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What does dog grooming include when done by a professional?

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What does dog grooming include when done by a professional?


If you are one of the fortunate ones who own a dog, then you have been tempted to either groom your dog yourself or take them to a professional groomer. Just like humans, dogs need to keep up regularly with their hygiene and health.

Taking your dog to the groomer may be the way you can ensure your dog is getting most of what they need regularly. So, what does dog grooming include when done by a professional? Read on to find out!


Dog groomers offer full-service packages

When you take your pooch to a groomer who knows what they’re doing, you can opt for the full treatment.

A complete package should include your fur baby getting a brush, a bath, a blow dry, and their hair trimmed and detangled as well as the nails clipped.

What does dog grooming include

At Hound Therapy they offer the most professional dog grooming Plano offers. Each groomer will clean the ears and check for signs of infection as well as brush your dogs’ teeth.

The process they follow goes something like this:


Dog Brush

The first step in your dog’s “spa day” is to brush out the hair. This gets any loose debris out as well as any mats that may be tangled in your dog’s hair. This also makes lathering up your pooch with shampoo much easier.

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Dog bath

Your groomer will place your dog in a large bath specifically for dogs.

They use a nozzle that looks the same as a handheld shower head you can detach and use freely for more control. The shampoo is non-allergenic, and you have the option between scented and non-scented. Your dog scrubbed clean and rinsed thoroughly leaving them squeaky clean.


Doggy blow dry

Many groomers have different tricks for different types of dogs. If your dog doesn’t react badly to a blow dryer, for the most part, they are given a medium-temperature blow-dry to get the most out of its coat. The hair is left fluffy and soft and ready for trim.

If your dog has extreme anxiety, it can be towel dried to keep them at ease. It’s not preferred but the most important aspect of a trip to the groomer is that your dog is comfortable. The last thing you want is your best four-legged friend hiding when it’s time to go to the groomer.


Doggy haircut

The doggy haircut takes place when the fur is completely dry. This is part of the reason why the dog grooming process takes a long time (3-5 hours). Depending on your groomer you can probably ask for just about any style of hairdo.

You can get creative and give your pooch an Elvis cut, a Lion Kink look, dress them like a lamb, or maybe even someone you know! Most dog owners opt for a cut that lasts, mostly a basic shave close to the skin.

It depends on your breed too. You can consult with the groomer beforehand to get suggestions or grooming tips on what they’ve seen and done before on the past. They might have a specialty they favor and are good at.

Generally speaking, the groomer will trim the dog’s coat, including the fur (or hair) over the eyes, the bottom of the feet, and around the ears. Whatever you choose, your dog is guaranteed to look fresh from the salon!

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Doggy nail trim

The nails on your dog should be trimmed regularly. The groomer will cut them to a comfortable length so that your pooch isn’t tap-dancing around the floor at home.

If the wicks are too long, it may take a few trimmings to get them down to a level where your pup can march silently on a tile floor.

If you’re a little apprehensive to cut your dog’s nails for fear of cutting the wick-this is a great reason to take your besty to the groomer and have it done professionally.


Ear cleaning and inspection

While some dogs are worse than others, all dogs should have their ears cleaned and trimmed regularly. Some breeds will be more susceptible to building up dirt in their ears, which ultimately leads to an ear infection.

You can cross this off your list when you take Fido to the groomers. It’s part of the package to clean and inspect the ears for signs of infection.


Don’t forget about the extras!

Any reputable dog groomer will offer extra services to pamper your pooch and customize your grooming session. Extras can be anything from a facial with special blends of oats and berries to things more practical, like a flea bath to ward off those pesky fleas.

You can request a sanitary shave if you notice poop getting stuck in the potty areas or the hair is a little long in the pee-pee area.

Some places will moisturize the doggy paw pads to keep your pooch feeling pampered. It’s not uncommon to find a groomer who will paint your dog’s nails too!

Finding the right groomer for you and your fur baby can be a process. With a little effort, research, and trial visits you can find a professional groomer that offers a full-service grooming package and fits in with your family perfectly!



Dog grooming Questions people are asking 


How frequently should a dog receive a professional grooming?

4 to 6 weeks on average. They must be professionally groomed every four to six weeks and brushed a minimum of twice per week.

A Comprehensive Grooming Guide for Dogs: Long and Short Haired Dogs

What do groomers do to dogs?

Dog Groomers are concerned with the appearance of a pet. Typically, they groom a variety of dogs by cutting, trimming, shampooing, and styling the fur, trimming the nails, and cleaning the ears. Most dog groomers work in kennels, pet stores, or private grooming businesses.

How long does a full dog groom take?

A Full Groom for a small, long-haired dog can take up to two hours, as a rough estimate. However, a larger dog’s groom may take longer. A Full Groom for Smooth Hair can take up to 90 minutes, while a Bath, Brush, and Blow Dry takes on average 60 minutes.

How do groomers get dogs to sit still?

When a veterinarian prescribes sedatives for a dog’s grooming session, the groomer may administer them to keep the dog still.

How do dog groomers keep dogs from biting?

Utilize a leash and head halter to direct your dog’s head away from you while working; preferably, use a grooming table with a neck restraint.

Use grooming tools with long handles to avoid being bitten. A brush or comb with a long handle will keep your hands away from your dog’s mouth, especially around the face.

Do you tip a dog grooming business owner?

Tipping the proprietor is acceptable if you’re satisfied with the work. In addition, tipping can ensure that your groomer desires your business and makes efforts to accommodate your schedule. Tipping the owner is unnecessary if your dog was not groomed.




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