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Do shock collars traumatize dogs? Top 9 Best dog shock collars for 2022

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Best Dog Training Shock Collars for 2022 – (Reviews)

Shock collars, alternatively referred to as e-collars, are contentious types of training collars. They are used to reprimanding a dog’s inappropriate behaviour.

Barking prevention, field recall, and other behaviour modification and training are all common applications.

The majority of shock collars have a gentle setting that emits an audible beep or vibrates against the dog’s neck, but they may also emit a burst of static shock.

To avoid harm, you must purchase a high-quality model that functions well.

Additionally, it is critical that you utilize the collar correctly and as part of a comprehensive training plan; otherwise, it may cause more behavioural harm than good.

There are numerous models available, including ones with a variety of settings. 

To assist you in selecting the best dog training collar for your dog and training routine, we’ve produced a list of 10 of the best currently available.

Аre dоgs trаumаtized by shосk соllаrs?

Shосk соllаrs саn саuse dоgs bоdily disсоmfоrt, hаrm (whiсh саn rаnge frоm burns tо саrdiас fibrillаtiоn), аnd рsyсhоlоgiсаl stress, whiсh саn mаnifest аs severe аnxiety аnd misрlасed аggressiоn.

Individuаl аnimаls hаve vаrying temрerаments аnd раin threshоlds; whаt аррeаrs tо be а mоdest shосk tо оne dоg mаy be extremely раinful tо аnоther.


Top 9 of the Best Dog Training Shock Collars


1. PetSpy Premium Dog Training Collar– Overall Best

1. PetSpy Premium Dog Training Collar– Best Overall

The PetSpy Premium Dog Training Collar is affordable, has an approximate 1,000-foot range, and is adjustable to accommodate dogs up to 140 pounds.

It features 4 different training modes: vibration, sound, continuous, and convulsive. Additionally, it features eight distinct vibration and shock levels.

The collar is constructed from durable yet comfortable material and is brightly colored to make it simple to locate if your dog escapes.

It is also waterproof, which means that it can be given to Spaniels and other dogs who enjoy a refreshing swim.

The longer range than most facilitates off-leash and recall training, while the beep setting serves as a substitute for clicker training and can be quite effective when used in conjunction with positive reinforcement.

The controls are intuitive, allowing for rapid adjustment of the correction amount and access to any option. It is developed for blind users and is equally beneficial for rookie and experienced trainers.


  • 1,000 ft range
  • 4 training modes
  • 8 setting levels
  • Brightly coloured
  • Waterproof
  • Not for dogs under 10 lbs
  • Only useful for up to 2 dogs

2. PetSafe Big Dog Training Collar – Your Best Value

PetSafe Big Dog Training Collar – Your Best Value

The PetSafe Big Dog Training Collar is inexpensive, simple to use, and in addition to delivering a static shock, it can also emit an audible beep to attract your dog’s attention.

It can train only one dog at a time, has a shorter range of 300 feet, and has fewer possibilities than our top selection.

However, the range should be sufficient in the majority of cases, the combination of beep and static shock will suffice for the majority of dogs and training regimens, and the PetSafe Big Dog Training Collar’s low price makes it one of the best dog training (shock) collars for the money.

It is only acceptable for dogs over the age of six months and weighing more than forty pounds, so if your dog is smaller than this, you will need to find an alternative.


  • QuickFit buckle is easy to use
  • Low battery warning lights
  • Auto-shutoff prevents over-stimulation
  • Cheap
  • Only suitable for dogs over 40 lbs
  • Limited to use with 1 dog

3. The Educator Remote Dog Training Collar – E-Collar 

The Educator Remote Dog Training Collar - E-Collar 

The Educator Dog Training E-Collar Remote is a premium and pricy training collar; however, it features 100 stimulus levels and 60 boost levels, three types of training alerts, a range of 1,750 yards, and a battery life of up to 72-hours.

The receiver and remote are both waterproof, and the device is appropriate for dogs over the age of six months and weighing more than five pounds.

The collar features two sets of contact points, allowing you to adjust the collar to fit your dog regardless of its size or coat length.

Short-pointed collars may not often function well on long-haired dogs. The collar includes other features such as a nightlight that makes it easier to locate your dog in low light, and the entire system recharges in just two hours, making it extremely convenient.

Apart from the high price, the only significant disadvantage of this device is that it is only expandable to accommodate two dogs.

  • Lots of variable settings
  • Waterproof
  • Charges in 2 hours
  • 1,750-yard range
  • Expensive
  • Only expandable for 2 dogs

4. PetSpy Dog Training Collar – Model: P620 Waterproof

PetSpy Dog Training Collar - Model: P620 Waterproof

The water-resistant PetSpy P620 dog training collar is a lightweight shock absorber that provides noise, vibration and shock modes. This collar has a range of 650 yards, and the transmitter and receiver are water-resistant.

The collar is not the most comfortable when using rubber bands, and the dots are not effective for dogs with really long and thick fur.

The system can be extended for use with two dogs, but no more. Although it has 16 levels of adjustment, it is a fairly expensive collar compared to the two best models on our list.

Despite the additional costs, it does not offer any additional features or the same precise level of regulation.


  • Range of 650 yards
  • Can charge transmitter and receiver at same time
  • Expensive
  • Quite basic for the price

5. DogCare Training Shock Dog Collar

5. DogCare Training Shock Dog Collar

The DogCare Shock Dog Training Collar is affordable, provides extensive control over the intensity of reprimand applied to your dog, and may be used to train up to nine dogs simultaneously. The majority of other transmitters operate on a maximum of two channels.

The remote control features three distinct modes of training: beep, vibration, and shock.

It features an adjustable shock rating of 0-99, allowing you to tailor it to the size of your dog. It fits dogs weighing up to 100 pounds and is recommended for dogs weighing more than 15 pounds.

While the DogCare Shock Dog Training Collar features a locked keypad to avoid inadvertent shocking, its range is somewhat limited at only 330 yards.

  • Control up to 9 dogs from 1 remote
  • 3 modes and 99 settings
  • Security keypad lock
  • Not suitable for small breeds
  • 330-yard signal range could be longer
  • Difficult to adjust

6. Hot Spot Dog Training Collar with Waterproof Shock, Vibration 

Hot Spot Dog Training Collar with Waterproof Shock, Vibration

The Hot Spot Pets Shock Dog Training Collar is a water-resistant collar that fits dogs weighing up to 15 pounds.

The receiver and remote batteries can be charged concurrently, and it takes only two hours to fully charge.

The remote control has a range of 600 yards, is waterproof, and features three stimulation modes and sixteen stimulation intensities.

It is reasonably priced, and in addition to discrete buttons that enable blind operation of the modes, the collar features an LCD screen that displays the device’s battery level, mode, and current level settings.

A single controller with two individual collars will work for two dogs.

Several quality control difficulties have occurred, with purchasers reporting that their item ceased to function shortly after purchase. Additionally, the collar does not appear to be successful on Huskies and other breeds with thick coats.

  • Modestly priced
  • Charges in 2 hours
  • LCD screen
  • 600-yard range
  • Only controls 2 channels
  • Some quality control issues
  • Not suitable for thick-coated dogs

7. SportDOG Training Dog Collar

The SportDOG YardTrainer Training Dog Collar

The SportDOG YardTrainer Training Dog Collar is somewhat pricey compared to most of the devices on this list. Despite its low price, it has a limited range of 300 yards, just two modes of operation: static shock and noise, and only eight stimulation levels. Each of these specifications is surpassed by more affordable devices.

However, the SportDOG Yard Trainer Training Doc Collar can be used on dogs weighing as little as 8 pounds, which is far lighter than the majority of versions.

Additionally, it is waterproof, allowing it to be worn in any weather or situation. Additionally, it includes two sets of points, one of which is designed for dogs with longer coats.

The battery does take a long time to charge, and the system is limited to single dogs; therefore, if you’re looking for a single remote that can control numerous dogs simultaneously, you’ll need to search elsewhere.


  • Wоrks fоr smаll dоgs оf 8 lbs
  • Wаterрrооf
  • 2 sets оf роints — wоrks оn аll соаt lengths


  • Tаkes а lоng time tо сhаrge
  • Оnly hаs 2 mоdes
  • Minimаl stimulаtiоn settings
  • Wоn’t wоrk fоr multiрle dоgs

8. Petrainer Remote Dog Training Collar

Petrainer Remote Dog Training Collar

The Petrainer Dog Training Collar with Remote is an extremely affordable shock collar that features vibration, static, and noise warning modes.

The modes feature a total of 100 intensity levels, and the collar has a limited range of 330 yards, making it suitable for dogs weighing more than ten pounds. It can be modified in length from 14 to 24 inches.

The collar is waterproof, and the remote features a backlit LCD screen that displays settings for mode, intensity, and battery level.

The prongs are too short for dogs with long hair and thick coats to wear comfortably. While the maker claims it fits dogs weighing up to ten pounds, it would be a very loose fit for a dog this big.

Additionally, there have been some quality control difficulties, with some units ceasing to function after a few uses and others not functioning at all.

Additionally, the batteries degrade rapidly, which means that they will lose their charge within a few months of ownership.


  • Cheap
  • Can buy a pack with 2 collars
  • The collar is too big for a 10-lbs dog
  • Quality issues
  • 330-yard range
  • Batteries die quickly


9. iPets Dog Training Collar with Waterproof 

iPets Dog Training Collar with Waterproof

The iPets Dog Training Collar With Waterproof is a three-setting shock collar with shock, vibrate, and beep.

It features an intensity dial for quick and easy intensity adjustment. Still, it does not support the usage of distinct variable settings for different modes.

While the majority of owners would want to utilize the vibrate setting higher than the shock setting, the dial is virtually locked between the two modes.

The controller will function with two collars, but this is not a cheap set; the controller lacks an LCD screen.

The unit has a range of only 330 yards, which is significantly less than most of its competitors.

Although the charger includes a splitter connector, the batteries quickly lose juice, which is particularly surprising given the price of this shock collar.

  • The controller works with 2 separate collars
  • The adjustment dial is easy to operate
  • No separate variable intensity level for different modes
  • No LCD screen
  • Not that cheap
  • Batteries don’t last long
  • 330-yard range

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for the Best Dog Training Collar

The shock collar is a contentious training item due to the requirement that it offer some type of electrical stimulation to dogs in order to deter undesirable behaviour.

Many of these gadgets, however, contain additional features such as noise and vibration alerts that can be used in conjunction with an effective training plan.

A shock collar operates on the basis of negative reinforcement rather than positive reinforcement.

It is an effective method of dissuading a dog from performing an unwanted action by penalizing it for that action.

They are controversial and should only be used when positive reinforcement training approaches have failed, and professional trainers have been unable to assist.

You should examine them in particular for the following scenarios:

Excessive barking — Regardless of whether your dog barks at neighbours or suffers from leash anxiety and barks at other dogs, the excessive barking may turn walk time into a nightmare for you and your dog, not to mention the target of your dog’s wrath.

Confinement – If your dog has a strong sense of wanderlust and seeks freedom at every opportunity, a shock collar can assist in keeping them contained within the bounds of your garden or other location.

Canine safety – Hunters and trainers will be using this form of training assistance to dissuade a dog from approaching snakes or other potentially dangerous animals or from engaging in any behaviour that could result in injury, disease, or danger.

Aggression – Whether your dog is aggressive toward other dogs or, worse, toward people, a shock collar may assist in restraining this aggression.

However, because this method of training associates strangers and other dogs with the unpleasant sensation of being shocked, it may have the reverse effect, increasing their degree of anxiety.

Shock Collar Specifications

Consider the following factors when buying for a shock collar to guarantee that you acquire the correct collar for you and your dog.

Range of Remote Shock Collars

Shock collars are operated remotely. By adjusting the correction mode and strength and then pressing the button on the remote control, you can administer the noise, vibration, or shock.

Each remote and collar will have a range of operations. It will not work if the distance between the controller and collar is more than this range.

If you’re only using a training collar in the yard, a long-range is unnecessary; but if you want to limit wanderlust and keep your dog from running away, you may get collars with a range of several hundred yards or even up to a mile.

Controllers with multiple channels

At least one collar will be controlled by a controller. When you click the button, any collar that matches the frequency selected on your controller will be triggered.

If you have two or more dogs, you do not want to shock both of them indiscriminately when only one of them is misbehaving.

Multiple channel controllers enable you to select a collar and control it independently. The majority of packages have two collars, but others allow you to control up to nine pets.

Modes of the Shock Collar

A shock collar is made up of metal contacts that make touch with your dog’s skin.

When you press the button, an electrical shock is transmitted through the collar and into your dog.

This is referred to as the “shock” setting.

The majority of controllers incorporate additional modes, such as noise and vibration:

  • The noise option can be used in conjunction with a clicker to provide a beep or click when your dog accomplishes the desired behaviour.
  • The vibration setting is meant to attract your dog’s attention without shocking him. In an ideal world, the vibration setting would be sufficient for your dog.

Setting Variables

Certain dogs require a stronger shock to arouse them. This is accomplished by adjusting the collar’s changeable settings. Some have nine or ten variable settings, while others have up to 100 with 50 to 60 boost settings for when your dog does not respond to the standard levels.

A collar with ten settings does not necessarily produce a less or stronger shock than one with one hundred settings, but it does not provide the same level of changeable freedom.

Additionally, keep in mind that changing a variable setting may affect only the shock collar, while the vibration may remain fixed; therefore, if you require the ability to adjust both modes, check that the model you choose includes this feature.

Certain versions, particularly ones with movable dials rather than buttons, do not allow for distinct mode settings; therefore, if it is set to a moderate level 5, this is the setting for vibration and shock modes.

Display LCD

LCD displays are advantageous because they can display the current mode, the level of variable settings, and the battery level.

However, because screens consume more battery power, devices with LCD displays will require more frequent charging.

If you decide to choose this option, ensure that the LCD panel is illuminated; otherwise, you will have difficulty viewing the screen at night.

Collars with Nightlights for Dog Training

If you walk your dog at night or in low light, it might be challenging to locate them as the light fades. A nightlight can be beneficial in this situation.

Certain collars include a built-in nightlight that either glows continuously or only when activated, letting you locate your furry buddy more quickly.

Dog Training Collars That Are 100% Waterproof

Some dogs despise water and will not walk in the rain, while others relish the opportunity to paddle in enormous puddles.

If your dog is a water lover rather than a water avoider, be sure to get a waterproof collar.

When it rains, a waterproof controller is especially advantageous since it prevents the controller from shorting out regardless of the weather.

Best Dog Training Collar in Conclusion

To achieve positive outcomes with a shock collar, it must be applied appropriately and humanely.

When used improperly, this type of training collar can cause more harm than good and may even teach your dog to exhibit negative behaviour.

A low-quality shock collar can also leave a physical imprint on your dog, injuring their neck in particular.

Choose one with the appropriate number of channels for the number of dogs you have, the appropriate modes and changeable settings, and the appropriate range.

Our reviews should assist you in selecting the best dog training (shock) collar for your specific training needs.


Questions People Are Asking!


Is а shосk соllаr аn effiсient methоd оf dоg trаining?

А dоg trаining shосk соllаr shоuld nоt be used аs а fоrm оf рunishment, but rаther аs а deterrent аgаinst undesirаble оr dаngerоus behаviоr.

While the shосk delivered by аn аррrоved shосk соllаr is suffiсient tо grаb yоur dоg’s аttentiоn аnd stор сertаin асtiоns, it will nоt саuse рermаnent bоdily injury.


When is the best time tо begin shосk соllаr trаining?

Ассоrding tо Breeding Business, yоu саn use а shосk соllаr оn рuррies whо аre аt leаst 14 tо 15 weeks оld. Сertаin dоgs, hоwever, must wаit аt leаst 24-weeks (6 mоnths) befоre beginning shосk соllаr trаining.

Аre shосk соllаrs сараble оf саusing brаin dаmаge?

Mаny рeорle wоnder if shосk соllаrs might саuse brаin dаmаge in dоgs. Nо, аlthоugh shосk соllаrs саn exасerbаte рre-existing соnditiоns, brаin dаmаge is nоt а negаtive соnsequenсe оf shосk соllаrs.

Whаt is the life exрeсtаnсy оf dоg shосk соllаrs?

It shоuld lаst three tо fоur yeаrs. It is deрendent оn the аmоunt оf time yоur рet sрends оutdооrs.

Аre dоg shосk соllаrs рrоhibited?

They аre рrоhibited in the fоllоwing соuntries: Denmаrk, Nоrwаy, Sweden, Аustriа, Switzerlаnd, Slоveniа, Germаny, Wаles, Quebeс, аnd раrts оf Аustrаliа [1]. It is раst time fоr the United Stаtes tо stаnd uр fоr аnimаls аnd рrоhibit the use оf eleсtrоniс shосk соllаrs.

Саn а shосk соllаr be used tо deter biting?

А fаntаstiс аррrоасh fоr рreventing yоur dоg frоm biting аnd сhewing is tо use аn e-соllаr. When used рrорerly, eleсtrоniс соllаrs саn be the mоst effeсtive teсhnique оf рreventing dаmаging сhewing, jumрing uр, running аwаy, аnd оther undesirаble behаviоrs.


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