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5 Ways Therapy dogs can help college students deal with stress

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5 Ways Therapy dogs can help college students deal with stress

It is incredible how a four-legged, stupid animal can make us feel so happy. Dogs are not considered dumb simply because they offer unimaginable love and support.

People with emotional distress need to work with a therapy dog to find relief. Let’s examine how college students can benefit when buy assignment online and therapy dogs to ease their suffering.


1. Calming Effect:

Students love to spend time with therapy dogs, even if it’s just for a short break from school. This is according to research on animal-assisted intervention. They remarked on how therapy dogs helped them relax each session.

Therapy dogs seem to love being with students. Their handler stated that the therapy dog gets more excited when they are being commuted to college.

College students can benefit from having any pet, especially therapy dogs. You can have a pet dog program at your college if you are a student. You can also adopt a dog from your local shelter, or you can get a puppy to start.

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Therapy dogs tend to be calmer than other dogs which makes them ideal for homes where children are raised.

2. It is inexpensive to register:

Therapy dogs must be registered in order to be recognized as such. It is relatively inexpensive to have your dog registered as one for college students.

Even better, your college may already have a department who coordinates the process.

It is relatively easy to train therapy dogs with dogs because they are calm and friendly. To register them as therapy dogs, however, you will need to seek out expert help. This assistance is readily available and inexpensive.

3. It is easier to keep:

A therapy dog is as demanding as any other dog. They require the same amount of exercise, regular vet check-ups, proper food, attention, and grooming.

However, a therapy dog is more calm than a regular dog. Therapy dogs are great for college students who get anxious often. It is the best way for you to bond with your dog.

You can have a more enjoyable relationship with your therapy dogs if you play with them.

Therapy dogs can be energetic when given the chance. They spread energy like a bonfire. College students might find it hard to function the next day.

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Therapy pets are less stressful around vets. Your regular dog may cry or run when you visit them for check-ups. Therapy dogs might be more comfortable with you around.

4. Preventing homesickness

College students feel homesick. Period.

It’s true, you don’t enjoy the morning session or the afternoon one. Isn’t it great to have a dog on campus? It would be great to have an area where you can pet your dog. It would be wonderful. I would go to college every day to just pet it for an hour.

Studies have shown that therapy dogs who come on campus daily have a significant impact on student attendance. They also increase focus and attention during class.

For severe homesick students, a side effect was increased satisfaction with life.

The 8-week-long university pet therapy session was conducted with students who were already diagnosed with homesickness.

5. Willingness and ability to attend college

Students are more likely to accept a therapy dog as a companion on campus. Students can even look forward to playing with or pet therapy dogs during their commutes to college by setting aside time for them.

The Bottom Line

Although a therapy dog can help students navigate college, it might be a curse for those with mental health issues. Dependence on an emotional support animal for college may cause complications for professionals if they aren’t there to help you.

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In a study, three scientists, Torres, Arnold and Shutt, replaced diagrams of squares, circles and diagrams with photos of dog and cat images to test what happens in math classes.

The experiment was considered a success as students admitted to feeling less stressed during class, and they were given great topics to write about.

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