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How to Choose Between Adopting and Buying a Dog

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How to Choose Between Adopting and Buying a Dog

Having a pet can do wonders in spicing up your life and changing the ambience in your home. The benefits are undeniable, and the decision to get one is a good one.

However, there are two major options to choose from. These include adopting or buying a dog.

Depending on your preferences and the peculiarities of your needs (or that of the family), you must consider several factors when choosing between these options.

You must consider factors such as the cost of purchase, your availability to meet the dog’s needs, and choosing between buying or adopting.

This article hopes to guide you on your path to choosing accurately the suitable means of getting a pet that will meet your needs, be it adopting or buying. 

Buying A Dog

If your preferred route to getting a dog is by buying, ensure that you employ the services of a seasoned breeder. When the intention is to add the dog to your family, a lot of consideration is required.

For example, if you choose to go for the buying option, the first factor to consider is cost and as seen on Your Puppy FL different breeds come at varying prices. Other factors include the amount of free time you have, the preferred breed, and the strength of your finance in keeping up with the dog’s needs.

Having foreknowledge of the size of the dog, its personality, and its activity level can also help you ascertain if it is appropriate for you (and your family).

Advantages of Buying A Dog

Finding your preferred breed

One of the major advantages of buying a dog is that you get to select from the breed you prefer, which is not always the case when adopting.

You may also meet the parents and note down behavioural patterns to watch out for. This will help greatly understand your pet and make it comfortable in its new home.


In most cases, when buying, you buy from a breeder. Good breeder screens their pets to ensure they are healthy, saving you unnecessary visits to the vet clinic.

Continued Support

Most breeders provide support long after purchase. This ensures that you have access to quality guidance as you and your new pet get accustomed to each other.


Disadvantages of Buying A Dog


Despite the many advantages of purchasing a dog, you must remember that they don’t come cheap.

Disadvantages of Buying A Dog

Adopting A Dog

Choosing to adopt a canine comes with its merits and demerits, and carefully weighing them will in many ways inform your decision. It is a well-known fact that adopting a dog is a noble gesture as you will, in turn, be saving a life.

However, the problem lies in finding the right one, suitable in size, temperament, and breed.

Advantages of Adopting A Dog

Wide variety to choose from

Most shelters have a wide variety of pets to choose from. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will find the breed of your choice in a shelter, but you will get a good range of other options you can select.

Up to date Vaccination

Most shelters ensure that the canines are properly vaccinated. They also keep an up-to-date record of vaccination dates which will help you determine when to visit the clinic.


Adopting is a cheaper option than buying, as you get to acquire a new pet at no extra cost.

Disadvantages of Adopting A Dog

Unexpected behavioral patterns

In certain instances, you may also end up with a dog with food issues, aggression, or even anxiety issues, all stemming from inherited traits or past experiences of the dog. Dealing with this may prove difficult and unpleasant.

Inability to get a preferred breed

There are chances that you may not get your preferred breed at the shelter. You may end up having to make do with a breed different from what you sought out to get initially.

The choices of either buying or adopting are both good options. Having gone through this guide, consider your preferences and choose wisely. In the end, having a little furry friend will be worth it.


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