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What Are Three Signs of Aggression in Dogs?

Last Updated on June 9, 2023 by Dogs Vets

What Are Three Signs of Aggression in Dogs?



Many households have pets in the United States, and for the majority of those pet owners, their experience with their furry friends is an overwhelmingly positive one.

However, some pets, such as dogs, have the potential to become aggressive and bite someone. If a dog owner’s negligence led their dog to bite you, you may wish to contact a Michigan dog bite attorney to see if you are eligible to receive a settlement.

Here are three signs that a dog is showing signs of aggression. 


1. Displaying Rigidness, According to a Dog Bite Attorney in Michigan

This sign of aggression can be tricky to assess, since becoming rigid and still can easily be mistaken for being calm and non-confrontational.

However, according to experts, a dog who becomes rigid may be showing early signs of aggression, and those around the animal should exercise caution.


Along with being still in the body, an aggressive dog might also become still in the sense that they hold eye contact with you for a long period of time.


2. Charging at People 

Charging or lunging toward someone is a behavior that can easily be mistaken for play, but it is important to be aware that this can also be a sign that a dog is becoming aggressive.

This is especially true if the person the dog is charging previously was not playing with or having any sort of interaction with the dog.

Keep in mind that although charging by itself is a warning sign, you should be especially cautious if a dog is charging while displaying other signs of aggression, such as growling or showing teeth.


3. Growling, Say Michigan Dog Bite Attorneys

Growling is one of the most well-known signs that an animal is being aggressive. Animals can growl at each other as a way to communicate, particularly when mating; however, when growling is aimed at a human, that is a sign to steer clear.

If a dog approaches you growling, it is advisable to remain calm and slowly move away from the dog.


In Need of a Michigan Dog Bite Attorney?

If a dog bites you because of what you believe to be the owner’s negligence, contact an experienced Michigan dog bite attorney to see if you might be eligible for compensation.

Discussing the matter and pursuing a claim can give you peace of mind as well as assistance with any medical bills incurred.



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