold months. Here are some ideas:

Set up a play area for your puppy. This can be as simple as placing his favorite chew toy in front of the fireplace while watching TV, so he has something to do while you snuggle on the couch.

You could also set up an obstacle course with toys that encourage jumping, climbing, and running—make sure it’s safe for both him and you!

If he seems intimidated by this new environment or frightened by all the new things around him (especially if he hasn’t been exposed to much before), try giving him treats as positive reinforcement for engaging with his surroundings instead of fear-based punishments like squirting water at him when he paws at something outside his comfort zone.

Keep in mind that dogs were born hunting predators who need lots of exercise every day!


Give Your Dog a Massage

  • Start by warming up your dog’s muscles with a gentle rubdown. A few minutes of this can be enough for older dogs, but younger ones will enjoy a more vigorous massage.
  • Now that your pup is sufficiently warmed up, you’re ready to start massaging in earnest. Begin by applying pressure in all directions: backward (from head to tail), forwards (from tail to head), side-to-side, and circularly around each limb from the shoulder to wrist or elbow-to-paw.
  • If possible, work on one body part at a time—this will help ensure that you don’t inadvertently miss any crucial areas while also making it easier for your dog’s muscles to relax during the massage process. 

You can also apply deeper pressure when massaging certain areas like paws or ears; these are susceptible places where most dogs appreciate being touched gently with both hands at once (if possible).


Stock Up on Winter Pet Toys

If your dog loves to chew, you know that it’s important to find toys that are safe for him. A toy that is too small or has sharp edges can become a choking hazard.

Additionally, ensure the toy is appropriate for their age (you don’t want a very young puppy chewing on something intended for older dogs). You also need to consider their size—whether they are small enough to swallow or if the squeak is too loud.

These factors should help you identify the safest and most enjoyable toys for your pet this winter.


You can have fun pampering your pets this winter.

Pampering your pet this winter can be fun to show them how much you love them.

  • You can make your pet’s winter coat softer by giving them a massage. After all, who doesn’t like getting massages? Dogs especially enjoy this kind of pampering—it’s a great bonding experience for the two of you and helps keep their coats healthy!
  • Set up an indoor play area for your puppy or dog so they can have fun running around and playing with toys when it’s too cold outside. This will keep them from getting bored while they wait for the sun to come out again!
  • Give your dog CBD honey if they suffer from anxiety due to poor weather conditions (or separation anxiety). It works just as well as other medicines but is much more natural and safe than pharmaceuticals.


Before you know it, your pet will enjoy these winter pampering options. You’ll be satisfied knowing that your animal is getting the care they need to stay healthy and happy while giving them something fun and exciting to look forward to during this cold season.


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