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Beth and Bluebell: Meet Buckingham Palace Dogs Companions

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Beth and Bluebell: Meet Buckingham Palace Dogs Companions 


With a legacy of pet adoration passed down from Queen Elizabeth II, it’s no surprise that King Charles III has carried on the royal tradition of canine companionship.

Queen Elizabeth II’s reign was synonymous with the presence of her beloved dogs. She was the proud owner of over 30 dogs during her lifetime, with Corgis being her most favored breed. With her passing, Prince Andrew took over the care of her two Corgis and one Dorgi at his home in Windsor.

As King Charles III and Queen Camilla begin their reign, they’re not alone. They share their royal life with two cherished Jack Russell Terriers, Beth and Bluebell.

Buckingham Palace Dogs Companions

For those unfamiliar with the royal pets, Beth and Bluebell are both rescue dogs, adopted by Queen Camilla from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London in February 2017. Since then, they’ve become integral parts of the royal household.

Camilla’s fondness for her canine companions is palpable. During an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, she spoke about her love for her dogs, saying, “The beautiful thing about dogs is they’re wonderful listeners.

You can have a lengthy conversation, express anger or sadness, and they just sit there wagging their tail, providing a comforting presence.”

Meet The Buckingham Palace Dogs Companions 

She also shared the heartfelt stories of adopting Beth and Bluebell. Beth had been shuffled from place to place before she was found, and Bluebell was discovered a few weeks later in a forest, in a devastating state. But under the tender care at Battersea, and later at Clarence House, she was nursed back to health.

The dogs are known to love children and have free rein of their home, except for the couple’s bed.

Beth and Bluebell’s exploration of Buckingham Palace is on hold for now, due to ongoing renovations. In the meantime, they will continue to reside with Charles and Camilla at Clarence House.

Beth and Bluebell’s charm hasn’t escaped the public eye. They graced the cover of Country Life’s July 2022 issue, charmingly adorned with Camilla’s own pearl necklaces.

Like his wife, King Charles has a deep love for dogs, a sentiment shared by his late Jack Russell, Tigger. The memories of Tigger, who passed away in 2002 and is buried in the grounds of Charles’ country home, Highgrove House, remain close to the king’s heart.

As the newest canine members of the British monarchy, Beth and Bluebell have some big pawprints to fill, following in the path of Queen Elizabeth II’s beloved pets.

The late Queen referred to her dogs as her “family,” even taking them with her on tours and including them in her official 90th birthday portraits.

Buckingham Palace Dogs

As we bid adieu, we eagerly anticipate seeing more of Beth and Bluebell in their royal lives.


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