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Dog Friendly Beaches Near Me – United Kingdom

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Dog Friendly Beaches Near Me – United Kingdom 


Change up your dog-walking routine by visiting the beach! Treat your old sea dog to a fantastic day at the beach by substituting sticks for seaweed and hiking boots for sandals.

If you are having trouble locating “dog-friendly beaches near me,” don’t worry; our “near me” article is here to help! Find the nearest beach within minutes and organize your beach day with ease.

All the necessary information is contained in this single article, so let’s dive right in…


Can I take my dog to the beach?

Provide your dog with shade and plenty of chances to rest. You might also limit your beach visits to early or late in the day when the sun isn’t as strong.

Apply sunscreen to your dog. Dogs can suffer from sunburn, so use a pet-safe sunscreen on your dog’s nose, ears, and any other areas with sparse fur.


Why are dogs not allowed on UK beaches?

Why are dogs banned? It comes down to the meat-based excrement dogs leave behind.

It can cause risk of toxicara in humans, and in severe cases, can lead to blindness.

Why are dogs not allowed on UK beaches

Dog poo and urine can also affect water quality and could threaten the Blue Flag status of a beach.


Balnakeil Beach

Let’s dive headfirst into Balnakeil Beach! Your four-legged companion will enjoy a visit to this gorgeous seashore. It is located in the furthest northwestern tip of mainland Scotland, close to Cape Wrath.

Balnakeil Beach

Wind through the white crescent-shaped countryside. Play hide-and-seek among the enormous grassy sand dunes, and toss sticks across the expansive beach.

Are your eyes craving stunning views?

Look towards the azure sea or behind you to observe the expansive, craggy highlands.

Increase your altitude and wave at the neighboring sheep as you do so.

Can you locate the historic farmhouse from the 18th century?

It is now a vacation rental that is also dog-friendly… Balnakeil House is located directly on the coastline!

Location: Get directions

Balnakeil Beach, Near Durness, Highlands, IV27 4PX

Opening Times: 24 hours
Pricing: Free

In addition, parking is free if you park at the old church ruins, just before the beach path.

Northern Ireland

Whiterocks Portrush

If you’ve taken a lovely stroll along the Causeway coastal route and landed on Whiterocks beach, you’ve hit the jackpot!

This Blue Flag beach is one of the numerous popular beaches along County Antrim’s northern coastline.

The beach is dog-friendly year-round, however during the summer months of June 1st through September 15th, dogs are restricted to specified areas only.

Leap across the sand, explore the rock pools, and throw the frisbee for the ultimate dog against human competition!

Can I take my dog to the beach?

Explore each fissure and cavern of the limestone cliffs, which span from Curran Strand to Dunluce Castle. Observe hawks and other seabirds as they soar over the clear sky.

You’ll be pleased to learn that this beach provides both standard and accessible restrooms, as well as numerous shower stalls.

Whiterocks Car Park, Dunluce Road A2, Portrush, County Antrim, BT56 8NA

Opening Times:  24 hours
Pricing: Free

Free car parking and overflow parking are available too.

North East

Whitley Bay

This blue flag beach is easily accessible, popular, and dog-friendly!

The beach spans between St. Mary’s Island, Lighthouse, and Cullercoats and is really nice.

It is close to the Edwardian Spanish City (where you can get the best fish and chips, by the way), as well as being a popular promenade location.

dog-friendly beaches close to me in Wales

As the North Sea gales may be fairly strong, be sure to wrap your furry pet in a heavy coat and pack ear muffs if you want to visit during the winter.

Families can engage in surfing, canoeing, and kayaking on the beach throughout the summer months.

It is important to note that dogs are not permitted on the beach between 1 May and 30 September. Only the beach to the north of the Panama Gardens is dog-friendly.

So, you’ve completed your stroll, but what’s next? In the Spanish City, there are numerous restaurants and stores to visit.

Guests can participate in numerous heartwarming activities throughout the year, such as the Spanish City Christmas market.

Northern Ireland - This Blue Flag beach

If you’ve read our post on the best Christmas markets in the United Kingdom, you’ll know that Spanish city is one of our top selections. Not only is Whitley Bay an amazing dog-friendly beach, but its location is even better.

Location: Get directions

Whitley Bay, NE26 4NF

Opening Times: 24 hours
Pricing: Free

Free 60 car parking area at The Playhouse in Park Road, Whitley Bay. Parking time limit is 2 hours.

North West

Morecambe Beach (North)

Are you interested in a fling in the traditional coastal resort of Morecambe Beach, Lancashire?

If you are searching for dog-friendly beaches near me in the North West of England, you have come to the correct place!

Your children can peruse the seashore shops and engage in nostalgic games. You can test your luck with the penny drops or your patience with the claw.

This blue flag beach - North East

Take photographs of the art installations on the boardwalk and in the water! Play boardwalk games and enjoy the sunset on the beautiful beach.

Unfortunately, dogs are prohibited from the beach from the beginning of May until the end of September.

However, they are permitted on the promenade but must be on leashes. This beach lacks lifeguards, so please exercise caution if you enter the water.

Central Promenade, Morecambe, Lancs, LA4 4DB

Opening Times:  24 hours
Pricing: Free

Nearby parking: 

Morecambe Library £1.40 / hour
Pedder Street £1.40 / hour
Telephone Exchange £1.30 / hour

East Midlands


Looking for the best location for you and your dog? Sutton-On-Sea is one of the finest beaches and seasides on the British coastline.

This pristine English community features not just a dog-friendly beach with a blue flag, but also an abundance of traditional shops and eateries.

UK beaches dog friendly - Sutton-On-Sea

Sutton-On-Sea is ideal for a relaxing staycation in the United Kingdom.

There are no amusement parks or arcades in this area, although there are numerous events held throughout the year. While dad walks the dog, mom can retrieve her yoga mat and proceed to class.

Before entering the cool, soothing waves, dogs will enjoy the sensation of their paws bouncing on the silky, golden sand.

From 1 May through 30 September, there are limitations on dogs. Along the boardwalk, there are other trails that lead to grassy and sandy terrain further away from the shore.

During this season, dogs can still play and have just as much fun, but they must always observe the posted signs.

Location: Get directions

Sutton on Sea. Lincolnshire. DN36, England

Opening Times: 24 hours
Pricing: Free

From Easter through September, as well as on Sundays and bank holidays, there is a fee for parking in the lot. Other times, parking is complimentary. Consult the parking lot’s signage for complete details.

You can pay for parking using RingGo by calling 020 3046 0010.

West Midlands

The nearest dog-friendly beaches are:

Unfortunately, there are no beaches in the West Midlands or nearby.

  • Towyn Abergele – 126.9 miles away from Birmingham.
  • Old Colwyn – 131.1 miles away from Birmingham.
  • Colwyn Bay – 131.2 miles away from Birmingham.
  • Deganwy – 137.2 miles away from Birmingham.
  • Conwy Morfa – 137.8 miles from Birmingham.


Broad Haven (South), Pembrokeshire

In search of dog-friendly beaches close to me in Wales? The beach is the answer to your prayers…

Amen! This beach in Pembrokeshire that is dog-friendly is a golden ticket for dog owners.

nearest dog-friendly beaches

Not only is this beach dog-friendly year-round, but its golden sands are ideal for running, throwing, and jumping with your furry friend. And hey, if you want to play bowls or cricket competitively, it’s even better!

Caves and springs spilling from the cliffs can be discovered by exploring the stones and ‘island’ on the west side of the beach. At low tide, a few small caves can be found in the east side’s steep, complex rocks.

Discovered the ideal dog-friendly beach in your area?

It is one of the many gorgeous beaches in Wales where dogs are permitted.

Wales is generally a dog-friendly location, and there are plenty additional excellent candidates for our top picks. We advise that you visit Little Quay (Cei Bach) in Ceredigion!

J35H+95 Broad Haven South Beach, Pembroke

Opening Times:  24 hours
Pricing: Free

There is parking above the beach in the National Trust parking lot, or near the church in Bosherston hamlet. From here, it is a one-mile walk to the beach, although the route passes past gorgeous lily ponds.

For beach access that is easily accessible, park at Stackpole Court.

South West

Harlyn Bay

DING DING DING! Harlyn Bay is our second champion. This golden sand beach is close to the beautiful port town of Padstow, making it a popular place for families.

Backdropped by sand dunes and low slate cliffs, Harlyn is a popular destination for families. This gorgeous beach with breathtaking vistas is also dog-friendly year-round.

If you’re a family of surfers, you may already be familiar with Harlyn Bay, which is renowned for its huge waves and natural beauty.

beach dog-friendly year-round

Numerous surfers frequent this location throughout the year. It has also been ranked as having the best surf school!

Harlyn Bay Beach is fantastic regardless of the weather, from every sandy cove to every crashing wave.

This beautiful beach is also one of the few high-quality beaches in Cornwall that welcomes dogs year-round. Additionally, there is a large parking lot adjacent to the beach, which is always really convenient.

G2Q4+WG Harlyn, Padstow

Opening Times: 24 hours
Pricing: Free

The address on the listing will take you to the onsite car park. Here are the prices:

1 Hour£1.30.
2 Hours£3.30.
3 Hours£5.00.
4 Hours£5.50.
10 Hours£6.60.
11 Hours£8.00.
Max £8.00.

South East

Camber Sands

Going south for your next vacation this year? If you are searching for dog-friendly beaches in the South East of England near me, Camber Sands is an excellent option.

Camber Sands is a dog-friendly beach with a craggy natural shoreline, wild surf, and twisting trails, perfect for those who enjoy a harsh, undeveloped coastline.

Camber Sands is a dog-friendly beach

With limitless grassy dunes and magnificent views, this is the ideal spot for a family picnic, day or night.

Unfortunately, there are summer restrictions, but if you prefer winter vacations, Camber Sands is the perfect beach to bring your dog.

Dogs are let to run free, jumping into the water as the tide rises.

Chase away seagulls, engage in a game of catch with driftwood, or scale the jagged rock pools.

Enjoy excellent British walks along the breathtaking beach under the blazing sun or the tranquil moonlight. As you inhale the brisk sea air and twirl on the storm-tossed sand, you’ll spot fascinating fauna.

Winter is the ideal season to cuddle up with a blanket and observe the crashing waves on the shore.

Rye, East Sussex, TN31 7RN, England

Opening Times: 24 hours
Pricing: Free

Discovered the ideal dog-friendly beach in your area?

Whether you seek breathtaking views, a sweltering summer hotspot, or a windswept beach in the winter, there are numerous blue flag beaches where pets are permitted.
This blue flag beach - North East


Are dogs allowed on every beach in the UK?

Only a small fraction of the many beaches that line the coast of the United Kingdom are dog-friendly year-round.

The good news is that responsible dog owners are welcome on the vast majority of beaches at other times of the year except summer (1 October to 30 April).




Where in the United Kingdom may one find the most dog-friendly environment?

Because of its abundance of walking paths, picturesque natural places, dog groomers, and restaurants that welcome pets, the coastal city of Southampton in the United Kingdom has been dubbed the most dog-friendly place to live in the country.


Why are dogs not permitted to accompany their owners on certain beaches?

It is harmful to the ecosystems of the water and the surrounding area to let dogs run free on the beach. This is due to the fact that hyperactive canines pose a threat to delicate organisms such as fish, turtles, and hermit crabs.

In addition, visitors and beachgoers may find that certain dogs are a nuisance.


Is it possible to bring your dog to the beach on a hot day?

Sand can also become very hot, and having your paws get burned is an extremely unpleasant experience.

On days when the temperature is high, it is especially vital to make sure that your dog has access to cool water and shade so that they can avoid suffering from heatstroke, which is a very real risk even when they are outside.


Are canines welcome on the beach in Bournemouth?

Between the 1st of October and the 30th of April, the beach at Bournemouth is free of any restrictions. During this time, unleashed dogs are permitted in the park.

Between the 1st of May and the 30th of September, there are various restrictions that are in place.

Sandbanks, Branksome Dene, Middle Chine, and Hengistbury Head are among the locations that have been specifically classified as dog-friendly sites.


Why are dogs allowed on the beach in the first place?

People are drawn to the water not just for recreation and recreation, but also for meditation and renewal.

The beach is becoming a popular destination for owners to take their dogs in order to provide them with exercise and companionship.

It brings together two of life’s most enjoyable activities: spending time with a close friend or loved one while taking a stroll on the beach or near the sea.


Reasons why animals shouldn’t be allowed in public spaces.

Others could be put in danger by your pet, both physically and psychologically.

Additionally, the people in your immediate vicinity might regard your animal to be a nuisance. They could become anxious when they are in the presence of animals.

It’s possible that they have allergies to fur, and they don’t want to have to take medication just because you’re being insensitive.


Should I give my dog a bath after it’s been to the beach?

After going to the beach with your pet, you should always give them a good bath to remove any sand or salt that may have become embedded in their fur during the trip. This is because sand and salt can irritate the skin of your cat.

After a day at the beach, a full wash may be necessary for certain dogs, particularly those with longer hair or skin that is more sensitive.


Disadvantages of dogs in parks

Dog poop is an eyesore, an annoyance, an offensive odor, and a social turnoff; in addition, there is a health risk linked with dog poop, which includes the following: *Toxoplasmosis is an infection that is most frequently detected in the feces of cats. However, this infection can also be found in the feces of dogs and other animals.


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