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5 Ways To Fix Your Dog’s Constipation

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5 Ways To Fix Your Dog’s Constipation

Dogs are friendly members of any household and loyal companions. It is natural that we want to protect them from illness and make sure that they are healthy. However, certain factors that can affect your dog’s health are out of our control. 

Depending on the breed that your dog is, they can become constipated as a result of eating something that they weren’t supposed to. 

Some breeds are more predisposed to constipation than others, but it can be a common issue if your dog is older, has a sedentary lifestyle, is recovering from surgery, or has other general health conditions. 

Constipation is uncomfortable for anyone, and it can be frustrating for your dog to not understand why they can’t go. These are some of the ways that you can help fix your dog’s constipation, and how to prevent it from coming back.

Signs That Your Dog Is Constipated

Firstly, it is worth knowing the signs that your dog is constipated so that you know how to deal with them. If they are whining or straining when they are trying to do their business, it could be a sign that they are having trouble pushing or that they feel like they need to go but can’t. 

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It is also worth checking your dog poop container for hard, compacted poop. While it isn’t the most dignified job, any poop that disintegrates easily or that has a very hard texture could be a sign that your dog is constipated. These are some of the ways that you can help fix your dog’s constipation. 

Stool Softener

Make sure that you do a little research and see if your dog’s breed can take stool softeners that are meant for humans. While some can, others are a little more sensitive to this and should only take stool softeners recommended by a veterinarian. 

Your dog could be struggling to poop because it is too hard, and they are unable to pass it naturally, so a stool softener can help with the process if necessary. 

Increase Exercise

Unless you have an older dog who has additional health conditions, exercise is a great way to get everything moving. Take them for frequent walks and play with them in the backyard for a little longer. This can help nature do its thing and help ease constipation over time. 

If you have gotten out of the habit of walking your dog and playing with them in a regular day, it is worth making a conscious effort to do so for your mental health and to help fix their constipation. 

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Like humans, fiber can help break things up and make it easier for your dog to do their business. It is therefore important that they are getting enough fiber on a regular basis. 

Consider giving your dog canned pumpkin if they are struggling with constipation, or even if you suspect that they are constipated. 100% pumpkin purée is safe for dogs, and very high in fiber. This can be a great way to get their digestive system working and hopefully help them poop. 

You can mix pumpkin into their food, or give them a little on a spoon. It is a sweet treat for your dog, and they will enjoy licking it off.


As a general rule, your dog’s colon will experience less stress if they are more hydrated. Some dogs won’t drink water until they actually see the water bowl, so it could be worth setting up a dog-friendly water fountain. This can trick them into drinking more water, because they are more likely to think that they aren’t supposed to drink out of it. 

Alternatively, it could be worth introducing more water into their diet through canned food, adding some water to their dry food, or even filling up their water bowl with ice cubes or broth. They could simply be bored by the taste of water, so this could encourage them to drink more. 

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Call Your Vet

It is important to understand that constipation could be a sign of something more serious happening within your dog’s digestive system.

If you don’t think that they are getting better and that they are still constipated after trying these things, it is worth contacting your vet. They may have additional advice, or be willing to take a closer look at your dog. 


There are many ways that you can help your dog when they are suffering from constipation, but it is worth remembering when to call your vet. However, it is worth knowing some of the preventative measures that can help avoid constipation with your dog. 

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