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The Average Cost of Owning a Dog Per Month – 10 Tips to Know

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The Average Cost of Owning a Dog Per Month


Are you considering bringing a furry friend into your life? Dogs are wonderful companions, but they also come with responsibilities and costs.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the average monthly expenses of owning a dog and provide you with insights into how to budget for your new four-legged family member.


Understanding the Financial Commitment

Owning a dog is a rewarding experience, but it’s essential to understand the financial commitment involved. Here’s a breakdown of the key expenses:


1. Food and Treats

  • On average, high-quality dog food can cost between $50 to $100 per month.
  • Treats and snacks: $10 to $20 per month.

2. Veterinary Care

  • Regular check-ups: $120 to $250 annually.
  • Vaccinations: $75 to $100 per year.
  • Emergency medical expenses: Varies based on the situation.

3. Grooming

  • Grooming supplies: $30 to $50 per month.
  • Professional grooming: $30 to $90 every 4-6 weeks.

4. Training and Supplies

  • Training classes: $100 to $300 for a 6-8 week course.
  • Toys, leashes, and other supplies: $20 to $50 per month.

5. Pet Insurance

  • Monthly premiums: $25 to $70.


Additional Costs to Consider When Owning a Dog

Owning a dog can be a rewarding experience, but it comes with financial responsibilities beyond the initial purchase.

Annual Cost Of Owning A Dog

If you’re planning to bring a furry friend into your life, it’s essential to budget for these additional expenses:


  1. Dog Walking Services: If you work long hours and can’t personally attend to your dog’s needs during the day, you may need to hire a professional dog walker. These services typically start at $15 for a 30-minute walk, so you should budget at least $300 per month if you require regular dog walking.
  2. Pet Sitting and Boarding: When you travel and can’t take your dog with you, you may need to arrange for pet sitting or boarding. Boarding costs approximately $40 per night per dog, while hiring a professional pet sitter can range from $20 to $80 per day or night, depending on your location and specific needs.
  3. Training: Basic obedience training classes can cost around $250 per year if you opt for group sessions. Online dog training services offer a more affordable alternative. However, hiring a professional trainer for in-home sessions can be more expensive. Explore various training options to suit your dog’s needs.
  4. Professional Grooming: Dogs with long or unruly coats require regular grooming, which can cost over $1,000 per year. Even short-haired dogs need basic grooming services, starting at $30 per session. Consider grooming your dog at home to save on expenses with the help of grooming tips and kits.
  5. Illness and Emergency Vet Care: Dogs can experience unexpected health issues or accidents, leading to vet bills ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Investing in pet insurance can help mitigate these costs and provide peace of mind.

While the idea of financing your pet may cross your mind, it’s generally not advisable. Pet loans can add to the already substantial financial commitment of pet ownership.

If you can’t afford the initial expenses of purchasing a pet, it’s crucial to assess whether you can provide for their basic needs, including food, vet care, toys, and grooming.

Basic Costs of Owning a Dog

In case of unexpected vet bills, some pet owners consider personal loans or credit cards.

According to a survey of 760 pet owners, 13% would opt for a personal loan, and 37% would use a credit card to cover a $1,000 pet-related emergency expense.

However, pet insurance is a more proactive approach to managing potential financial burdens.

Evaluate your unique situation and pet’s needs to determine whether pet insurance is a worthwhile investment for your peace of mind and your furry companion’s well-being.”


Budgeting Tips

To manage these costs effectively, consider these tips:

  • Buy in bulk: Purchase dog food and supplies in bulk to save money.
  • Preventative care: Invest in regular check-ups to catch health issues early.
  • DIY grooming: Learn to groom your dog at home to reduce grooming costs.



Owning a dog is a joyful experience, but it comes with financial responsibilities. By understanding the costs and budgeting wisely, you can provide your furry friend with the best care they deserve.





1. How much does it cost to adopt a dog?

  • Adoption fees vary but can range from $50 to $500, depending on the shelter or rescue organization.


2. Are there any ongoing costs not mentioned here?

  • Yes, there may be additional expenses for pet boarding or dog walking services, which can vary widely.


3. Should I invest in pet insurance?

  • Pet insurance can be beneficial in covering unexpected medical expenses. Evaluate plans to see if it suits your needs.


4. Can I save money on dog food?

  • Buying larger bags of dog food and using coupons or discounts can help reduce food costs.


5. How can I find affordable veterinary care?

  • Look for low-cost clinics or inquire about payment plans with your regular vet.


6. What if I can’t afford a dog but want one?

  • Consider fostering a dog or volunteering at a local animal shelter to satisfy your love for dogs without the full financial commitment.


7. Are there any tax benefits to owning a dog?

  • Depending on your location, you may be eligible for tax deductions related to pet care expenses. Check local regulations for details.



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Source: The Spruce Pets – The Cost of Dog Ownership

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