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The U.S. Pet Insurance Market Gets Reinforced With Animalia Pet Insurance

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The U.S. Pet Insurance Market Gets Reinforced With Animalia Pet Insurance

In the previous 5 years, Israeli pet owners benefited from an all-inclusive coverage provided by a digital pet insurance agency that’s increasing its reach by entering the North American market.

There’s a hefty price tag attached to medical procedures that keep our furry rascals healthy.

For Yoni Kiehl, this is nothing new. As a pet parent of Porta, a French bulldog, he is well acquainted with the challenges of caring for a dog. That’s why the young Israeli entrepreneur chose to implement his insurance business experience in a new market niche, offering a pet’s health plan that provided a new impulse for the pet insurance sector.

Kiehl’s vision started manifesting in 2016, with the official launch of the digital pet insurance agency that filled a vacuum in Israel.

The mission statement of Animalia Pet Insurance focuses on protecting owners from costly emergencies, with education leading the way in improving lives.

It took only a year for the company to assume the mantle of leadership in Israel by enhancing insurance services with a platform that incorporates the pet community and improves communication.

The Future of Pet Insurance: Trends to Watch

Questioned about what contributed to the rapid ascent in the local market, Yoni made a clear statement: “The biggest obstacle we faced, boiled down to overcoming the mistrust of the veterinary community, that perceived us, and probably with good reason, with skepticism about the validity of our product.

The general consensus was that pet insurance would negatively reflect on the standards of veterinary care provided.

We overcame this opinion by committing to a treaty that promises our practices will follow the vet’s guidelines. Additionally, we formulated the principle that we still uphold care-based and not cost-based”. word image 1

Pet health is increasingly becoming a priority for owners that strive to provide quality care. The proof is in the 3.45 million insured pets in the USA for 2020.

Last year the industry had its sixth successive year of growth, measured in double-digits. Accounting for the large U.S. pet population, Animalia Pet Insurance has an opportunity to penetrate the market with its genuine methodology.


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