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Dog Grooming: Why Is It Important and What Tools Should You Buy?

Last Updated on April 13, 2022 by Dogs Vets

Dog Grooming: Why Is It Important and What Tools Should You Buy?


Regular dog grooming is not just about making your pet look great and clean. It will also help maintain his health so you can bond and spend time with him for a long time.

Besides scheduling him for professional grooming at the salon, at-home grooming between visits is also important. Make sure every session is safe, effective, and quick by investing in high-quality grooming tools.

Grooming comes in different forms. These include brushing and bathing to bring out his coat’s natural shine, clipping his nails to a safe length, wiping his eyes and ears, and cleaning his teeth for a healthy smile.

Discover the importance of grooming your dog at home and the tools you should get to keep him looking and feeling fresh, clean, and healthy between pet salon visits.

The Importance of Dog Grooming

Grooming your dog at home may not seem like a big deal, especially if his coat looks fine. But at-home dog grooming can benefit you and your canine in various ways.

Look good now, feel good later

Grooming your dog will have a similar effect to brushing your teeth, wherein it feels satisfying and prevents dental issues later. For example, cleaning your furry friend’s eyes will remove debris and tear stains that could cause duct blockage.

On the other hand, combing your pet’s fur to get rid of tangles leads to fewer large mats over time. All these can save you and your pet the frustration and hassles later.

Maintain a clean home

Grooming your dog will help keep your living spaces clean. As you brush and bathe your pet, more hair will be washed out or captured by the brush; thus, less hair will be shed on your rug, couch, or anywhere in your home. Also, clean-smelling dogs will leave a good scent to anything and anyone they come in contact with.

Monitor your dog’s health

Dog grooming allows you to become familiar with your pet’s body. By combing his hair, you’ll have the chance to inspect him for ticks and fleas. Similarly, cleaning his teeth and trimming his nails allow you to notice anything out of the ordinary.

With constant grooming, you can become aware of any potential problem your pet is experiencing.

Bond with your dog

At-home grooming is your chance to bond with your furry friend. As you brush his hair, you are also massaging him for a therapeutic grooming experience.

Moreover, grooming also builds trust as you relieve your pet of anything that makes him feel uncomfortable.

Now that you know the significance of regular dog grooming, learn about the essential supplies you need to help your pet feel and look their best at all times.

6 Essential Dog Grooming Supplies

When buying dog grooming supplies, you may get overwhelmed by the many options in the market today. Though there is a wide world of pet grooming tools out there, here are the six most essential supplies you need to buy to get started.

1. The right brush

Regular brushing will do wonders for the coat and overall health of your dog. Buy the right brush based on your pet’s breed and coat. Not doing so can result in brush burn, irritation, and even infection.

Generally, heavier coats will require different brush types to remove hair from various levels of the coat. For short coats, opt for a rubber curry type. But for longer coats, a slicker style brush is recommended.

The key is to check the right type of brush for your dog. After that, opt for a high-quality brush – one with smoothly finished teeth. To use, brush your dog from his skin to the tips of his hair.

2. Shampoo

A shampoo meant for pets helps remove dirt without irritating your dog’s skin. If your dog has sensitive, dry skin or seasonal allergies, opt for a hypoallergenic shampoo, as this relieves itching and moisturises sensitive skin.

Find a dog shampoo that contains plant ingredients without harsh chemicals. You may also opt for those with added conditioner as this can help moisturise your dog’s skin, detangle mats, and replace the natural oil removed by the shampoo.

To use, pour a little in a bowl or cup and dilute it with water. Then, dip a sponge in the solution and wash your dog. The sponge will help distribute the shampoo evenly over your pet’s body, including the face, private areas, and paws.

Important note: Rinse your dog completely after putting on shampoo and conditioner.

3. Grooming wipes

Bath or grooming wipes are the best tools for a quick clean-up, such as when your dog has muddy paws, rolls on dead bugs, or makes a potty-area mess. Though bathing him is a good idea whenever he stinks or is dirty, frequent bathing may lead to dry skin. Instead, get a grooming wipe for a quick way to leave him smelling fresh and clean.

4. Coat spray

Whatever coat your pet has, a mist of coat spray before brushing or combing him is an excellent idea. This will minimise static and help the grooming tools glide smoothly through his fur. Grooming sprays are also formulated to prevent tangles while leaving a good scent.

5. Nail clippers

Cutting your dog’s nails can be the most challenging pet grooming task. Doing it well will make the quick shrink and recede into the nail. But if you do it wrong, it will be painful for your furry friend because the quick contains nerves and blood vessels. To ensure a swift and precise manicure, use a nail clipper with stainless steel blades.

Spotting the quick is easy if your dog has clear nails. But if he has black nails, it can be challenging, so you should do it more cautiously.

If you notice any bleeding or your dog yelps after cutting his nails, stop the bleeding immediately using a little styptic powder to minimise the risk of infection. Thus, it is wise to buy styptic powder and place it within your reach while cutting your dog’s nails.

6. Toothbrush and toothpaste

Dogs are fond of finding disgusting things, licking them, and then licking someone’s face. To prevent tooth decay and halitosis, get your dog a toothbrush and toothpaste designed for dogs. Human toothpaste is not recommended because it contains fluoride that can upset your furry friend’s stomach.

In addition, add dental chews and water additives to your dog’s routine to ensure optimum oral health.

Regular grooming will boost your dog’s overall health and well-being while making life a lot easier for you. Eventually, you will treat each pet grooming task as an opportunity to give your dog some love, care, and attention. To get started, invest in the correct dog grooming supplies today.


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