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Dog Friendly Beaches Near Me: Alabama, USA

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Dog Friendly Beaches Near Me in Alabama


Can I take my dog to the beach?

Give your dog plenty of opportunities to rest and shade when he’s outside.

You might also try to time your trips to the beach for the early morning or late afternoon, when the sun isn’t as intense. Apply sunscreen to your dog.

It is possible for dogs to get sunburned; thus, you should apply a sunscreen that is suitable for pets on your dog’s nose, ears, and any other parts that have very little fur covering them.



There are many beaches in Alabama that are friendly to both dog owners and their canine companions, making Alabama a paradise for people who adore dogs.

Dog Beaches Near Me provides the lowdown on the best spots all around the Alabama coastline, from Gulf Shores to Orange Beach, where you and your four-legged pal can go for a stroll or swim. Get your sunscreen, beach chairs, and canine companions ready, because you’re going to the beach!

Please refer to our comprehensive list of beaches in Alabama.

Even though they are not designated as dog beaches, many different beaches do welcome four-legged friends.

On the other hand, it is customarily assumed that they will at all times be restrained by a leash. Make sure you are familiar with all of the regulations and policies that are in place at the beach that you frequent.

Dog Beach Name City Zip Code Google Map Link
#Cahaba Beach Dog Park Birmingham 35242
#Dauphin Island Beach Dauphin Island 36528
#Fort Morgan State Historic Site Bayside Beach Gulf Shores 36542
#Kiesel Park Auburn 36832
#May Day Park Daphne 36526
#Unleashed Dog Park City of Orange Beach Orange Beach 36561

Alabama is home to quite a few dog beaches, but Gulf Shores Dog Beach and Orange Beach Dog Park stand out as the top destinations for canine visitors.

Both of these beaches offer wonderful amenities for canine visitors, such as fenced-in sections in which their pets can run free, easy access to the ocean for swimming, and plenty of shady spaces in which to relax.

They are both located close to downtown areas, making it convenient for you to grab a bite to eat or buy for mementos while your dog is having fun at the park.

Dog Island Park in Gulf Shores is a great place to visit if you’re searching for something a little bit further off the beaten path.

This beach is located on a small island that is privately owned, and it is accessible only to dog owners and their canine companions. It’s the ideal spot for some quiet time in the water or on land with your four-legged companion.

No matter which beach you decide to visit, you should always observe beach etiquette and pick up after your pet, including picking up any waste they leave behind.

We want to do everything we can to preserve the natural splendor of Alabama’s beaches.


Best Beaches in Alabama

Visitors can choose from a diverse selection of beaches, each of which is distinguished by its own set of distinctive qualities.

It is recommended that you prepare ahead and investigate the best beaches that are located near your location in Alabama given the large number of beaches from which to choose in the state of Alabama.

The following is a list of cities in Alabama for which we have information on beaches:





Is there a beach in Alabama that permits dogs?


Dauphin Island, Alabama

The barrier island known as Dauphin Island may be found to the west of Gulf Shores and about three miles to the south of the mouth of Mobile Bay. The beaches on this island are accessible to people and their pets throughout the entire year.


Is it possible to bring your dog to the beach in Orange Beach, Alabama?

Dogs are permitted at Orange Beach Waterfront Park; however, they are required to be kept on a leash at all times.

Taking your dog for a stroll on the Alabama Gulf Coast is convenient, since our area is home to various paths, including the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail in Gulf State Park.


Is it possible to bring your dog to Johnson beach?

Dogs, pets, and other animals, whether trained or not, whose sole purpose is to provide comfort, companionship, or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the law and are not permitted at Johnson’s Beach.

Service animals are required for individuals with disabilities who require assistance with their daily activities.


Is it okay if I bring my dog with me to Pensacola Beach?

Only parking lots 21.5 and 28.5, both of which are designated as dog beaches, allow guests to bring their canine companions.

On Pensacola Beach, dogs are not allowed in any of the other public beach areas or parks that are open to the public.

The hours of operation for Dog Beach are from sunrise to sunset every day, with the exception of turtle season (which runs from May 1 through October 31), when the beach is open from 7 a.m. to sunset every day.


Is bringing your dog to Clearwater Beach permitted?

It’s important to remember that despite the recent beautiful weather, there are strict rules against bringing dogs, cats, other pets, or animals of any kind onto the public beach or sand at Clearwater Beach or Sand Key Park.


Is Gulf Breeze beach dog Friendly?


The following locations do not permit the presence of pets:

  •  According to the law of the state of Florida, on all park beaches on both the gulf and bay sides, and in water that is less than five feet deep.
  •  According to the statute of the state of Mississippi, on all of the beaches of the barrier islands and in water that is less than five feet deep.


Can I bring my dog with me to the beach in Navarre?

It is widely considered to be one of the state’s most dog-friendly beaches. The answer to this question is simple: all of the beaches, with the exception of those in St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, allow dogs.

You and the mutt will be able to take pleasure in the sugar-sand shorelines and green waterways.


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