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New Year; New Dog – ( Resolutions and goals for your dog in 2022 )

Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by Dogs Vets

New Year; New Dog

That’s right, it’s that time of year where many make hard-to-keep promises with the aim of getting fitter and healthier. More often than not New Year’s resolutions are started out with the best of intentions but just aren’t sustainable when motivation starts to dip.

So how do you keep yourself keen?

Well, a tried and tested way is sticking to a resolution with a friend. But in that instance, if one person falls off the tracks, the other often does too.

Furry friends, however, love a bit of routine. Dogs are a great pal to bring along with you on your health or wellbeing journey.

And as well as helping you stay on top of your resolution, you can help make your dog get healthier and happier.

Here are some doggy resolutions that you can set for your pup in 2022 that you can join in on, improving their quality of life while you improve on your own.

Better Diet

The most popular one, I’m going to cut out… well, in this case, bread crusts. While, yes, dogs do, in fact, deserve all of the treats, sometimes you’ll have to pull back a little.

If your dog is getting fewer table trimmings and crisps here and there, then you should as well. It’s something you can do together.

Of course, making sure that they are eating enough is still hugely important, so now might be a great time to have a look at your dog’s diet.

Talk to a qualified pet nutritionist and try out new things that may have a great effect on their energy and overall health.

Whether it’s kibble or canned food, or something like raw feeding, which is becoming easier and easier with prep companies like Bella & Duke, now is a great time to switch up a dog’s diet for the better.

More Exercise

Going for a run? Bring the pup! If they have no health conditions that would prevent them from 5 or so kilometres of running, they’ll love it. It’s a fantastic way to bond with your dog and allows you both to get some exercise.

People are fickle and can be dissuaded from their grand running plans by some rain. Most dogs aren’t that way inclined, in fact, they’ll be begging you to go out for a run.

Make your new exercise less of a daily requirement and more of an outing and a fun bonding experience.

Just remember to take it easy on the daily walks, don’t overwork your pup, a short run is usually worth a pretty long walk.

This can be applied to more than just running, you can go hillwalking, open water swimming, and so much more with your four-legged friend.

New People

Take your pup to a doggy park (so long as it’s well socialised) it’s a great place for your pup to get new sniffs and meet new friends.

While there you can get to know fellow owners who will, of course, share your love for dogs.

But you never know, you may have more than just one common interest, you might stumble across a new friend too!

Different Places

The same-old, same-old can get dull fast. There are loads of parks and centres across the country that you can enjoy with your dog.

If they are okay in a car, you can bring them along on your resolution to go and see new, great places.

Have Fun

Lastly, but in many ways most importantly, have fun next year. And however you choose to do it, you should do it with your dog. Bringing your dog along allows you to share these great experiences and memories in a really special way.




Dog resolutions for the new year

  • Make a resolution to purchase at least one new toy and spend at least 5 minutes each day playing with your pet.
  • Make a commitment to perform frequent wellness checks on yourself and your pet.
  • Make a commitment to volunteer: walk a shelter dog, contribute one of your pet’s beds, towels, or a fresh bag of food.


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