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7 Important Facts That You Should Know About Goldendoodle [2022]

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7 Important Facts That You Should Know About Goldendoodle [2022]


This Golden Retriever-Poodle mix is the perfect pet for many families.

If you’re new to the world of Goldendoodles, then you probably don’t know what they are. I’m here to enlighten you about this adorable pup.

So, What is a Goldendoodle? This fluffy little pup is a rare cross between a golden retriever and poodle. Their fur is a combination of yellow, apricot, gold, and tan.

They have a triangular-shaped ears that stand on end while its body is covered with fur. After learning about this breed to some extent, are you interested in becoming a dog owner?

If not yet, let’s continue reading and discover the important facts you need to know about this breed!


#1 – Did you know that Goldendoodles are a Designer Breed?


Goldendoodles were created in the 1990s and their adorable name is said to have been coined in 1992. While not officially a registered breed of their own, Goldendoodles are considered a “designer breed” because each of their parents is a purebred, but different breeds from each other.

Poodles are among the most popular dog breeds, but they have a reputation for being lovable and playful, which makes them perfect dogs for families.

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The Goldendoodle is a mix of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, which offers many advantages such as their mild pet allergies and athletic nature, making them great lifelong companions.


#2 – They are very Energetic and Playful


Goldendoodles are energetic, playful dogs. They love to exercise and make good cuddle buddies. Agility is where they shine, however: these dogs make great companions for active families.

They are a breed of furry dog that can weigh up to 45.35 kilograms. They love spending time outdoors with their owners and are known for their endurance and intelligence. If you enjoy taking your dog on long hikes and walks, consider adopting a Goldendoodle as your next pet.


#3 – They are an Affectionate Playmates Too!

If you want a canine friend who loves playing fetch, frisbee and more, the Goldendoodle is the perfect choice. This breed loves to socialize and be near their owners; marry that with a penchant for playfulness, and you will have a buddy to enjoy plenty of time together in the park.


#4 – Goldendoodles are Extremely Friendly to Children


Goldendoodles are known to become fast friends with children, cats, and other dog breeds. Because of this, goldendoodle owners will find that their dogs are an ideal pet for a family.

Those who prefer peace and quiet will love them; they bark rarely. Although this doesn’t make them the best watch dogs, their calm demeanor is part of what makes Goldendoodles so friendly.


#5 – Goldendoodles Have Three Other Coat Types


The type of hair a goldendoodle has depends on which genes it got from its parents. Those who inherit curly or wavy coats can be groomed in such a way that they’ll have straight hair as well.

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The following coat types are:

  • Straight Coat
  • Wavy Coat
  • Curly Coat

Some Goldendoodle owners prefer to have a smooth, easy-to-maintain coat while others may require daily brushing and bathing. Owners should consult their veterinarian, who can help them determine how to groom their furry friends.


#6 – Goldendoodles Love Being Around with Water


When the whole family is enjoying the outdoors in the summer, it’s important to be watchful. You need to stand clear of your Goldendoodle when he decides to shake off all that water.

Goldendoodles love swimming, and they are eager to please. They enjoy a variety of water-based activities, including playing in the ocean, swimming in lakes and rivers, and splashing about in your backyard pool.


#7 – Goldendoodles Vary in Sizes


Have you ever wondered about the Goldendoodle size? Well, there is a lot of information out there and you might be thinking, “How am I supposed to know which Goldendoodle size will work best for me?”

The following sizes are:

  • Toy Goldendoodle
  • Mini Goldendoodle
  • Standard Goldendoodle


We will provide you an estimate size for each down below!

Height Weight Age at Full Grown
Toy Goldendoodle Less Than 38 cm 4 – 11 kg 7.5-11 months
Mini Goldendoodle 38 – 50 cm 11 – 22 kg 11-13 months
Standard Goldendoodle 50 – 66 cm 22 – 40 kg 12.5-16 months


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Overall, the golden doodle is a great dog for families and individuals alike. They are somewhat easy to train, as obedience and tricks come fairly naturally to them.

Ultimately, they make excellent pets because of their upbeat personalities and decent energy levels.

Hopefully this guide has helped you learn more about the facts that you should need to know about Goldendoodles and whether they might be an excellent addition to your family.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Difference Between a Goldendoodle and a Cockapoo?

Given that both of these dog breeds are hybrids with poodles, you might be wondering what the differences are between a cockapoo and a goldendoodle.

While they may seem similar upon first glance, there are actually a great deal of distinctions that can be made about either breed.

The most striking difference between cockapoos and goldendoodles is their size. Cockapoos are often smaller than goldendoodles.

The average Cockapoo is 25.4 – 40.64 cm in height, but the average goldendoodle can grow up to 60.96 cm.

Additionally, most Goldendoodles weigh around 11.33 – 34.0 kg, while cockapoos weigh an average of 9.07 – 27.21 kg.


2. What is the Difference Between a Goldendoodle and a Bernedoodle?

Both Goldendoodles and Bernedoodle are hybrid dogs who have a Poodle as a parent. However, while the Goldendoodle is made up of a combination of a Golden retriever and a poodle, the Bernedoodle is made up of the Bernese mountain dog and poodle.



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