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What you need to consider when buying a german shepherd pet

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What you need to consider when buying a german shepherd pet


If you want to own a dog, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Unfortunately, many do not do enough research before buying a dog and as a result, many four-legged friends end up in animal shelters.

Buying a dog should be well thought out and you should be sure that you are ready for a demanding, four-legged roommate.


You should ask yourself these questions before you buy a dog.


1. Do I have enough living space?

Anyone who lives for rent must discuss with their landlord before buying a dog. Some residential areas are more suitable for keeping a dog there.

A nice environment invites you to go for a walk. Furthermore, a future move can be more difficult than without a pet.

You should also be aware that a dog means more cleaning work. He sheds hair, brings dirt into the apartment or knocks over his bowl. So, frequently cleaning will be on the agenda if you decide to get a dog.


2. Am I physically fit enough?

Owning a dog means taking care of the dog’s needs. Dogs are very active animals that (depending on the breed, some more, some less) want to move.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s going for a walk or playing: dogs should be exercised physically. To be able to do this as a dog owner, the state of health and physical fitness must be right. Another health issue is allergies.

buying a german shepherd pet

Test in advance whether everyone in the household can live with a dog without problems. It would be bad for everyone if the new darling had to leave the family again because of poor health.


3. Do I have enough time?


Do you have enough time to do justice to a dog daily?

If you always rush from one appointment to another in your everyday life, are often on the road for long periods and want to spend your free time with friends, a dog might not be the best decision.

If you’re going to have a puppy, it’s best to take a vacation for the first two to four weeks. So everyone can adjust to the new situation in peace.


4. Am I willing to take responsibility?

Depending on the breed and type of dog, life expectancy can be around 15 years.

This means that when you buy a dog, you commit yourself to the animal for a long time. Of course, it is always open to what the future will bring, but there should be a basic willingness to take care of the animal for many years.

This also applies when the dog gets older and is no longer so fit. Are you willing to care for your animal into old age and, in the worst case, to make decisions for its well-being, even if it hurts a lot?

A dog will love you unconditionally and always be there for you – can you do that too?


5. What do family and friends say about this?

Of course, you’re not accountable to anyone and if you decide to get a dog, that’s up to you. Nevertheless, involving people from your immediate environment makes a lot of sense. On the one hand, you find out very quickly who can take care of the dog.

Even if everything is well planned: something can always come up (appointment, illness), so you depend on someone being able to take care of the dog spontaneously.

On the other hand, buying a dog is exciting enough, so it’s best to have the full support of those around you.


6. How will I organize the holiday?

Another topic that you should think about in advance before buying a dog is the holiday.

People who like to travel a lot should consider whether this is also possible with a dog.

A great option here is hiking holidays or vacations by the sea near a designated dog beach.

If you want to go far away, it is usually most relaxing for everyone involved to have the dog looked after by another person during this time.

So inform yourself about this in good time! It is easiest here if someone from your family or acquaintances agrees.


7. Am I willing to bear the costs?

Keeping a dog costs money. However, the purchase price is low. You can look at sample cost overviews to estimate the financial aspects.

You should answer the questions honestly and see if you can bear these costs. In addition, you should have a certain reserve in case a medical emergency occurs.


8. How would I like to spend my free time?

How do I like to spend my free time? What hobbies? Could a dog accompany me? It’s difficult to reconcile a job and a dog.

However, the same can also happen with leisure activities and hobbies. Think about whether you can imagine basing your free time on the dog and, if necessary, doing without things. You may discover a new hobby you can do great with your dog.


9. Am I the right guy for this?

Can you deal with the fact that a dog is a creature with a mind of its own and that things probably won’t always go the way you want them to?

Can you keep calm in stressful and frustrating situations?

Do you have the patience to care for your dog lovingly and empathetically but consistently in all situations? Patience, calmness and consistency are basic requirements for successfully handling dogs.


10. Is my experience enough?

Thousands of dogs die in shelters yearly due to behavioral problems. In most cases, however, this behavior can be traced back to the dog’s upbringing.

A well-behaved dog and a safe and calm owner are basic requirements to achieve a harmonious and happy coexistence of man and dog.

If you have little experience with dogs, you must deal extensively with dog ownership and training before buying a dog.

You can also get support and help from experienced dog owners or professionals. Even if you are already very experienced with dogs, the sentence always applies: “You never stop learning!”


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