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What are the benefits of bringing your pet to rehab?

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What are the benefits of bringing your pet to rehab?


Rehabs that take clients with pets: For people who are struggling with addiction, the bond they share with their pet can provide solace and support through a difficult time.

This is why more rehabs are starting to offer programs that allow individuals to keep their pets during treatment. Not only does it provide comfort to both parties involved, but there can be added benefits as well.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how bringing your pet into rehab can make for a healthier recovery journey and touch on some of the key considerations along the way.

Pets can suffer from the same types of injuries and illnesses as humans

Keeping a pet is something many people find to be incredibly rewarding, and just like humans they can sometimes become injured or ill.

Research has revealed that the same types of injuries and illnesses experienced by human beings can also be experienced by our beloved furry friends.

While there are rehabs dedicated to accommodating human patients, it may surprise some to know there are rehabs out there that take clients complete with their pets as well.

From rehabbing an ACL tear in a dog’s knee, to helping cats learn how to use the bathroom again after a difficult surgery, these rehabs provide many creature comforts in order for the pets of their clientele to receive exceptional care.

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Pets deserve a comfortable life too – and seeking out treatment options available for them at rehabilitation clinics is certainly one way to do this.


Rehab can help pets recover faster and improve their quality of life

Rehabilitating your pet can not only help them recover quickly, it may also prolong their life and improve the overall quality.

Rehabs aren’t just limited to humans anymore; there are rehabs that take clients with pets!

Receiving rehab can benefit dogs, cats, and other animals by rehabbing wounds due to injury or surgery, encouraging movement whether it be on land or in water, improving balance, and providing training.

Ultimately rehab for pets helps them feel more comfortable and secure wherever they go.


Pets who go to rehab often require less medication and therapy after they’re discharged

More rehab centers and mental health facilities are noticing the beneficial effects of allowing clients to bring their pets during their stay.

Studies have shown that rehab patients who have their pet guardians with them receive emotional benefits like companionship and less anxiety, on top of the other care they’re receiving.

These same patients often require significantly less medication or intensive therapy after leaving rehab due to being emotionally bolstered by a furry companion in their time of need!

Human rehabs that recognize this benefit to pet guardians are becoming increasingly popular among pet owners and allowing facilities across the country work better for their residential rehab programs.


Drug rehabs with horse therapy programs

Drug rehabs with horse therapy programs are growing in popularity, offering a unique and highly effective form of drug addiction treatment.

Rather than traditional methods of therapy, drug rehabs that incorporate horse therapy provide patients with an opportunity to create a bond with these amazing animals, as well as learn different techniques for drug sobriety.

The bond between the patient and the horse creates a nonjudgmental environment where the patient can develop their emotional intelligence, self-regard, and problem-solving skills in a safe and supportive setting.

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The experience also nurtures trust within the patient while they work closely alongside therapists and volunteers.

With individualized attention and compassionate care, drug addicts can start to find their way down the path of recovery with equine assisted therapy.


Rehab can be expensive, but many pet insurance policies cover it

Pet rehab can be an expensive, but not hopeless option for pet owners.

Not only do rehabs exist that take clients with pets, they may even be covered by your pet insurance policy! Pet rehab is a specialized form of care, aimed at providing physical and psychological therapies to injured or disabled animals.

Its goal is to improve their quality of life – to increase their mobility and/or reduce pain so they can live happy, comfortable lives.

The cost of rehab including regular sessions and other equipment needed can add up quickly, but many insurance policies offer partial or full coverage of rehab costs for their pet policy holders.

Before committing to a rehab program for your pet, investigate the financial options available through pet insurance to help offset rehab costs.


There are many different types of rehab facilities, so you can find one that’s perfect for your pet

If you are searching for rehab facilities to help you address any issues that your pet might have, then you have come to the right place – there is a rehab that specializes in exactly what your pet needs.

These rehabs are staffed with highly trained professionals who understand and appreciate the special bond between pet and owner.

With specialized rehabs, your pet will receive exceptional care, tailored exercises and treatments to help them reach their optimal health.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to rehab as each individual case is unique.

So whether your pet needs rehab for movement therapy or behavior advice, you can rest assured knowing there is a perfect rehab facility with an experienced team of experts available to take on the challenge.

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If your pet isn’t covered by insurance, there may be financial assistance available

If your pet isn’t covered by insurance and you’re worried about paying for veterinary care, you may be able to find financial assistance.

Many rehabs take on clients with pets, offering reduced rates or other support.

There are also national organizations that provide grants or no-interest loans for emergency veterinary care, and local animal nonprofits may offer help in cases of crisis.

Even if it’s just a routine veterinarian visit that’s proven difficult to afford, research into available resources can help bridge the gap between needs and budgets.

Seeking out assistance is an invaluable option and begins with an honest conversation about your current situation.



In conclusion, rehabs that take pets have become increasingly popular in recent years as people look to bring more comfort and joy into their rehab experience.

Pet rehabs allow clients to bring their beloved animals with them for the duration of rehab without having to worry about finding a temporary home for them.

For many rehab attendees, this is essential to their recovery process and allows for more meaningful engagement with support systems along their journey toward sobriety.

Ultimately, pet rehabs provide an extra layer of care and compassion during rehab and have opened up new opportunities for clients from all backgrounds.



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