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Do I Need Disability Insurance As A Laboratory Veterinarian?

Last Updated on June 21, 2021 by Dogs Vets

Do I Need Disability Insurance As A Laboratory Veterinarian


If you are an animal lover and medical science intrigues you, there couldn’t be a better career option than veterinary practice.

However, you can go a step further if you want to get into the research field. You can become a laboratory veterinarian to do something you are passionate about. As a part of your job, you will look after the live specimens in a research lab. 

It can be quite interesting as you breed and handle animal species ranging from tiny rats to large primates. Independent research and managing the lab facilities will also be a part of your job.

Even while the role differs from that of a clinical vet specialist, there are many similarities. Like any other veterinarian, you must also get disability insurance. Let us explain why you need it. 


Protects your regular income

Becoming a specialist takes years of hard work and dedication in vet school to earn your DVM. Once you start your career as a lab veterinarian, you have big dreams and aspirations as the field offers lucrative opportunities.

It makes sense to protect your future income with insurance because it is just like any other asset you own. You may get sick or hurt at any point, but insurance keeps the money flowing even during a bad phase. There isn’t a need to worry about sustenance till you are fit enough to start working again. It can even cover you for long-term disabilities. 


Disability isn’t a choice

Unfortunately, disability isn’t a choice, and it can happen to anyone at any time and under unexpected circumstances. You may end up losing your capacity to work temporarily or permanently. But disability insurance for practicing veterinarians, including lab vets, is the best strategy to control unprecedented events.

A Laboratory Veterinarian

Whether it is a health issue, a workplace accident, or any other mishap, nothing can make you struggle for money if you have coverage. It is the wisest thing you can do because it gives you peace of mind and financial security for your loved ones, even if you cannot work and earn.


Risks run high

While physical disability could happen to anyone and for any reason, the risk runs high for some professionals. Laboratory veterinarians are among the high-risk categories as your daily job can be physically demanding.

You have to be on your feet for prolonged hours, lift specimens, and indulge in repetitive motions, which take a toll on your body over time. Lab professionals handling species are also at risk of animal bites and contracting viruses at work.

You probably need to go the extra mile for risk coverage because these threats are real when you work day and night in lab settings. Insurance keeps you safe and stress-free, even if something goes wrong at work.

Like any other veterinary practitioner, lab professionals need to invest in protecting themselves and their long-term working capacity. They must also take insurance to safeguard their income. If you are in this profession, you must definitely get adequate coverage right away.



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