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Essentials For Bringing Home a New Puppy

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Essentials For Bringing Home a New Puppy



Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting prospect, but it also marks the beginning of parenting responsibility. You will be a pet parent and will need to care for the pet like a baby. While it is a lifelong obligation, you can expect to do some extra work for the young puppy.

At this age, it needs extra care and attention, and some preparation before bringing it home can help. Start with some research on puppy care and get advice from seasoned pet owners.


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Additionally, you will need some essentials to keep the animal safe, happy, and healthy. Here is a list to follows:



Crate and bed

Even before you get the pet home, you need to have a safe and comfortable space for it. A crate will keep it secure when you aren’t home or around. It will also keep the new pet from littering your home.

Get a warm and comfortable bed where your puppy can sleep. Bear in mind that the animal will grow while picking an appropriate size for the crate and bed. Place them at accessible spots where you can keep an eye on the little pet.


Feeding bowls

You will also need feeding bowls and containers for food and water. Since puppies have lots of energy, opt for ones that won’t tip over easily. Stainless steel bowls are ideal because dogs can be allergic to plastic. Start with smaller bowls and graduate to larger sizes as the animal grows. Pick easy-to-clean containers as you will need to clean and wash them every day.


Puppy food

Once you have these basics, you will need to get puppy food supplies. It will require special nutrition during the early years, so go through a puppy feeding guide before you shop.

The food you choose should promote the proper development of body systems, strong bones and teeth, and a thick, lustrous coat.Also, feeding requirements differ from breed to breed. Getting expert recommendations on quantities and schedules is a good idea.


Collar and leash

You will need a collar to attach the leash and hang the ID tag of the puppy. While collars come in a variety of styles, prioritize comfort while buying one. Lightweight nylon or leather is a good choice.

Your puppy may take some time getting used to wearing it, but it will settle down eventually. A leash is a valuable training tool, and you will need it when taking the puppy for walks. A six-foot size is ideal for young dogs.


Grooming supplies

Stock up on grooming supplies before bringing the puppy home. You will need a brush with natural bristles for a short-haired breed. Conversely, a sturdy wide-toothed metal comb works if you want to buy a long-haired breed.

Also, buy a flea comb regardless of the dog’s hair type. Starting with a regular grooming routine at an early age makes the puppy habitual to staying neat.

dog essentials



Finally, stock up some cute chew toys to keep the little pet happy and engaged. They help with teething and working off excess energy. Make sure you choose safe materials and designs in chew toys. Once you have these supplies, your place is puppy-ready.



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