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VGK Mourns: Therapy Dog Bark-Andre Furry Passes at 14″

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Vegas Golden Knights Mourns: Therapy Dog Bark-Andre Furry Passes at 14″


On June 2nd, a significant loss was felt in the heart of the Vegas Golden Knights (VGK) community. Bark-Andre Furry, a charismatic Jack Russell Terrier and an honorary ambassador of the VGK, breathed his last.

Named after the esteemed former VGK goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury, Bark-Andre had been a fixture at VGK games and events, offering comfort and companionship to many fans.

Aged 14, Bark-Andre was not just a regular dog – he had an important role as a therapy dog for the Tyler Robinson Foundation. The Foundation works tirelessly towards alleviating the unseen costs associated with childhood cancer.

Bark-Andre’s comforting presence brought an immense amount of joy and solace to children battling cancer, making him a beloved figure not just within the VGK community, but also in the broader landscape of childhood cancer advocacy.

The unfortunate news of Bark-Andre’s passing was shared through a heartfelt post on social media, which conveyed the immense loss felt by everyone who had the privilege of meeting this exceptional dog.

His passing comes at an especially poignant time, as the VGK community stands on the eve of the Stanley Cup Final, an event Bark-Andre had enthusiastically partaken in over the years.

Marc-Andre Fleury, the star goaltender who Bark-Andre was named after, had a close bond with the terrier. Fleury has frequently expressed his fondness for Bark-Andre in media interactions, and it is anticipated that he will share a tribute to the little dog who shared his namesake.

The loss of Bark-Andre Furry is a reminder of the joy and comfort therapy dogs bring to the world, and particularly in the realm of childhood cancer.

The contribution of therapy dogs in mitigating the psychological impact of diseases on children has been proven by several studies, such as the research published in the Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing.

As we mourn the loss of Bark-Andre Furry, we also celebrate the remarkable life he led and the joy he brought to so many. The legacy of his contribution to the VGK community and to the childhood cancer advocacy world will forever remain etched in our hearts.





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