Top 100 best names for german shepherd dog in 2021 (Male + Female)

Top 100 best names for german shepherd dog in 2021 (Male + Female)

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Names for german shepherd dog


One of your first tasks towards your German Shepherd puppy is to give it a good name. There are a variety of popular German Shepherd puppy names to choose from.

It is also important to consider your German Shepherd puppy’s personality when choosing a name.

You can give your dog any name you want. However, keep in mind that the breeder may have certain rules regarding the name if you were planning to register your dog with a kennel club.

Finding names for german shepherd puppies
Finding names for german shepherd puppies

German Shepherds are one of the most sought after dog breeds. They are a beautiful, active family dog with boundless energy and famous loyalty. If you are deciding to bring one of these magnificent dogs into your home, you have one big decision to make about the name of your dog!

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When my dog was adopted, we had a long list of possible names ready to go. During our hour-long drive from the shelter to our home, we tried all the names out loud to see if one fit.

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It is wise to ask the breeder the moment you get your puppy to follow their guidelines.

Top Best 100 German Shepherd Names

    1. Luna
    2. Bella
    3. Max
    4. Bear
    5. Zeus
    6. Charlie
    7. Koda
    8. Nala
    9. Sadie
    10. Stella
    11. Bailey
    12. Harley
    13. Lucy
    14. Athena
    15. Duke
    16. Zoe
    17. Nova
    18. Rocky
    19. Roxy
    20. Loki
    21. Jax
    22. Cooper
    23. Shadow
    24. Gunnar
    25. Daisy
    26. Thor
    27. Apollo
    28. Kona
    29. Lola
    30. Riley
    31. Milo
    32. Mia
    33. Maverick
    34. Lily
    35. Sasha
    36. Jack
    37. Rex
    38. Scout
    39. Remi
    40. Beau
    41. Buddy
    42. Ace
    43. Leo
    44. Dakota
    45. Molly
    46. Diesel
    47. Moose
    48. Maggie
    49. Callie
    50. Rosie
    51. Ranger
    52. Oakley
    53. Ellie
    54. Willow
    55. Maya
    56. Blu
    57. Ava
    58. Layla
    59. Sophie
    60. Sam
    61. Coco
    62. Odin
    63. Piper
    64. Lexi
    65. Gracie
    66. Chloe
    67. Kai
    68. Chief
    69. Axel
    70. Xena
    71. Finn
    72. Millie
    73. Tucker
    74. Dixie
    75. Ruby
    76. Pepper
    77. Kobe
    78. Kaiser
    79. Toby
    80. Atlas
    81. Cash
    82. Dexter
    83. Ruger
    84. Hazel
    85. Raven
    86. Zeke
    87. Mila
    88. Heidi
    89. Penny
    90. Abby
    91. Klaus
    92. Chase
    93. Lady
    94. Marley
    95. Hank
    96. Bruno
    97. Bentley
    98. Jake
    99. Simba
    100. Gus

The Top 10 Best Female Names for german shepherd dog

  1. Luna
  2. Bella
  3. Nala
  4. Sadie
  5. Stella
  6. Lucy
  7. Athena
  8. Zoe
  9. Nova
  10. Roxy

Top 10 Best Male Names for german shepherd dog

  1. Max
  2. Bear
  3. Zeus
  4. Charlie
  5. Koda
  6. Bailey
  7. Harley
  8. Duke
  9. Rocky
  10. Loki
german shepherd dogs
german shepherd dogs


100 More German Dog Names

We’ve chosen these amazing name ideas by searching through huge internet database and researching names from Germany that go far above and beyond the top 100 dog names to find the perfect German picks.

  1. Ada—noble, kind
  2. Adler—eagle
  3. Aldo—old, wise
  4. Alger—noble, bright
  5. Alfred—counselor
  6. Annika—graceful
  7. Arnold—eagle power
  8. Arvin—friend to all
  9. Aubrey—noble
  10. August—exalted, revered
  11. Axel—peaceful
  12. Ava—a variation of Eve
  13. Bernard—brave as a bear
  14. Berta—intelligent, glorious
  15. Bismarck—German statesman
  16. Britta—strength
  17. Cayden—the spirit of battle
  18. Clovis—famous warrior
  19. Damian—the fighter
  20. Dieter—the people’s ruler
  21. Donner—thunder
  22. Duxi—warrior of the people
  23. Elsa—noble
  24. Emmett—industrious, strong
  25. Ellard—noble, brave
  26. Felix—lucky
  27. Ferdinand—adventurous, courageous
  28. Franz—free
  29. Frauke—little lady
  30. Frederick—peaceful ruler
  31. Frido—powerful
  32. Frieda—peaceful
  33. Garin—warrior
  34. Gerda—protected
  35. Gretchen—pearl
  36. Greta—pearl
  37. Gunther—warrior
  38. Hamlin—one who loves his home
  39. Harbin—little shining fighter
  40. Heidi—noble, serene
  41. Helga—pious
  42. Helmar—famous protector
  43. Hendrik—home ruler
  44. Hugo—wise man
  45. Ida—hardworking
  46. Jaeger—hunter
  47. Kaja—alive
  48. Katrin—great beauty
  49. Keene—bold, sharp
  50. Klaus—the people’s victory
  51. Leona—brave as a lioness
  52. Leopold—bold leader
  53. Liebe—love
  54. Liesel—God is my oath
  55. Lorelei—alluring
  56. Lotti—little woman
  57. Luther—warrior
  58. Manfred—man of peace
  59. Matilda—mighty in battle
  60. Max—greatest
  61. Meyer—bringer of light
  62. Milla—industrious
  63. Milo—beloved
  64. Mozart—German composer
  65. Nadja—hope
  66. Nia—bright
  67. Norbert—hero
  68. Olinda—protector of property
  69. Otto—prosperous, rich
  70. Ozzy—divine spear
  71. Petra—solid as rock
  72. Prinz—prince
  73. Raina—mighty army
  74. Rainer—warrior
  75. Ritter—knight
  76. Romey—obstinate, rebellious
  77. Rowland—famous in the land
  78. Sascha—defender of mankind
  79. Schatzi—sweetheart
  80. Sigrid—beautiful victory
  81. Skye—sheltering
  82. Sonje—wisdom
  83. Theobold—the boldest
  84. Tilli—battle maiden
  85. Tobias (Toby)—God is good
  86. Trudi—strong spear warrior
  87. Ugo—mind, heart, spirit
  88. Ula—pearl
  89. Ulrika—all-ruling, wolf ruler
  90. Vera—faith, truth
  91. Vala—singled out
  92. Verner—defending army
  93. Waldo—ruler
  94. Wilfred—determined peacemaker
  95. Winifred (Winnie)—peaceful friend
  96. Wolfgang—wolf journey
  97. Zelda—battle maid
  98. Zelig—blessed one
  99. Zenzi—to spring up, grow, thrive
  100. Zita (also Hungarian)
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Dog Naming advise and hints

If you’re having trouble picking up a name for your dog, remember that a good dog name can come from many diverse sources of inspiration, including your favorite food, books, celebrities, your heritage, or even the history of your dog breed. For example, a chocolate lab puppy could have a water-inspired name like Lily, while a Latin American dog breed could have a cute name like Canela (Spanish for “cinnamon”).

One more consideration when choosing your dog’s name? Dog training. This is especially important for puppies. When you’re teaching your new dog to respond to commands like sit, stay, or come, you want to be sure his name won’t cause confusion. In other words, avoid puppy names that sound like common dog training, such as “bit,” which can easily be misheard as “sit.”


Most importantly, of course, make sure the dog name you choose rolls off your tongue. The best names will make you happy. We are fans of the “backdoor test” for choosing dog names. Here’s what it sounds like: Stand at the back door and call out your new dog’s potential name. Saying “Zelda, it’s time for dinner!” or “Skye, leave it!” will help bring the name from your imagination to reality.

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