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Border Collie Breed – Everything You Need to Know

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Border Collie Breed – Everything You Need to Know

Border Collies are the world’s most popular, as well as most efficient sheepherding dogs. Ever since the first Collies were first roaming the 12th century England lands, they were tasked with a single job, by which their personalities and certain physical characteristics were formed.

This type of dog breed is interesting mainly because it’s distinctly different from both herding and ‘regular’ dogs. Today, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about the Border Collie Breed, so let’s start from the top:

Where does Border Collie Come From?

Border Collies belong to the family of Collies. Although the debate about Border Collies’ name is still ongoing, many believe that it was named as such because the breed originated along the borders between pre-Medieval England and Scotland.

Centuries later, Border Collies entered New Zealand roughly in 1858 and several decades later they came to Australia.

It is most likely that they were imported and shipped overseas from the British Isles, although English nobility that frequented these lands may have brought their pets and started the breeding trend as well.

What Does Border Collie Look Like?

Like all sub-species of Collies, Border Collies are usually bicolored dogs with medium-thick black and white coats. Its fur is much sturdier than it looks, capable of shielding the dog from weather and elements, as well as sharp teeth and fangs from other animals.

Border Collie Breed

In terms of size, Border Collie is a medium-length dog. Males can grow to 22-inch tall (shoulder length) while females are usually slightly shorter.

When it comes to weight, a mature Border Collie can weigh between 31 to 44 pounds, depending on their diet and genetic predispositions.

Although black & white is the typical color combination of an average Border Collie’s fur, they come in all shades of brown, white, and even red.

What is Border Collie’s Personality Like?

The personality of a Border Collie is somewhat contradictory. While they are largely independent and can take care of themselves, they hate being left alone.

They are unusually friendly with strangers (for dog standards) but are also prone to bark at seemingly random times for no apparent reason.

A Border Collie is among the easiest dog breeds to train, but even after years of a regimented learning process, they have somewhat of a propensity for escaping, should they be able to.

This dog breed is highly sensitive to the lowest of stimuli, regardless of whether they be positive or negative. They have a very sharp wit and an excellent memory, and some would argue that Border Collies can almost predict what their masters want them to do.

Are Border Collies Child-friendly?

These dogs are groomed as herders or kept as pets. They make good babysitters if they’re trained properly, which typically isn’t too hard given their high level of intellect and propensity for adaptation to unexplored life circumstances.

Border Collies are very good with children and will invent their unique games if the child is being too passive.

However, they shouldn’t be left unsupervised with toddlers, as they could instinctively bark if the little one steps on its tail or try to ride it, scaring the toddler.

The same can be said for Border Collies living in a family environment. They learn the rules fast and will never disobey their master’s wishes or commands.

Further on that note, they recognize their owners from an early age if bought as little pups, but don’t have a problem adapting to the hierarchy when entering a new family as adults.

What is the Best Home for a Border Collie?

The containment of four walls is something that most Border Collies will find irritating. They could be kept in bigger apartments, but they would feel restless, howl, and run around the place constantly.

Border Collies’ ideal home is a countryside ranch or a farmhouse with a good fence (else they’d escape pretty easily). They absolutely love being outdoors, and they’re easily among the best dog breeds for hiking, camping, and trekking trips.

Since they don’t mind the rain, snow, or heat, they would rather rest, sleep, play, and spend time under any weather than in any enclosed space, no matter how regulated the temperature and air quality of the building may be.

Border Collie Socialization

Sheepherding is one form of socialization, and that’s what Border Collies have been doing for centuries. Due to their outstanding intelligence, they are capable of assessing and handling most social situations.

However, even though the majority, if not all of his predecessors have crossed paths with thousands of humans and animals, a Border Collie that is raised in a fairly closed environment can turn up to be quite shy.

They are more protective than territorial, and they have keen memory when it comes to learning new faces and names; it’s best to introduce them to family members, friends, and their dogs for your pet to develop into a healthy Collie.

Fun Facts about Border Collies

With brains, much rather than brawn, Border Collies are among the brightest dogs that are famous for breaking (and holding) various world records, but they were also the most suitable dog breeds for TV shows due to their quick learning capabilities.

Another well-known fact about Border Collies is that Queen Victoria, the fabled queen of 18th century Great Britain and Ireland, owned one as a pet.

Herding as an activity has been stamped so deep into the DNA of Border Collies that they would attempt to ‘herd’ anything if they aren’t tasked to do so by their owners, including other animals, children, or even their toys.

Additionally, the ‘Collie’ as a species was believed to be named after the Scottish pronunciation of the word ‘coal’.


Border Collies are super-smart, family-loving dogs that prefer open spaces, dry food, and any kind of activity round-the-clock.

They can get bored more quickly than other breeds, in which case they are prone to barking or running away. Keeping one as a pet offers many rewards, as they make excellent home guardians, babysitters, and canine friends.

We hope that this article was helpful to you and that you’ve learned something new today. Make sure you are staying safe in these times we are all going through and have a good one, guys!


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