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CBD Treats To Spice Up Your Pets Meals

Last Updated on November 22, 2021 by Dogs Vets

CBD Treats To Spice Up Your Pets Meals


If you have been experimenting in the kitchen of late with dinners, school lunch boxes, and sweet treats then you may have thought at one point whether there was something you could do for your puppy who looks at you with those droopy eyes as you bite into those caramel cupcakes, and there is.

Too often pet owners think pets don’t bother about what they eat as long as they have something in their bowl every day but this is not true.

If you gave your pet a fish dish in the middle of the week when it used to meat protein every night he will have a range of mixed emotions which is great to keep them interested and intrigued about what could be next, and they will be licking the bowl before you know it.

And not only do main meals need to be changed up from time to time but treats and dog walk snacks can feature just as easily.

You want to change up flavors, shapes, and sizes, but more importantly textures.

Nothing surprises them more than a new texture sensation in their mouth, it will certainly make for great photo moments of their expressions so be sure to have the camera ready.

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New treats the healthy way.

The great thing is that you have decided to get creative and draw up a few new dishes and meals for your pet with new ingredients – but be sure to introduce them gradually as opposed to a new one every night.

Not only will you want to see their liking and taking to the new foods but the way they physically react, do they have an allergy, do they enjoy it, or leave a practically full dinner bowl at the end of the night.

Take a moment before jumping straight in to read this interesting article about food integration here with great tips and advice on how to go about it safely and effectively.

The last thing you want is an upset stomach around the house and a dog feeling worse for wear.

You also need to keep the health and nutrient factor as a top priority, there is no point in introducing new foods or ingredients that have zero nutrient value.

Look for organic, products that are harvested using ethical and regulated extraction processes such as CO2 extraction used for CBD oil which is an ingredient in itself taking the world by storm.

It could also be the answer to your anxious prayers about not wanting to harm your pet during your new culinary adventure.

CBD is a great way to significantly improve your pet’s overall physical well-being, yet highly versatile that it can be added to meals and snacks in a large variety of ways.

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CBD choice

After extensive research and late nights scrolling through blogs, magazine articles, and comment pages about Cannabidiol you know it is the right choice as an addition to your pet’s vitamin and mineral portfolio, but how to choose?

Knowing there are so many brands and companies out there with products we see lining supermarket shelves is there one that stands out from the crowd?

Look for businesses such as Holistapet who have been successful in their all-natural and organic product ranges suited for animals and that have the industry experience to answer all and any questions or queries.

We all know that a reliable and reputable reputation goes a long way and if you have any doubts you can always browse the companies webpage to see the comments and reviews section.

But from the success stories pouring in daily with dog lovers raving about the improvement they have seen in their pet since implementing CBD into their diet, you may not need to wait much longer.

If you have tried everything else then what are you waiting for, right?


Cannabidiol oil can be stirred into cooked meals, soaked into ready-made doggy biscuits, or infused into baked goods for them to enjoy without being the wiser, yet reap all the rewards this humble plant has to offer health-wise.

Let’s do a quick breakdown with a bit of information so you can see which option might suit you and your lifestyle the best.


  • Orally. Put the oil in a dropper bottle and into your dog’s mouth as close to the back of the throat as is comfortable for your pet and then give a treat straight after, this way he will swallow all of the CBD but not run for the hills every time he sees the bottle.
  • Soak. As mentioned it soaks easily into porous cookies and nibbles, and after a few seconds to allow it to fully absorb you can give him the soaked treat with a few extras on the side. See some great recipe options if you click here to give you ideas and to get you started.
  • Meals. This is an easier option (stirring into yummy dinners or lunches) if you have a larger dog as it can be tricky either trying to get the recommended dose into one biscuit or then having to feed him 10 mini cookies to make up for the dose.
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You may have thought the change would be a big adjustment or that these new ingredients would be difficult to find or navigate but after the wealth of information available on the topic, I’m sure you are more relaxed about starting and ready to improve the quality of your pets diet and life for the best.




We hope you enjoyed this article… What are your thoughts on CBD Treats To Spice Up Your Pets Meals?




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