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Top 10 facts about finding the perfect dog names for huskies

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Finding Dog Names for Huskies

Looking for the perfect dog names for huskies can be very interesting as the newest family member.

Adopting a new Siberian Husky dog family member is as exciting as it can be stressful sometimes! Not only do you have to buy the right toys for your Husky dog, but you also have to get the “perfectly sized Husky collar” and feed him a portion of well-balanced Husky dog food.

As if this wasn’t enough to think about, finding the perfect name for your pup is often one of the things a new dog owner often struggles with!

If the dog you adopt is a Husky, you have the added pressure of choosing a name that is appropriate for both his heritage and his personality.

huskies puppy

If you don’t go with what everyone else is doing, that’s fine. There are many other name sources for your new husky friend. You can look at pop culture, books, movies, television shows, music and more. You can also research the heritage of the Husky breed to find the perfect name.

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Huskies are one of the most common dogs used in mushing, which can be a great source of inspiration for a name.

Huskies are also known for their stubbornness, loyalty, and intelligence. They often outsmart their owners and get out of situations you wouldn’t expect your average Fido to figure out.

You can keep these things in mind when trying out names. Even if you chose a Siberian Husky mix, many of these names will work just as well for your pooch. Let’s find the perfect name for your Siberian Husky puppy!

Siberian Husky Naming Tips

Naming a dog is both a science and an art. You need to understand some basics about dog behavior, but you also want to feel the emotion and see the beauty and strength of the name you choose. There is a lot to learn before you take on the task of finding the perfect Siberian Husky dog name.

Syllables are important

Experts recommend using two-syllable names to add inflections that are easier with one-syllable names. For example, if your dog’s name is Paisley, you can emphasize the “Pais” part with upward inflection and then slide your tone down to the “Ley” part to show affection.


Kit sounds like sitting

You should also avoid names that sound like basic commands. For example, you will notice early confusion in your dog if you call him to cake and then try to teach him to shake.

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The Backdoor Test

Finally, we recommend the “back door test” for your Siberian Husky dog name. Narrow down your list of names based on other criteria and bring your favorites to the back door.

You will literally be shouting the names out the door to test if you like saying them out loud. The back door test will help eliminate unpleasant or inappropriate names before you bring the dog home.


Popular Siberian Husky Names

An easy place to start when searching for Husky names is to look for the most popular options. Similar to other popular breeds like the German Shepherd, there are many commonly used names for Siberian Huskies, both male and female.

Some people don’t mind if their Siberian Husky’s name is a little more common, especially if it fits their personality.


Dog names for female huskies

Apollo Loki Akira Mishka
Atlas Max Aurora Mya
Bandit Ned Bella Nala
Bear Nero Daisy Riley
Blue Newport Dakota Sasha
Duke Rocket Kera Sully
Franklin Rocky Koda Sky
Ghost Shadow Lily Storm
Jack Thor Lola Willow
Jax Zeus Luna Zoey

Musically inspired names

Choosing a name based on your favorite band or song is a great idea, but make sure that name makes sense for a Husky in terms of breed standards.

Naming a Husky after an unintelligent or quiet artist would be a disservice to your brilliant and active pup. Musicians and their music can make a great name for your Husky, provided their personality matches the name.




Axl Jackson Billie Jean Macy
Beethoven Jerry Cello Miley
Buckley Jude Dolly Nellie
Cash Sinatra Jolene Sharona
Lennon Prince Lady Teegan
Hendrix Snoop Layla Tiffany
Gibson Wolfgang Lyric Ziggy

Dog Names for Huskies

finding the perfect dog names for huskies

Dog Names for Huskies – Literature inspired names

As we mentioned with music names, it makes much more sense for your Husky to find a name in a book that represents intelligence, class, or stubbornness than to choose just any old character. Huskies are fierce, but loyal and lovable. Consider your dog’s personality when choosing a literary namesake.







Clifford Morris Alice Matilda
Ender Quixote Arya Prynne
Flash Moriarty Bennett Raven
Gandalf Sherlock Elphaba Rogue
Keller Renton Hazel Scout
Langston Snowball Hermoine Shiloh
Logan Twain Katniss Tris


Names inspired by film and television

It’s possible that naming a dog after a TV show or movie will result in your pup’s name becoming a curiosity later on.

If you want to use a name from a popular perennial show or classic movie, you should end up okay. Probably the most appropriate name on the TV and movie list for your Husky is the last one since MacGyver is notoriously quick-thinking and able to get out of almost any situation.

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Huskies are similar to MacGyver in their way of thinking, as they are known to escape their crates, fences, and anything else that stands between them and their freedom or dog dreams. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite favorites based on television and movies so you can better name your beautiful pup.




Bauer Morpheus Buffy Harper
Baxter Norman Cooper Juliet
Chandler Simba Dory Merida
Dexter Sully Gigi Nala
Dude Swanson Gizmo Nana
Frasier T’Challa Grace Rey
Kramer Yoda Gwen Trinity


Sport inspired names

You may want to give your talented and intelligent dog a name associated with a true champion. In this case, you can always choose a name from the sports world. The world of sports provides popular inspiration for many dog owners, so thinking about your favorite player or sports team is always a good option!



Brady Patriot Alex Rousey
Cobb Ranger Aly Serena
Mattingly Shaq Danica Steffi
Mickey Wilson Jackie Venus
Nolan Watt Maria Vonn


Dog Names for Huskies Final Conclusion

Remember, huskies are highly intelligent, tenacious, and loyal. They are working dogs and get bored easily. Try to choose a name that honors their personality or heritage in some way. Each dog is unique, so you probably want to get to know them before deciding on the perfect Siberian Husky dog name.


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Husky names don’t have to have any connection to sled dogs or Alaska, but they can if you want. You can also base your dog’s name on your favorite pastimes, sports heroes, or even the size of your dog, which is always fun when naming a larger dog.

If you name your Siberian Husky after other physical traits like their blue eyes, you can also make good names. This is one of the best parts of owning a dog – the naming is entirely up to you!


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